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“Gratitude is not a limited resource, nor is it costly. It is abundant as air. We breathe it in but forget to exhale." -Marshall Goldsmith




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7 Dimensions to Breathe into wellness

Many people have heard that mastering the rhythm and power of the breath is the key to optimal health and well-being.  Yet, fewer are familliar with the dimensions of wellness and the ways each one is positively affected by breathwork. Feeling a spark of curiousity growing within?

Turns out, our breath is the energetic stream in the background that shows us everything is interconnected.  What if we could be guided through breathing sessions that empower us to see, feel and release our own blocks? What if we are primed to feel more love, joy, balance and realize greater potential naturally? What if the experience of pure freedom is closer than we think? What if we are missing something and this makes things seem harder than they are? What if we could align the conscious with the subconscious mind and let go of what we outgrow?

Thoughts, feelings, beliefs and emotions are in a perpetual dance. Thoughts and beliefs lead to emotions. Our feelings and emotions shape our thoughts, and other areas of life. We cannot affect one without affecting all. As we uncover origins of our negative self-talk and unconscious behaviours, and shift, our emotions and conditions shift. As we honor our feelings, voices of anger or fear diminish.  Ponder 7 dimensions to breathe into more holistic wellness;

1. Physical
2. Emotional 
3. Mental 
4. Social 
5. Financial 
6. Intellectual 
7. Spiritual 


Interview with Diana Sandalwood

Diana Sandalwood is the Director of the Dreamweaving Meditation and Counselling Centre.  An adept teacher and healer, her life and work shows that we develop skills, enter into situations and create relationships that our Soul knows is best for our evolution.  We appreciate her willingness to be candid about milestones and during her own journey.  Thanks for offering examples of compassion and courage, inspiring us all to be grateful for every moment and lesson that presents itself.

Share some pivotal moments in your life that guide you to where you are today.

A radical transformation of my own Consciousness has come from my collective life experiences. Some I readily accepted, and others, I initially resisted. All of them have shaped this ‘raw gem’ that is me. All our life experiences mold or sculpt us into who we become as adults.

Sounds like your view about life echoes how Michelangelo felt when he said, ‘Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.’

You could say that. Earlier in life, during search for answers and belonging, I found great solace in the Christian Church Community.  Though I have now respectfully and lovingly distanced myself from it, I am grateful as it guided me to a solid base on which to build my life. 

Feeling gratitude and excitement reflects the knowing you have always had that destiny is on the way. Our desire for connection and love runs deep, to the point we may compromise who we are, to find belonging.  Brene Brown's book, Braving the Wilderness: A Quest for True Belonging to Stand Alone, invites us all to explore our own vulnerability, courage, worthiness, and shame that are tied up in the concept of belonging.  Tell us about how you come to trust yourself more...

I recall cases where I felt stretched, almost to breaking point.  Yet, I hung in there, believing answers would come, and they eventually did.  It was scary, but I developed faith and trust in myself out of necessity.

Developing trust in oneself and the unknown is part of human evolution.  Many people reach stages where they feel ready to give up, and some do.  Yet, many, like yourself, do not.  As we each  come to realize, challenges offer opportunities to grow stronger,  to tap into what we are truly made of. It is as if we let go of logic to trust other modes of operating.  We shift gears, switch focus.

Searching for Truth and meaning did bring its share of challenges, yet, it also allowed me to gain Spiritual Knowledge then access a depth of Knowing.  This process helps me sort the junk from the Truth… and shows me who I REALLY am, how powerful I am.

What you describe triggers goosebumps. As we feel positive emotions while visualizing different segments of our lives unfolding, feelings we would would feel as we see our vision happening and coming true, this is so powerful.  Meditating on our vision regularly changes everything.  As we bring in all our mind's senses, the sounds we would hear, the smells, colors and what other senses detect, we feel the light and energy of inspiration giving us all we need to go forward.

From your view, what is the REAL meaning of Christianity and Spirituality?

It is not about religion or ‘crowd control’.  Holiness and sacredness are found within.  I sense what is expected of me involves ‘how to live and BE Love.’ I would not call myself religious, but my life experiences prompt me to feel I am a combination of; philosopher, mystic, psychic, seer, healthy sceptic and Optimist.

