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"Health is a state of mind.  Wellness is a state of being." -Anonymous


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5 Tips to feel more joy

The conditioned mind is shifting how it perceives and processes energy. We initially sense intermittent serendipity.  Then, it is as if random acts or events are occurring.  Next, right on cue, deja-vus and coincidences arise.  We come to sense increasing synchronicity until it feels every encounter and experience in our lives is interconnected. The more clarity we get about our passion, the more we unleash untapped inner power, the more we naturally share our unique gifts. We are magically inspired what to do with it.  As this evokes joy, we tune into and live in a higher vibration. Consider 7 tips to raise our pleasure threshold ;

1. Engage in breathwork

Whether we explore Rebirthing, Holotropic, Cathartic, Reichian or Integrative breathwork, Pranayama or  some combination of deep connected breathing techniques, this is a useful step to access and release emotions which offers glimpses of inner peace.  The more we tune into the rhythm of the breath, the more we get a sense of which emotions drive us and when, the more interconnected events and encounters grow self-evident.

2. Uncover limiting core beliefs

Negative or limiting beliefs are the filters through which we are taught to see ourselves and the world.   So long as we are unconscious, self-defeating patterns continue.  Awakening is about growing aware of the origins of our behaviours so we can allow healing or energetic recalibration to occur. 

3. Empower yourself

Standing in our power implies we are willing to recognize our misperceptions and shift our fear-based beliefs to unconditionally loving ones. This is about accepting and integrating all experiences as part of the whole.  It is also about recognizing that negative emotions are pointers and gauges for how much we love or reject ourselves.

4. Speaking our truth

Part of the deepening process of self empowerment involves getting clear on our passion and sharing that openly. The more we speak and express our truth creatively, the more we begin to live our truth rather than presenting different personas to different people in different settings. Speaking our truth is one way to raise self esteem and confidence. We are letting go of masks or identities which are incompatible with our soul.

5. Act on life purpose

This is about actually doing and being what and why we exist.  Once we are fully conscious of our passion or core reason for being, then it is up to us to translate or express that for others. The mind can never quiet until we recall or uncover our unique gifts and find the courage to take steps to use this to enrich the world. It is about noticing and following synchronicities, and allowing the truth to flow naturally without fear. Being authentic is the epitome of fearlessness.


It could happen to you

Watch what happens in your life when you set an intention and at the same time, surrender to the outcome of something greater. To let go enables you to merge with energy and see physical conditions and experience differently. You may tune into the mystical, be open to allowing new examples of harmony into your life. Something beyond you engages and activates healing, shifts in circumstance or life change.  Such things can only happen to you when you are receptive.

Consider the case of Beth (not her real name). Under enormous stress, she was juggling two unfulfilling jobs, struggling to pay her mortgage and suffering emotionally due to a lack of a personal life and conflicts with professional peers.  The intense negativity and tension led to recurrent migraines, minor health issues and manifested a cancer diagnosis.  This said, she chose to view this severe illness as a gift and a wake up call to explore and release unconscious emotional trauma and shift her focus to create a new future. She decided to take responsibility for her choices and make key changes that access more innate potential.  She identified sources of disharmony, what was not nourishing her soul, sense of balance. As the result, she is in remission, connecting with encouraging people and has a new professional direction.

Are you ready to step back and live in ways that bring your ideal future into the present? Did you relaize that you are becoming like the five people you spend the most time with?


How Writing Helped Heal My Divorce

Grace Carter is a woman who has found courage and new life direction as the result of facing marital challenges. As she worked through this adversity, she found energy to realize a dream that she refused to give up.  I am pleased to share her guest post here: 

Going through a divorce is one of the most painful things you can do. Trust me, I've been through it. As awful as it is though, it's possible to come through the other side and still be happy. Here's how I rediscovered writing, and how it's helped me survive and rebuild my life after my divorce.

Rediscovering old hobbies

When I was married, it was hard to find time for the hobbies that used to make me happy. I was an adult, and I had other obligations, such as childcare, and keeping the house while my husband was at work. I spent time with my husband, which was great at first. Hobbies had to take the back burner for now.

When I was married, I would try and take up writing as I had done when I was a teenager. My husband was never supportive though, seeing it as a waste of time. In the end, I hung up my pen for good.

When we separated, though, I rediscovered writing. At first, it was at the suggestion of a friend that I keep my thoughts in a journal. It was cathartic to lay all my thoughts bare in a book where no one else would see them. However, writing started taking over my life.

Writing as a career

When I was married, I was the homemaker while my husband worked. Now I was on my own though, I needed to make ends meet. I wondered if I could write for a living. What with the internet, there had to be a way, right?

