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Dr. Liara Covert

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Breathwork Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker, Coach


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A purpose of life is to expand the boundaries of love, to widen the circle of our concern, to open up rather than shut down and the expand rather than contract. -Arianna Huffington

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5 key points on connection

Notice restlessness and discontent are symptoms of disconnection. This goes deeper than the physical disconnection you feel when your mobile phone, computer, internet or other technology is not working on your terms. Maybe you are feeling a range of confusing emotions that disturb peace of mind in relationships or other aspects of reality? What can you do to feel more at ease?

Consider retraining the mind, that is how and what you see as your reality. What happens as you shake up your sense of who you think you are and review discomfort from a different point of view? Ponder these five points about connection. How do your emotions and understanding of what is happening in your world change?

1. The nature of intimacy in your relationships mirrors love, acceptance, intimacy with yourself 
2. No one thing or organism exists on its own (we share the same water, air, light, etc.) 
3. No thing or organism acts on its own (everything is interconnected energy flow)
4. Every organism is a process understood by its actions (motion of allowing or resisting)
5. The behaviour of all organisms is only understood in relation to its environment

This said, reflect on fear, guilt, shame, anger and other examples of emotions you are feeling in relation to specific situations. How are these emotions pointers to another way of being more authentic (or living a mroe authentic life)?


7 Steps to manifest the ideal life

The ideal life may strike you as a pipedream, though it need not be this way. Right now, the moment is right to influence a shift in your life, to grow aware of layers of your own resistance. In your mind, you may think you want certain things, nurture certain dreams, and work toward a different kind of life than the one you seem to be leading.  Questions arise; What must I do to get there from here? What does impatience tell me? How can I eliminate restlessness and manifest faster? Who can help me? What can I do? Ponder 7 steps to more actively reshape your reality:

1. Explore your feelings 

Only when you are aware you are unhappy or dissatisfied can you do something about it. If you feel impatient or uncomfortable about some area of your life, this invites you get to the root of what is really bothering you.  It is rarely about what it appears to be on the surface. Discovering why you feel as you do and how to change this helps you stop manifesting what you do not want.  If you feel drawn to work with others as part of your process, dream interpretation, breathwork or other spiritual practices or processing, this can empower you to go deeper into yourself.

2. Clarify the vision

It is easy enough to speak in passing about your ideal life, but what does this really entail? What does it feel like? Where are you? Who are you with? What are you doing? If you have a sketchy picture, no wonder you feel confused or stuck. Reclaiming your inner power begins with growing aware of the disconnect between thoughts, feelings and actions, and your relationship to time. Shifting to see and understand everything as energy helps you feel your way into a vibration of gratitude and appreciation.  This takes a dream to the next level so you manifest consciously.

3. Have fun with it

You may assume you must always serious about creating the ideal life. You may also underestimate power of your thoughts and intentions.  What you think and feel has a huge impact. Harmony and playfulness are the result of walking your talk. Reflect on how you view different animals (traits/ behaviours). How often do you laugh? Laughter signals you allow or resist harmony. Kids, on average, laugh at least 100x per day and adults less than 10. What does this tell you about where you are and where you wish to be? Losing your mind points to being less serious, going with the flow, and feeling your way into a more light-hearted life. 

4. Be committed

Achieving anything requires commitment.  How consistent you are, how disciplined, all shape the path and perceived time it takes for your vision to materialize. How often do you share what is on your mind or swallow your desires, feelings and dreams? The key is learning to speak and live your truth consistently. Many people benefit from a soundboard along the way: a coach or mentor to help guide a journey and stay focused.  Statistically, anyone really into success invests in growth, self-development and teachers who empower them to see beyond their conditioning. 

 5. Alter the big picture

Your ideal life is a blank slate until you breathe life into it.  Only as you devote energy (focus), do you make something a priority with your time, does it take shape as a living-breathing entity. How often do you add to this vision? Writing and communicating changes you wish to make? Exercise the imagination. So much more exists than you are aware of and living already. Is music or some other form of creative expression like your therapist? What enables you to relate to everyone in a different way?  Rediscover what matters and allow this to shape your new reality. 