Optimism is like a happiness magnet that draws more reasons to feel joy, guides us everywhere the Soul invites us to go.  Love that your life illustrates everything falls into place with perfect timing. We must learn patient.  Now, which dream truly motivates you to make new shifts?

My big dream is for a better world - not just a nice, fluffy one, like that described in storybooks - but a world of real Unity and Harmony. I believe we are anchoring the seeds of that in Now, with each of our heart felt activities, a world that is slowly evolving and unfolding before us.

The dream of creating and living in a better world of course, invites us, as Gandhi echoes, to be the change we wish to see.  So often, people are taught to focus on changing the external, but that turns out to be ineffective.  Please be more specific about your personal vision.

Sure! I see authenticity as heartfelt living, coming from within, not being ego-driven.  This translates into finding our own unique voices and celebrating them.  My personal vision is unfolding in the evolving programs at the Dreamweaving Meditation and Counselling Centre.

How is your view of success changing?

Ego-driven success is purely self-centered. Heartfelt living takes shape in how we contribute to the wider world. Success here involves a balance, merging into a collective pool of authentic consciousness.

What you imply rings true.  Ego seeks to be loved in return while Soul simply loves without expectations. One common, widespread belief is we can be spiritual OR wealthy. As Henry Ford reminds us, 'Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right.'  Self-confidence is a powerful. The meaning of wealth varies and what people do with abundance also does.  You may be familliar with views on spiritual wealth alongisde this as well. 

As we each awaken at our own pace, our sense of wealth, abundance, and insight into our talents and how we wish to live, changes.  Individuals exist and function at differnet stages or levels of consciousness.

Could not agree more. NYT Best-selling author and teacher T. Harv Eker teaches one can be healthy, conscious and really rich.  He has helped over 1.5 million  people move closer to their goal of financial freedom. From his view, spirituality and wealth are only mutually-exclusive in the mind.

We are certainly far more than what we think. Moving from thinking to feeling-based living changes how we view ourselves and our priorities. As we discipline ourselves to do healing self-work and evolve individually, we,  as a consequence, raise the Collective Consciousness to that of Peace, Love and Oneness. THEN we will see ‘the New Earth,’ a beautiful New World.  It is in seeding THAT, that motivates me on a daily basis!

What an uplifting vision, that the New Earth emerges from a sense of heaven within ourselves. Widespread restlessness leads peopel to seek peace and tranquility.  Nina Goncharova wrote an inspiring book: Rainbow Earth: A Vision for the Future and Jose Arguelles envisioned a rainbow Bridge encircling Earth. Although unique, these visions point to awareness of the same core understanding of Love.  Imagine the world emerging as we all speak honestly about how we feel in the moment.

Wow! More people in harmony with themselves.

This brings us to your calling.  Tell us about the DreamWeaving Meditation & Counselling Centre. Why create it? What purpose and Who does it serve?

DreamWeaving is a communal, Sacred Space.  People come to feel safe to just stop, exhale, unload and detangle their thoughts and lives, to be the Observer and to allow me to lovingly ‘turn the runway lights on’ for them.  I guide them to see their OWN truth, their own Magnificence and still allow them to make their OWN choices, for their OWN life lessons, and to help them see that they DO have ALL that they need Within, that they came fully prepared and equipped for this life.

Share a piece of insight you find helps many.

We need only 'be Still and Quiet’ long enough to hear, and to then follow that intuition, for it is the Soul and it knows the way home. Sometimes life gets so busy and we get so distracted or overloaded that we can no longer tune into that ‘wee small voice Within’, and we just need someone to help us hear our own song again.  Stepping ‘off the merry-go-round’ and breathing is always possible to unburden and listen.

So, how would you describe your passion?

My Passion, my Purpose and my Joy… is seeing people have that ‘a-ha moment’, and to ‘awaken’… and then even better when they ‘pay it forward’… THIS fills my cup.

You may recall "My Cup Runneth Over" is a quote from the Hebrew Bible (Psalm 23:5) and means "I have more than enough for my needs.  You remind us we can each choose to see goodness and blessings, to see the cup half or more than half full, just as easily as half empty.