After some searching, I came across various freelancing sites like UpWork, Essayroo and Boomessays. I did a little work at first, feeling my way around and working out what I was doing. Soon though, I had a decent sized client base and work coming my way every day.

This was brilliant for me. I could work from home, as all I needed was a laptop and an internet connection. As a busy mother, I could still take care of my children while I was making money. As well as this, I was using my long buried hobby to actually make money. I felt free for the first time since before I'd been married. I was providing for myself, and it felt amazing.

Moving on

After a while, I thought about branching out as a writer. I thought, 'Why don't I write the book I've always wanted to write?' I started writing a novel and soon it took over everything. The book wanted to be written, and I spent every spare moment I had with it.

Writing the book was amazing, but I did run into one problem while I was tapping away. As I wrote, I drew inspiration from all the other books I'd loved as a teenager. When I was finished, I published my book as an ebook. It felt great until I had an email from a lawyer, warning me that my book had plagiarised parts of one of my favourite novels.

It turns out that I'd veered too close to plagiarism by using that book as inspiration. I could have avoided this by using a plagiarism detection tool like Ukwritings, or a citation resource such as AustralianHelp.

Apart from that small hiccup though, writing really helped me survive my divorce. I found out who I was again, and was able to provide for myself. There was no better feeling than being able to do that. I strongly recommend you try writing yourself, even if it's just in a private journal.

Author bio:

Grace Carter is an editor at Big Assignments and EliteAssignmentHelp, writing websites. She works with team of writers and is involved in communications department. Also, Grace tutors at Academized academic service.


4 Self-created myths & Tips to shatter them

This is the perfect moment to step back and view your perceptions with new eyes.  Reflect on four self-created myths and tips to shatter them:

Myth #1:  Fear exists and must be overcome

The very belief in fear creates insecurity and holds you back from doing and being what comes naturally. Making fear-based decisions or running away from fear is action and keeps you from living your best life now.

Tip #1: Watch what happens as whatever evokes fear is viewed as an invitation to prove to yourself that fear is unfounded. (This assumes you know the difference between imagined fear and putting yourself in harm's way)  

Myth #2:  Material life and spiritual life are separate

All perceived separation is illusion. The idea of a choice between spiritual and material life is but an example. HUman beings exist on Earth to grow and develop spiritually.  Yet, being spiritual does not require abandoning , everyday life and relationships.   Growth involves applying spiritual or universal principles to daily life. In the seemingly mundane is the key to understanding the profound questions of Soul.

Tip #2: Making choices is about hesitating to make decisions.  Being spontaneous and acting intuitively is seeing nothing to reconcile or no separation. This is about recalling what it is to be in the flow.

Myth #3: Disconnection alienates people

Any disconnection you feel from people or situations is simply a mirror of disconnection you feel from yourself. Similarly, any grief you feel about apparent loss is not about the perceived other but about forgetting innate wholeness which can never be taken away. 

Tip#3: Recall everything is love and love knows no separation. Explore the messages that your material life brings you. Allow feeling pointers to love and blessings. This is a gentle reminder of why you choose to be here.

Myth #4:  Money is lacking

Another view is money is a form of energy exchange, a social convenience which only takes on the meaning and importance you give it. Ask why you allow yourself to feel you are not enough, less than or lacking in some way.  Reflect on when you feel desperate for money to manifest certain things, which emotional buttons are triggered and what unconscious issues this points to for healing.  

Tip #4: Seeing everything in terms of energy flow allows shifting from a vibration of scarcity to abundance. How you view and interact with money is siply a reflection of how much you love yourself or deny self-love.


10 ways sacred geometry empowers you

Sacred Geometry is not only the language of Creation but also an ancient healing tool that works on may levels. Everything is sacred yet humans are taught to forget this and create illusions that evoke imbalance instead. The platonic solids underly everything you think is real.  Each one emits a sound and even the combined symbols are part of your core being.  Coming to recognize them is easier than you think.

Feeling drawn to shapes like never before? The geometry taught in school are actually pointers to the reason why you are affected emotionally or not by what unfolds in your life.  That urge to learn more may prompt you to request a sacred geometry coaching session. Consider ten ways you can feel empowered by exploring the energy of sacred geometry:

(1) Grow more intimate with Spirit (your true self)

(2) Recall your divine (soul-level) nature 

(3) Open yourself to manifest more consciously

(4) Come to view everything as synchronicity

(5) Tap into innate courage & self-confidence

(6) Access deeper connection to the Higher Self

(7) Attract more meaningful relationships

(8) See underlying reasons about what is unfolding for you

(9) Favor high-vibrational foods like fruits, veggies & protein

(10) Strengthen and enhance your immune system