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Think without the thinker

The object of meditation is to reach a state where one feels without a feeler, thinks without a thinker.  Cause and effect are what you experience in the educational structure of the earth, and yet, what about all the mental forms not currently manifesting in the mind?  What happens as one opens deeply to no-self?

Some people sense that as the state of no-self is remembered, delusions fall away and trasformation unfolds as it does but with deeper and more conscious understanding.  Be bold.  Transform your life.


Guide degrees of transformation

Everyone has capacity to recognize signposts, in the context of their own experience.  The nature of situations you choose to notice, assumptions about probable causes, and possibilities about how to shape them, are all degrees of transformation.  To move beyond beliefs and expectations is to recall unlimited power of mind.  Consider who or what guides your current focus.  How do you Transform your life?


Alter your vantage point

Regardless of life experiences you create, each one has potential to open your senses and perspective.  This week, giving birth to a healthy son is one event that transforms my life.  Share an experience  that alters your vantage point and gives you a new leash on life. Reflections shared from a maternity ward.


Soul work is ongoing

Every moment, you engage in experiences tailor-made for your soul journey.  Each response is correct and appropriate for sender and receiver.  Your energy frequency transforms with far-reaching benefits for all.  An effective way to gain deeper understanding into what is unfolding is to raise awareness of the nature of your living experience.  As you begin to appreciate soul as is, you feel soul work is Transforming your life.


Merge into bliss

As one stops looking for what appears to be missing, one merges into what already is.  In essence, to slow down and turn inward enables you to notice a serenity and understanding that grounds you where you are.  How does perspective shift to sense that regardless of what is happening around you, within all is well? From the moment nothing bothers you, all that is irrelevant falls away.

"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there are only walls."- Joseph Campbell