Let us in on some of your mentors.  Who are they? How do they guide you?

I have been blessed with many beautiful Mentors along the way, I firmly believe in the saying, “When the student is ready the Teacher arrives.” For it seems that when I have been at my spiritual hungriest, someone walks into my life that has all the right answers and wisdom, I have a ‘growth spurt’ and go on. One of those was moments was at age 11-12 when I was visited by Jesus Himself. In a moment of desperate loneliness, He heard my cry, sat with me, comforted me, and has walked with me ever since.

Anything else?

Another pivotal experience was when my husband was away at sea with the Navy, I was at home with 2 small children, with no money due to a pay mix-up, and had come to the end of our food supplies after breakfast one day, with no money and no-one to turn to. I had recently started visiting a local church and felt impressed to call one of the women on their phone register and go around for kids playdate. I also felt impressed not to mention any word of our dire situation, just to trust. So after a lovely day with this lady and her friend who visited also, several cups of tea and a lovely fruit platter, a fun day for the kids, (who also were provided with a sumptuous afternoon tea), as we were leaving her husband arrived home and after a few moments I was asked if I could ‘please take home the fish he had caught today as they already had a freezer full and didn’t need them”… imagine my relief - at the eleventh hour, once again, my trust was rewarded… not only did our pay come in to the bank account the next day, but also - we had beautiful fresh red emperor and sweet lip for WEEKS. 

This touching example reminds us that the more we trust, the more the universe comes through, the more we have reason to strength and deepen our trust in life and the unknown. 

My life has been a series of these types of experiences, challenges, stretching of my faith and trust, and often right at the last moment a bounty arrives… so, as the old saying goes… “I walk by faith not by sight.” “I LIVE this stuff!” THIS is why the Universe uses me to teach this principle.

What advice would you offer people in the process of responding to huge changes in their lives? 

Change is motion, movement is good. There is a beautiful saying, 'The comfort zone is a wonderful place, but nothing ever grows there.'

Embrace change, allow it to have it’s perfect work in you. Look for the gift - there ALWAYS IS one.  Hang in there - never give up on your dreams.

How can you relate?

Based on my experience, with wisdom, discernment and great compassion, I would remind people that this is what they “dialled up” for themselves for this lifetime, and that they are exactly where they are meant to be, to look for the lesson and the beauty in every situation, to be flexible and to embrace change.  To change and grow, I call on my own life experiences to paint a picture of how life brings us the very experience we need for the evolving of our consciousness and personal empowerment. Nothing is ever wasted or for nothing - everything is our teacher. “Everything is Perfect.” Nothing is ‘right or wrong’, it “JUST IS.”  Release the need to control or to understand and just Trust and allow.

The power of acceptance and being non-judgemental is often underestiamted.  What prompts you to laugh and have fun?

It’s often the simplest little things… doing something silly or childlike, watching animals or children at play. Sometimes I just stretch my arms out and ‘fly’ down the supermarket aisles and giggle at people’s reactions, have a swing at the playground or dance in the rain. We’re WAY too concerned about the judgement and opinions of others. Don’t take yourself or life too seriously, lighten up… a wise lady once told me, “If it isn’t life threatening, don’t stress about it.” Enjoy your life.

What can you say about interacting with family and friends?

Spend quality time with them - they’ll keep you grounded! :) Make sure you take time out JUST FOR YOU!

Share one or more big challenges you have encountered and what you learned about yourself.

In the early days of our marriage, I used to get all het up about what ‘he’ was doing wrong, and all HIS faults and how ‘he’ should change, but after getting some very wise counsel I realized that ‘he’ was not my responsibility, and that ‘his’ journey was actually none of my business.  I could not change ‘him’, I could only change MYSELF… and that over the years, as I did that, as I did the self-work, ‘he’ and all those around me often but not always, changed also, or at least responded differently… even at a sub-conscious level, they reacted more positively.

How is your sense of gifts and blessings changing?

Over a lifetime I now know that ‘he’ is my gift, my balance, my teacher and the catalyst that I have always needed to mirror to me and prompt me to see in myself, that which needed working on… and I am now grateful not resistant or resentful.

