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It all comes back to you

It all comes back to you: where, when and how you do what you do and whether or not you change something. You create your own time-line.  You are the creator, the process of creating and that which is created.  It is a lot to swallow.  That is, it is a lot to take responsibility for.  Yet, from the moment you do, the nature of the game of life changes.

In other words, at this point, life is no longer about seeking guidance to improve relationships, job situations, health or other apparent external conditions.  Life is about being aware of how clever you are to orchestrate diverse situations.  It is about recognizing the lessons you create to reach and wake yourself up to the truth. Being life-centered in the present moment transforms how you see yourself and the world. It changes you from a seeker into something else.  Explore it.


What is already transforming?

Notice what is changing in your life. How you respond to change shapes degrees of expansion.  Aspects of you are already transforming from an invisible cellular level to visible conditions like relationships, where you live, what you perceive and the nature of your surroundings. Notice the changeless remains the same. The degree to which you are open to the unfolding determines what you allow into experience.  Be observant. Marvel at the miracle that is essence of being.


5 Ways to know change is in the air

Many people get wrapped up in the prospect of change.  How can you know change is in the air? 

1) Read your vibes. If you detect a sense of discomfort or restlessness, this is your physical body letting you know it is the right moment to make a change or let change happen.   

2) Watch your thoughts. As you notice desire arising, and find you are focusing attention on particular visions or ideas, this is a stepping stone to feeling the urge to do something differently.

3) Feel the waters. Feel life as a stream. You are either in the flow or going against the current. Change here is perpetual. The moving stream cannot be held onto.  To the degree you resist the stream, you feel the current is moving. Every emotion you feel points to the state of the flow.

4) Understand the system of waves. For every change, there is the unchangingYou are just as much light and darkness.  No waves have only crests or only troughs.  Cycles exist based on perception of space and time.  Space is inseparable from objects that occupy space.  The seen is inseparable from the unseen. Cannot have the ups or highs without the downs or lows of life.

5) See the underlying motive- the impetus for change is often the desire for a greater degree of permanence. As you come to see the true reasons for your choices, you can more clearly identify what you really want.  Decipher illusions you create for yourself.  The Path finds you.


6 Ways to appreciate change

Many people ground themselves in what is familiar and assume it is permanent.  You may resist change and seem to have difficulties when you encounter what seems to be perpetual change. Notice what stays the same is impermanence.  Be aware adjusting to this changes your life.  Consider these six ways to appreciate change that can be explored further, at your leisure:

1) Ground yourself in what feels good. Rather than focus on what bothers you, or on what you do not think is working, focus instead on things that feel positive and uplifting.  

2) See it as a turning point.  Notice every change is a milestone and a wake-up call.  Pay attention to the learning curve and opportunities to unlearn what you are ready to let go.  

3) Look to Nature.  Recognize that something has to disintegrate or fall apart before something new can emerge or be built in its place. Look to nature for examples of how plants, flowers and trees grow and pass away to make room for the up and coming.  Appreciate where you are.  See value in every stage.

4) Be alert to conditioning. Know joy is something you can choose to experience every moment, every day, in every experience just as negativity is a choice.  

5) Be empowered to know you create every change unfolding in your life. You can gain insight into yourself by recognizing higher consciousness always puts you in situations you can handle.

6) Get proactive.  Know you are ready to make the changes you wish to see in your life.  Whether its  relationship beginnings, transitions or endings, a career or geographical move, parenthood, or other new chapters of life, your focus and attitude help you weather storms.


Move beyond words, effort & action

In this life, you are taught you must count on your words, your effort and action to make stuff happen.  This is the voice of the logical mind. Yet, at any given moment, what if what appears in your life or seems out of reach actually relates to how much you love and appreciate yourself or resist the love that is always available to you? Pristine clarity is.

As you love not because you fear the absence of it but because you can, because it feels natural, and sense love is flowing freely, you know love as something unconditional.  Suddenly, its easy to expect wonderful things to happen to you, to receive love because you are lovable.  The universe responds in kind.  It showers you in love in spite of what is going on around you.  As you align with love, you allow conditions, people and things to show up in your life. You express gratitude for everything. Expect the unexpected.  See what happens.

At the core, you are naturally high on life. Simply step back from whatever is bothering you (in the Mind). Allow yourself to see the Self as pure harmony. At soul level, satisfaction reveals itself as present and accessible.  When you are loving, you open an invisible valve. Presto! Positive feelings and vibrations flow.  Opportunities are visible.  Experiences you are hoping for fall into place. You know financing, well-being or windfall is right here and now.

When you are willing to be selfish enough to be attentive to how you feel, you can release all the thoughts that hold you apart from what enables you to feel whole, healthy, energized.  You rendez -vous with that place where all dreams, wishes, hopes and visions are held.  As you decide that you are going to tend to the gap between whatever you are experiencing and whatever you are becoming, life takes a whole new shape for you. Fulfillment takes shape. Satisfying life experiences swallow you up. Allow the history of your future to emerge.

Note you can never do anything wrong on a perpetual growth curve. You simply allow yourself to see what is really here or block this view with thoughts and behavior. Forgiveness also withdraws attention from unconditional love.  As you sense how easy it is to appreciate being you, life is easy.  Everything good comes to you.  Nothing else crosses your radar.

Do yourself a BIG favour: Think on purpose, speak on purpose, act on purpose.