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One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating. -Luciano Pavarotti

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Broaden your perspective

Broaden your perspective is simply another way of saying 'raise your vibration'.  This is about stretching yourself in a whole new way.

When we distrust or resist perspectives, we send the energetic message that certain points of view are invalid, unacceptable or beyond recognition. Since the natural inclination is to be open to receiving waves of energy in the form of new perspectives, discomfort indicates we are not allowing ourselves to expand. Letting go of resistance is about seeing all perspectives as valid. This does not mean we have to adopt or agree with all perspectives. To open up and allow energy to flow, we simply need to accept them as valid.

Notice where you feel muscles tighten, when the physiological message of reistance is coming through.  This is an opportunity to see energetic messges you give yourself and to reverse the conditioned resistance.


Its a matter of perspective


Wherever you are, what you see is a matter of perspective.  Your attitude shapes how you engage the senses, how open you are to intuition, and how tolerant and understanding you are to everything and everyone in your midst.  What happens if you allow something to bother you? Notice whether it becomes utterly forgettable.  When you decide something is valuable, you focus attention and remember. 

If you experience fear, know this is your chosen focus of attention.  If you experience nightmares, this is focusing your attention where you consciously would prefer not to be.  Notice when your focus is on an experience that is stretching you.  How is this serving you right now? What are you willing to experience in this moment?

"I never saw an ugly thing in my life: for let the form of an object be what it may, - light, shade, and perspective will always make it beautiful." - John Constable 

How does it all relate?

Different angles and vantage points give you the ability to expand perspective.  Notice how open you are to listening to diverse views. Find the right perspective and the answer arises. You begin to see what is always available to you. It is often useful to consider a situation from a broader perspective. What you see and what you are not yet seeing is closer than you think. Every question you ask is already answered.

In essence, deeper knowing exists everywhere. Everything is interconnected. Nobody can bring this to your conscious attention. Confirmation arises within when you are ready and receptive. It all part of the the big dream that speaks to you. Layers of dreaming make up your life. Every thought and feeling is as real as you decide.  Touch the face of the stars. Do what feels right.  In the wink of an eye, the opportunity is over.


Building or allowing dreams

Everything speaks to and through you.  Sometimes this is hard to describe.  Dreams exist in layers.  Some are being built through action and others are allowed to unfold spontaneously. The focus of your attention allows awareness to appreciate dreaming from varied perspectives. Do you decide and take responsibility for the course of your life consciously or unconsciously?

When building or chasing dreams, you are taught to believe techniqes and methods. This is motivated by intellect and ego.  They show you reality through mental and emotional filters. Notice when you create dreams motivated by psychological fear. Notice why doubt arises. Notice dreams vanish when they hold no focus or attention. 

When allowing dreams to unfold, there is no teaching involved. They arise and intuition discerns them. To know is to feel whole and live or be this dream. Notice unwavering, unconditional love is flowing. Be that. Intuition is beyond intellect. It is not a technique you apply. It has not conditions and arises spontaneously. This dream never dies.


Expand spiritual growth

Some people ask how many levels exist in this dream?  Everything depends on perspective.  As strange as it may seem, you orchestrate exactly where you are and have everything available to you to complete the mission.  You have ability to heal yourself from past deeds perceived or incurred in previous incarnations.  Every lesson expands spiritual growth.  Your mission unfolds on many levels. Sense the love, the opportunities to show compassion, to act responsibly, to function in harmony and appreciation.  Experience the reason for creation of the universe. Feel the love expanding.  Learn and unlearn the nature of love.