Share your greatest lesson learned to this point in your life.

The greatest lesson I have ever learned is that, “Everything is Perfect”, to release the need to control or to understand, and that regardless of what the outside picture looks like in any given moment, that there is a powerful work of metamorphosis going on INSIDE, and to trust and to ALLOW this process to have it’s perfect way… and that NOBODY else’s life was my business… hands off! Because by interfering, I might just be depriving them of the very catalyst experience they needed to make a better choice in their life… you never know what’s going on the inside… remember the butterfly story… don’t try cutting butterflies out of their cocoons, you might disable them - or worse!

The metaphore of ourselves each undergoing the metamophosis is very powerful and humbling.  After all, a caterpillar does not consciously know what is happenign, it simply surrenders to the transformation unfolding, allows turning into the chrysalis, and liquid form before becoming the butterfly.  That it is to only live a brief time does not evoke fear. The insect simply lives moment-to-moment in joy, not fear, a valuable lesson to us all.

What's something you're really proud of? Why?

My Children. Both adults now and with their own families, I have watched them grow and go through life and emerge the amazing parents and people that they are. Scarred and wounded, but wiser for it all, I have seen them both bloom into beautiful, strong people… still with a long way to go, but with an amazing start. Makes my heart glow.

Anything else stand out here?

Doing volunteer work - paying it forward. I’ve immensely enjoyed working the Entry Gate at the Conscious Life Festival and the Discovery Festivals each year, as well as other things I like to be a part of as they come up.  

I love the theme of what you describe here. It reminds me of the inspiring movie Pay it Forward as well as what people in communities across the globe are intuitively doing because it feels right. When disaster strikes, people drop everything to help strangers not because they have to, but because they can.


Tell us about one or more mood or mind- altering experiences that shifted your focus and priorities.

Almost losing my Son in a motorbike accident back in 1999. Learning that I could not control things, nor shield him from life’s experiences. That there comes a time when you, as a parent, have to “take your hands off” and ‘let them go’, trust them to the Universe and allow them to lead their own lives, have their own experiences, learn their OWN lessons and live out their OWN purpose… and to trust in that.

If you discovered the opportunity to live forever (immortality), would you want this? 

We DO. I believe in reincarnation and that life is simply a serious of ‘acts’ in an ongoing ‘stageplay’… we just re-enter ‘stage right’ in a new ‘costume’ (body), with a new script (life),  and start again.

I LOVE that we get to work on each lifetime or facet of our eternity, authentically, (via the spiritual amnesia upon each incarnation.) The lessons are profoundly deep and immensely fulfilling.  I’d much rather do it like this, in bits, than all at once in one long lifetime.

Indeed. So many views and visions exist about immortality.  A lingering feeling, intuition and also recurrent vision in future (hynotherapy and breathwork) regressions is that humans are evolving from physica carbon body to crystalline form.  This would definitely prompt review or discarding of physical time and complete transformation in the nature of existence!

What advice would you wish to leave with our audience?

Let your dreams direct your sails, listen to your own intuition and FOLLOW THAT… be like a leaf on the water in the flow of life, don’t fight the ‘current’, do not be ‘distracted by glitter’, the demands, expectations and opinions of others, (no matter how well meaning they may be)… and do not allow the fears of others to extinguish your inner fire! JUMP AT EVERY GOOD OPPORTUNITY & LIVE WITH NO REGRETS!  Tomorrow isn’t promised. Life is not a dress rehearsal - LIVE IT TO THE FULL!

Reflecting and living life more fully in the moment is certainly something we can all benefit from doing and being.

NO-one knows the answers to all the questions and the guidance that you seek, but YOU… it is all Within - go there… seek the silence and the wisdom of the Presence Within… TRUST THAT EVERYTHING YOU NEED WILL COME TO YOU AT THE PERFECT TIME… and above all - ENJOY THE JOURNEY, EVERY MOMENT OF IT!!!

 Any quotes stand out?

A favorite quote of mine is:

“I alone cannot change society for the better. But I can radically transform my OWN Consciousness,

overturning the conditioning that limits my potential. We can all do this, one by one.

