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Master diplomacy

Diplomacy is often viewed as a useful skill in negotiations and handling people. You may understand diplomacy as figuring out the right words to say at the right time in the way that is least offensive to another person's beliefs or ways of seeing the world.  As you come to think there could be more to diplomacy than the obvious, then what?

Reflect on your use of tact in interactions. How and what do you withhold or hide? What is transparent and to whom? Explore the nature of your own communication through, to and by you.  Be clearer about vibration, how it shapes what's really going on in your life.  There is nothing you cannot know or be when you trust fully.

What if you could:

*stop second-guessing yourself when it counts? 

*master diplomacy in a whole new way? 

*intuit exceptions to a given rule and see underlying reasons for rules themselves? 

*see you create ideas of 'right' and 'wrong' that help and hinder you? 

*feel good and love life regardless of unfolding life situations?

Be aware signs all around you exist to guide you to master self-confidence and tap into talents and wisdom  you forget is inside.  Come to view inspirational mentors themselves as stepping stones to gaining new insight into yourself and living more fully. Imagine your ideas of right and wrong change based on where you are not for reasons you think, but based on how you feel.  Imagine certain life experience makes you feel as though you get NOWHERE... this is why you are NOW- HERE. Explore where your actions support your intention or not. Create powerful shifts in behaviour.


Why build a business?

It is said that silence is the loudest voice within you and yet, you may not choose to hear it.  The silence that looks after us is within every movement, even in noise.  Notice voices within that are getting louder. They mirror people you encounter.  This tells you that you are consciously willing to hear and integrate what they say into your life. 

Take for example, entrepreneurial ideas that suddenly grab your attention.  You may have a night dream like Alexander Graham Bell did about the phone or like Thomas Edison did about a thing he calls a lightbulb. You may simply wish to apply skills you have in a new way.  You are always guided.  Yet, do you allow the heart to speak?

Perhaps you outgrow your workplace, have a local or internationl business idea and wonder what to do. Perhaps you are a stay-at-home parent who recognizes you no longer wish to do the same job you did before. Perhaps you are made redundant and see this as an opportunity to turn over a new leaf. Perhaps you have lived an experience that transforms you, brings you wisdom you wish to share and use to help others. Perhaps your existing business would benefit from guidance to  flourish. Do not believe that if the world shows you you failed that you have.  The overall intention or vision of a situation is held by a field of intention.  The vision can trickle down and manifest. 

Ultimately, its not what you do that matters, but how you feel about it.  Your life is about the changes that evolve within you, how you honour and respect yourself.  Something inside you always knows what to do.  This is not associated with familiar senses or thinking.  Notice your level of expectation gets in the way of seeing synchonicity and allowing joy to flow freely through you. Tap into that inner sense of precision and clarity.  Active energies are present within you every moment. The energy keeps you here and the power of intention guides you around the next bend. 

Know you are always in the perfect place to meet your goals head on.  Be aware.  Every encounter is synchonicity.  Everything points toward the insight you reach for.  Ask a question.  The answer is given.  How you interpret this determines what you do next.

Be open to receive guidance.  Recognize what you are asking for.  Whatever form the dream takes, acknowledge and go for it.  This is the first moment in the rest of your life.

"If you build it, they will come." - Kinsella, Field of Dreams


What are your International business development ideas?

You may know individuals who have branched out their businesses from local to regional, national and international.  Maybe this was a conscious plan or maybe the clients shaped the evolution of the business. You may dream of developing or branching out a business too.  Everything begins and ends with your initiative, resourcefulness and ingenuity.

Coaching is one business that can draw clients from anywhere.  Technology enables one to provide global service.  Yet, this is not the only business that benefits from Skype, internet, phone and other technology.  Ponder the options.  What examples do you notice in the world around you? What stands out? How does this inspire you in your own developing business ideas and ventures?

I invite you to share your stories and dreams.  Who or what inspires you? What specific topics or hurdles have you experienced? What would you like to learn more about? What are your related fears? What hold you back?


Stop getting more of the same

So, you've taken the plunge.  You've decided to start a small business.  Congratulations! Whether you did it because you desire to be your own boss, to schedule your own hours, to provide a service where you intuit a need, or for other reasons, you'll be more in control of your work life than ever. A new source of energy and inspiration is very exciting! Wow!

Now, we all have the power to be the primary driver behind what we do, yet, not everyone takes advantage of this position to better themselves.  Why not you? If you truly wish to stop getting more of the same reactions about work from yourself or other people who disagree with your attitude or choices, then you'd benefit from a willingness to clarify where you are and why.

1) Commit yourself to your new venture.  Even where you are starting a business beside a regular job, you will not succeed with a lack of effort.  Deciding you will make it happen means you will consistently devote a certain amount of time every day to developing this venture, through networking, phone calls, bookkeeping, website building, marketing or whatever. When the option becomes financially viable, you may leave the other job and focus on business development.

2)  Ask those questions you have been afraid to ask. It is forseeable that you'll encounter situations or information you do not completely understand.  This is a sign its time to consult a professional.  Remind yourself lawyers, accountants and outsourcing other experts could be in your interest.

3) Encourage yourself.  Motivational books, business seminars and conventions are ways you can develop yourself at the same time as share valuable lessons learned.  You will find that remaining open to new kinds of information will not only promote your personal growth, but will also nuture your continuing interest and enthusiasm.  Remind yourself being happy and knowledgeable will build client leads and trust.

4) Prepare for uncharted territory. Finding the courage to step out of your comfort zone is admirable, and it often brings its share of obstacles which require problem-solving.  That you feel ready to face uncertainty is a big step to devising the strategies you will need to move ahead.  Prepare yourself mentally for challenges, and they will be less likely to scare you.

5) Decide to seek and change yourself. Business success doesn't necessarily evolve if you begin with a plan to change the world.  However, if you accept you're on a new road of self-discovery, and you take steps to learn,  you'll find your efforts will make a positive difference.  Understand every choice and action enables you to get-to know yourself better.  Everything you think, say and do reveals a bit more about yourself.  The better you know your strengths and weaknesses, the more your business can benefit.

“Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.” - Meister Eckhart


Power questions & power talk

Whenever you speak, realize words are powerful energy.  They hold potential based on how and what you express and to whom. Language has different impacts on people and the world as a whole.  Get ready to engage in power questions and power talk.

Even from something as simple as how you approach another person, you can gain more than a wealth of information.  Critical thinking becomes a valuable tool as you learn new approaches to obtaining information, and to weighing the pros and cons of what you hear. How words are formulated determines the power and impact they will have. 

Whether you seek to strengthen your relationships, to build a business, to deepen your sense of connectedness to spirituality and the world, or to enrich some other area of your life, consider the power of communication in the form of relevant questions.  Begin by asking yourself "why." 

Questions are a means to create abundance and affluence because they:

  • Enable you to avoid arguments tactfully, with diplomacy and get to the point.
  • Remind you how it can be desirable to talk less and listen more to others' needs.
  • Allow you to empower someone to recognize what he/ she really wants.
  • Probe into the mind of another person to teach you things about yourself and that person.
  • Encourage a sense of appreciation, since you request and value the view of another.
  • Help you realize that promoting respect and self-respect will lead to fruitful collaboration.

In addition to asking pertinent questions, the way you come across will determine whether you deserve the faith and confidence of another person. Your behaviour can help you win and hold the attention of other people or become the reason why you aren't to be taken seriously. So long as you always talk well of other people, be it past relations, colleagues or business competition, you will give others reason to praise and value you in varied capacities. What would stop you getting there?