6. Work through the fears

Whatever your current life situation, you have conscious and unconscious fears about moving into the unknown. This could take shape in your vision as a relationship, career, or some other transition. Whatever the case, the only way to move forward is to grow aware of the nature of your fears, their origin. Being in flow is about understanding and moving beyond fears.

7. Get in touch with what is hidden

The ideal life is made up of things you see and do not yet see about yourself.  Its common to be unaware of true power, what this really feels like and how to access it. What do you hide from yourself? Consider the possibility of undiscovered talents, skils, unrealized visions, untapped energies and far more.  Making conscious what is unconscious is the key to everything. 

Courage is knowing what not to fear- Plato


11 Tips to embrace change with grace

More and more people are growing aware of changes and opportunities for change are unfolding all around them. 

You may find yourself feeling confused, uncomfortable, getting emotional more often, noticing opportunity for change knocking at your door or change happening without you in different situations.  Consider 11 tips for embacing change with grace:

1) Focus inward

Pay attention to how you are thinking and feeling. Be aware of core beliefs you project are what reflects and your external reality.

2) Notice your emotional triggers

Being aware of your emotional triggers implies not only recognizing when you are triggered, uncovering and healing deeper reasons for them.  This empowers you to create a new reality.

3) Talk less, listen more

Rather than listen with the intent to reply, listen with the intent to understand how you/ people are feeling. This approach offers surprising insight into why it feels easy or hard to go with the flow of change.

4) Validate yourself

Validating yourself is being heartfelt. Listening to the heart means taking more action based on intuition, and having the courage to do what feels right rather than on what you are conditioned to believe is acceptable or would appease others.

5) Invest more in personal development

When spiritual or related programs, workshops, courses, books, videos, coaches or mentoring enter your scope, you are ready.  Its up to you to see the value in investing in yourself and actually commit.

6) Offer workshops or courses

Share insight based on your passion, interest or hobby. Join skillshare, offer your own on-line courses, propose a physical airbnb experience in your local area.  The options are only limited by your imagination. 

7) See everything is connected

What is happening in education, economies, religion and other spheres is all connected.  From the moment you grow more aware of trends and interconnectedness, you begin to see through illusions of separation on a whole new level.

8) Accept yourself

The degree you accept (or reject) yourself is reflected back in every area of your perception and life. As you grow in tolerance and understanding of the world around you, this reflects changing self-acceptance.

9) Love more

As you can begin to find something to appreciate whatever you perceive to be happening, you are beginning to see through your own filters of judgement and negativity. Resistance to change is akin to resisting love.

10) Feel deeper

Feelings are key to understanding yourself and why you choose to suffer, see and create the world as you do. Suppressing feelings is the conditioned way to live.  The more you explore your feelings in the moment and along timelines rather than overlook or deny them, the more you begin to understand yourself and why you accept or resist your destiny in thi s (and other) lifetime (s).

11) Explore breathwork

Consciousness flows through the breath.  Exploring breathwork is a kind of rebirthing process which allows you to gain invaluable insight into how and why you create habits, behaviours and patterns. All of this shapes your perception of Self and the external. It helps you understand your unconscious motives for creating and responding to change. Nothing transforms your life like making the unconscious conscious.


It all comes back to you

It all comes back to you: where, when and how you do what you do and whether or not you change something. You create your own time-line.  You are the creator, the process of creating and that which is created.  It is a lot to swallow.  That is, it is a lot to take responsibility for.  Yet, from the moment you do, the nature of the game of life changes.

In other words, at this point, life is no longer about seeking guidance to improve relationships, job situations, health or other apparent external conditions.  Life is about being aware of how clever you are to orchestrate diverse situations.  It is about recognizing the lessons you create to reach and wake yourself up to the truth. Being life-centered in the present moment transforms how you see yourself and the world. It changes you from a seeker into something else.  Explore it.


What is already transforming?

Notice what is changing in your life. How you respond to change shapes degrees of expansion.  Aspects of you are already transforming from an invisible cellular level to visible conditions like relationships, where you live, what you perceive and the nature of your surroundings. Notice the changeless remains the same. The degree to which you are open to the unfolding determines what you allow into experience.  Be observant. Marvel at the miracle that is essence of being.