Over time we can change ourselves to the degree that society changes from the inside out… Giving birth

to a new way of being. Manifesting our birthright of living in a peaceful and abundant world. Have no fear.

Trust yourself. Live your full potential.”

 Thanks so much Diana for this mind-blowing conversation.  You raise lots of issues that resoante deeply.

Add anything else you wish.

Here at DreamWeaving we offer “Intuitive Colouring Mornings”, Journey-Boarding Workshops, LifeBook Workshops (for keeping you in step with Moon Phases, Important Dates, Astrology, Numerology and much more), Oracle Reading Workshops, Ajna Light Therapy (Activating the 3rd Eye & DMT type experiences), WayShower Counselling and Liquid Crystal Therapy. Read more on our Facebook pages: Diana Sandalwood  and  DreamWeaving Meditation & Counselling Centre

We are located at 29 Arthur Street, Woody Point and Diana can be reached on 0412 429920.

Encourage everyone to connect and deepen relationships, make their own heartfelt contributions to the world and create lasting impact.


Rediscover true nature & freedom

Many people experience what they feel is significant personal loss and instinctively begin to search for spiritual comfort and understanding. Finding meaning in suffering and change is part of the spiritual journey. As you are no longer controlled by thoughts and emotions, you no longer identify with them. This brings release. As you begin to see through illusion, let go of what is not real, true spiritual nature reveals itself. Be willing to die inside to feel reborn. Each time you let go of an ego delusion, an initially obscured spiritual quality or ability, arises into conscious awareness. Rediscover true nature and freedom. It is only ever a breath away.


Interview with Barbara DeLong


I am pleased to share this interview with Barbara DeLong.  Known as a spiritual empath, author and teacher, she shares many gifts and resonates a powerful uplifting energy.  Notice what resonates inside as you journey through this discussion.

Thanks for being open to this opportunity to share with us.  For the benefit of any visitors here unfamiliar with you or your work, please share a bit about yourself.  You have carte blanche to share what stands out:)

I came to this field, spiritual enlightenment, rather reluctantly.  What I do now is not at all what my focus was as I was growing up. 

In my early years I was a special education teacher and a single mother.  About forty years ago, when I was going through my second divorce, I had what can only be called a spiritual turning point when I just knew there had to be more to life than just surviving and providing the physical needs to my family.  I had two masters degrees in teaching and that just didn't seem to be enough to fill what can only be called a void in my life ... and so the spiritual journey began in earnest.  I attended a spiritual development class for seven years, and that is where my gifts started to really evolve and become tools for myself and others.  This is a pathway that I feel you are called to rather than one that you can take classes for. 

Since that time I have developed a deck of cards used for divination called The Cosmic Deck of Initiation, I painted the cards and wrote the book that accompanies them, they were published in 1991 by U.S. Games.  Along the way I became a Reiki Master, an ordained minister, a radio host, appeared in conventions all over the country, did t.v.,  wrote/ narrated a documentary, as well as published a book, Whispers of Spiritual Wisdom.  None of this was done with the intent of creating a nice bio but it seems that for some reason, I have been cosmically manipulated or spiritually guided because here I am ... wondering what the universe has in store for me around the next bend.

It is indeed remarkable to be aware of how the fabric of life weaves itself.  At what point did you sense a shift within that brings you to 'the here and now'?

This may seem a bit unusual, but there have really been two turning points in my life that have been rather profound for me; 

In the 60's, I was in college in Michigan and one spring evening after 11 pm at night, a UFO landed on my campus.  The place was swarming with police and they turned the stadium lights on at which point it took off and streaked into the night sky.  In doing so it swooped right over my dorm window and I got a closer look at it than most people ever do.  To say the least I and everyone else who saw it took extended ribbing and teasing about the whole incident.  The disbelief continued for over forty years until last year a book was published that documented authenticated sightings in the US was published and the one on my campus was listed.  At the moment that I saw the UFO my whole view of the universe and our place in it shifted.  The fact that we are not alone and that there are mysteries out there that are literally above and beyond  our comprehension expanded my consciousness and pulled me into a more spiritually focused view.  And so an amazing journey of discovery of other realms and possibly dimensions began.  It wasn't an immediate crusade but it was subtly there from that moment on.

