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What is this all about

Whatever you experience in this moment is you.  Who you are is the unknown.  All you can know about your true essence is that it is here.  This is a direct reality experience.  To recognize you are the unknown is to allow yourself to experience the joy of being in all you do.  Reflect on what is feels like to experience be yourself.  This is what being with life is.  Experience this moment as it actually is.  There is no identity, simply wholeness.  When you are love, you are one with all.  You see love in everything.  The willingness to experience is the willingness to be the love you think you are seeking. 


Walk the path

Every experience you choose is part of your journey.  Allow it.  Unfold it.  Savour it.  If you want to know something, walk the path knowing you create it with divine insight and love.  Tune in.  You connect with an ongoing energetic journey shared by all.  The wider you is choosing what is now.  See what happens as you journey deeper into yourself.  Notice patterns in your life.

Allow yourself to step back and recognize when you resist your life.  Notice if you judge, fight or attempt to solve any puzzle in your midst.  The path is all you.  Let go of destinations.  Experience what its like to be outside linear time.  Allow pressures and limitations to fall away. Release what you have been holding. Tune in to the resonance of your own being. The heart is always open. Use the energy to be on your own journey.

This is about mastery and sovereignty. No reason to worry about what is coming.  Its all you. Take what resonates, integrate it, explore feeling more wholeness, to know all is always well.  Explore what you choose. Keep the experience flowing. The nature of being is ever-changing and expanding freedom.  You bring together, bridge, all things.  Be willing to walk through the vessel of yourself.  Trust yourself and all that you are creating.  Its all a gift of love and wisdom.


Change your reality

Any reality you believe appears real though it just reflects your state of consciousness. You can only change some aspect of your life from the moment you take responsibility for creating this version of reality. As you begin to realize physical reality is malleable and within you, perspective and energy levels shift.  How is completely up to you.

As it happens, different degrees of awareness and energy vibrations exist. Imagine you crystalize energy in order to create the experience of physical reality. Imagine you are not really in a place. In this moment, how you choose to experience life takes shape on your very own holodeck. Watch what happens as you let go of attachments to a particular future and look back at the future from further down the track. How you view time and space and your place in it can change/ be changed.  If you wish to live life differently, imagine a future version of you is giving advice to your present self.  Recognize you have to change yourself to see a change in the reflection of outer reality.


Let in more light

What if you actually have what you want and create obstacles for the fun of it? What if you can let go of all that no longer serves you? What if doubt, fear and negativity are released? How does the view move from positive to embrace knowing of what you are, all that is real?  

You only ever release anything through direct experience of being.  As you let go of what you imagine, allow focus on states that hold no doubt, no limited beliefs about your mastery.  Simply be your own authority.  The movie on the screen changes to the unimaginable. 

Feel you are all-powerful, and forever loved.  Be conscious of self- mastery.  Be free to perceive everything from a wider, Spirit perspective.  See the perfection everywhere.  No matter what is unfolding, you know you are choosing it.  Taste the full experience.  Benefit from the mystery  you give yourself and transform it. Spirit that sees all events unfold with perfect timing in pure perfection. This goes higher than the aeriel view.  It is all-embracing.

Let in more light. Be yourself. Allow yourself to Be the ultimate Master of Consciousness


Birth the future now

Notice how this world is changing. Notice changing ideas, ideologies, perspectives, those which fade from your scope of awareness and those that enter it.  Take a quantum leap.  Imagine your reality without suffering. Allow yourself to create cutting edge experiences that have no point of reference.  Its as if the world you know falls away and you have the freedom to create anything.

To step back is to allow yourself to see the bigger picture.  Imagine paradise is here.  Imagine the focus of your attention shapes how paradigms transform.  Imagine a place where limitless free energy exists, where everyone is fed, hierarchies as you know them are obsolete, conflict as you know it no longer exists, where every being does what he is inspired by or intuitively drawn to do.  What else stands out in the new world?  Reflect on energies you are vibrating. If you can imagine it, you can create it.  If you do not dream, how could you ever bring it into being?

Know all experience is valid.  There is no absolute or universal message that heals all perceived ills or imbalances.  Each person is invited to recognize and heal himself from the inside.  You have the power to bring existing paradise into being.  What do you choose to bring forth?