After my second divorce, I had what you might call a time of spiritual awakening.  I knew there was more to life than I was experiencing and was finally led to a class for spiritual development which I remained in for seven years.  The class provided me with a safe and nurturing environment in which I was able to draw forth and polish many of the gifts that  had rested so long within me.  It gave me the opportunity to discover and develop spiritual gifts like channeling, psychic awareness, and creative expression that expanded my spiritual understanding and how to use it within my mundane reality.

The universe does have a way of inviting each of us to recognize and focus on the best-feeling direction. As your life path implies, we choose to listen or not.  Tell us, how do you see life in relation to the soul and spiritual pathways?

I believe that with each incarnation we peel away a layer of ignorance and that we are evolving towards a more enlightened time upon this planet.  Each lifetime we take on a new form, a new perspective and a new personality.  Always remembering, " we are not really humans on a spiritual pathway, we are spirits on  a human journey," (would love to say that was my quote but I really can't take credit for it).  I believe that each lifetime we are here to learn and to gather and that each lifetime we become more aware of the role spirit plays within that lifetime.  It is through our successive human experiences that the soul is able to gather light and to increase the inner purity the is carried.   It is the soul's choice as to how many life experiences it has, not the human consciousness. 

Many have declared that they are on their last incarnation, it is my feeling that they are the ones who have many more to gather for the true understanding of the journey we are all on.  Life here is a gift for development and spiritual awakening, it is through these many lifetimes that the spirit within truly understands the meaning of unconditional love.  The more lifetimes the greater the clarity of the light within.  Those who truly understand the purpose of our journeys return to shed light and become beacons for others.  Not so much to teach by words, but rather by example, so others may get hints as to where their own personal gifts and talents are hidden within.

What a beautiful perspective!  I also love seeing everything as a teacher and a reflection of one. It all invites one to recognize the soul is free to expand itself. Now, which gifts or lessons do you associate with deepening awareness?

I have found that those who are on a spiritual journey eventually come to the understanding that the element of love is profoundly important and that love must first be found and then developed within the self.  Our first obligation is to the self and then others.  Those who do not work upon themselves first have nothing of value to share with others.  Teachers who have not experienced a lesson cannot teach the wisdom with any validity.  The more one knows themselves the greater the gift they have to share with others.  With self awareness comes empathic awareness and the ability to resonate with another's energy.  Creativity for me is the key. 

That is, when we open the creative channels within ourselves, we clear the way for the spiritual energies to flow through us and energize the forward motion of our journeys through this lifetime.  That creativity need not be profound, just an expression of inner joy and it is always of a very personal nature.  When we allow the creative channels to be open we add a greater dimension of light to infiltrate every aspect of our lives and that in turn enlightens the spirit within as well. 

You make such great points.  Giving conscious attention to creative outlets is so empowering and revealing! Listening to creative intuition, I see immeasurable blessings in my life and also reflected back in the lives of others.  Amazing what unfolds for those ready and willing to listen to the heart.  

On this note, what advice do you offer people experiencing intense energy shifts, synesthesia and expanding perception on different levels?

All of us are experiencing energy shifts and expansion of perception, it is up to the individual as to the level of impact it will have within their realities.  Many individuals are so caught up in the mundane reality that change in perception will not be considered.  For those individuals life will most probably slow and they won't understand why.  For others the new awareness opens new vistas and potentialities, a new way to perceive and experience life as we know it. 

This is indeed a time in which there are greater opportunities for all of us to learn and expand our individual awareness's.  I think the most important thing for everyone to understand is that the times are really changing and that how we once viewed reality has shifted greatly.  If we flow with the changes and the awareness that they bring we open ourselves to expanded understanding to the literal meaning of life as we know it.  This is a time when gifts of the creative nature will be emerging within all of us.  As we flow with it and allow it to be expressed through our lives we leave a greater imprint of light energy upon this time frame.  If we do not evolve with the energies as they touch and enhance our consciousness' we will not experience the visions that they are capable of evoking within  us .

Exactly. Choices exist to be more open and loving toward the unknown, to go with the flow every moment. That which reveals itself though us offers inner confirmation that speaks for itself. 

Among your diverse spiritual revelations and endeavours, what prompts you to write, Whispers of Spiritual Wisdom?

Actually, this wasn't the book that I thought that I would publish first, but going with the flow is something I do these days so here it is.  I had thought that I would write a book that was philosophy for the times.   In retrospect Whispers was really the way to go.  With the times that are upon us no one has the time to wade through heavy duty spiritual philosophy but they do have the time to read short spiritual vignette's and short (hopefully) thought provoking poetry. 

Now that you hold this finished book in print, how do you see it as a source of and also a trigger for wisdom? Anything prompt you to listen more to the flow here?

I look upon Whispers as a sort of seed catalog of spiritual philosophies, I hope it plants seeds within the consciousness of those who read it so that they can nurture the wisdoms into manifesting within their own personal realities guides by the  inner spirit we all carry. Nothing really prompted me so much as it just happened and I flowed with it.  I have found that when I go with the flow the ride is less bumpy and far more enjoyable.  That it just happened to be meant ... it was time for it to be manifested.

And everything always has perfect (divine) timing.  Love that universal lesson! That said, how do you come to compile these poems and writings? Is it a kind of stepping stone to the unforeseen events or already designated projects?

Actually nothing was written expressly for this book.  Rather it is a collection of work that I have done over the years and it just seemed to fit together like the pieces of a puzzle,  so in a way it created itself.  It did however, cause me to look at a lot of what I have done in a far different light and so it opened the portal to publication for me.  It is the first in a series of Whisper books as well as other books that are in the works as we speak. 

In essence, writing is for me a way of channeling wisdom from the higher consciousness and it is always a great learning experience ... one I enjoy sharing with anyone who can get anything out of it as well.  At this time there are three or four new books in the process and I'm sure as time goes on there will be more.  There are also a series of documentaries in production ...on those I'll keep you posted.

Great! We love to hear about unfolding developments.  As you so clearly trust your inner vibes, why is this the perfect moment to bring this particular book into being?  How does it speak through you?

I feel this is the perfect moment for Whispers to come out because in a way it almost did itself.  Also , with the changes in our reality that are manifesting every day, everyone is looking for answers for the changes hat logic and reason just don't supply.  We need to all realize that we are at a time of change, a time when the spiritual and the scientific are becoming more greatly entwined.  The spiritual has usually been something that was quietly kept in the background and of a very personal nature.  Today it is more and more something that is not only talked about openly but shared on levels that twenty years ago would have been unheard of.  What better time to plant seeds of wisdom and hope?

Those seeds of wisdom and hope you underscore are silently guiding everyone back to innate infinite trust.  This said, who is this book intended to serve? What could a person take away from reading it?

The book is a product of spiritual manifestation and isn't really directed at anyone. 

A-ha! What a blessing in disguise.  Invite readers to expect the unexpected and this is what they get.  You go upstream in opposition to the current or downstream and feel the nature of the flow...

It has an element of magnetism about it just as The Cosmic Deck of Initiation has.  Those who it is appropriate for will be drawn to it.  I have just sort of released it to the universe and it will find where it is meant to be, as do all creative works of a spiritual nature.  I hope that these seeds of wisdom bring to those who read them an understanding that we all have within us beauty, love and spiritual awareness that when manifested brings to us a cosmic understanding of the fellowship of mankind and that we are all one family and when we embrace that concept we will be ready for taking our place within the cosmos and all it holds for us.

Its apparent, even in this brief interview, that your life experience is broad and spiritual perspective growing rapidly. It is a joy to connect on many levels. To this point, which would you say are the most profound lessons that guide your focus and present Earthly experiences?

Every lesson is another opportunity to come to greater understanding of our place in the universe.  Every lesson is a gift from the universe to discover talents , gifts, abilities and wisdom that are all carried within.  Lessons are the way the universe gives us the opportunities  for self discovery.  Every lesson that comes your way is uniquely crafted to give you the opportunity to find a quality within yourself that will ease the development of your spirit.  Sometimes the challenge is greater that others but always they are gifts for our enlightenment. 

On the top of the list of challenges we are given, patience seems to be the biggest for all of us.  Having the patience to watch things unfold so that we can gain the wisdom held within.  There are times when patience fails us and so the lesson is presented in a new and more greatly challenging way ... Eventually the light dawns and the lesson is able to pass  and yet another comes our way.  For me the greatest lesson is that the lessons are gifts from the universe to help be evolve into greater understanding.

Can you identify anything you feel you exist now to accomplish? What is already done (and what also remains)?

I'm not sure we ever know everything we were meant to accomplish in a singular lifetime until we have passed over and do the evaluation of the totality of that lifetime.  I'm still here so I know I'm not yet finished.  My entire life I have been a teacher of one form or another so I believe that was one of the directions I was intended to go in.  I believe we were meant to be the best we are able and to love our fellow man as we would want to be loved ourselves.  At the very foundation of every major religion is the Golden Rule, and it isn't a coincidence.

I now say, no such thing as coincidence, only Cosmic Synchronicity (even titled a book as that:)

Regardless of what form of worship or not that  you chose to subscribe to , The  Golden Rule is the foundation upon which they are developed.  As far as I can tell, the pathway to enlightenment and evolution depends upon how closely you apply the concept of the golden rule to your life.  How you walk it and talk it, how you become a living expression of it is a direct correlation of how evolved you really are. 

As far as what is left for me to do ... I hope a whole bunch ...this is an amazing experience and enlightening too.

What you offer here is certainly soul food for everyone.  This existence is what you choose, just like your mission.  In which direction of evolution do you sense the human species as a whole is heading?

I believe that the human species as a whole is at the brink of the dawning of awareness ... an opening of consciousness that comes closer to touching the divine than ever before.  As a race we have certainly gone through stages of development, but I believe that we still have a long way to go.  So long as there are wars, famine, cultures that are persecuted and people who are trying to hold power over others we will never achieve the enlighten state that so many are striving for now. 

It will take everyone, working together, sharing unconditionally to create the kind of energy that qualifies us for membership in a cosmic family.  I believe that those who created us are watching and guiding when it is appropriate, but I fear we are very much like adolescence flexing muscles just developing and not knowing how to use the power we possess.  When peace, love and light are totally a part of all of us and there is no want anywhere, within anyone , then and only then will those that created us welcome us into the ranks of whatever the next step or dimension is.

From your vantage point in that serene forest setting, is there anything else you would like to share?

You must be joking!  I learned a lot from doing these questions ... Thanks for the experience.

Your response prompts readers to connect with peace within, wherever they are.  It is a powerful message to remind people they always do enough, say  enough and are enough in this moment. Where can people obtain the book, learn more about where they can contact you?

The book is available on Amazon.com (US and UK), my website, http://www.Barbaradelong.com , and at any book store (it can be ordered).  My website has a ton of information about me on it and I happily would answer any questions anyone has , Barbaradelong@gmail.com

 Liara ...This has been a very enlightening experience for me, your questions were amazing and a joy to answer.  Love and Light

I and the Dreambuilders Australia Blog audience appreciate very much you devote attention to this dialogueAs more and more people grow aware of the great love that exists and the nature of who they are, any limiting or fearful thoughts can only disappear.  Spiritual whispers point to formless presence and that which cannot be named.  Namaste. OM Shanti.


All paths offer truth

Whatever your chosen endeavours, love is communicating through everyone you meet and every unfolding situation.  They each reflect aspects of inner being.  Every experience is part of a broader, spiritual journey.  Whatever choices you make are the right ones for you at a given moment.  Notice your focus and how and why it changes. Notice opportunities to deepen insight, be more compassionate, forgiving and loving.  Recall I am you and you are me.

In silence, mental images of you vanish. The essence of being reveals itself in unconditional love that resonates energy through all that is. You need not say anything to know answers arise right on schedule. Their perfect timing and effortless flow is not grasped by the mind. Ego believes its identity is separate, calculated and forever threatened. Behind the illusion, all paths reveal one is always whole.