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“Listen to your inner voice.  Trust yoru intuition.  Its important to have courage to trust yourself."

-Dawn Ostroff




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Listen to the breath speak

How often do we hear breath speak and truly listen? Here is an insight shared by a Rabbi: 

The name of God back in the day was Yahweh because breath was life. Give it a go.  As we breathe in, we make a sound similar to 'Yah' and out sounds like 'weh.' That's how God got that name. Originally, it was believed that every time a human being took a breath, we are praising the name of the Creator.

Imagine that every creature on this planet, whether they know it or not, says the name of the creator in the language of every breath. Imagine the impact of consciously reminding ourselves this is also the first thing we say when we are born in abody and the last thing said when the physical body dies and soul moves on. Every moment of every day, we are voicing who we are under and through our own breath.


Interview with Randolph Rogers

In early July 2011, Steven L. Hairfield and I interviewed Randolph Rogers on our Aware Talk Radio show.

Ever sense that you encounter others in your life to reflect back some deeper insight that you are already conveying to and through yourself? What if the nature of your own openness determines what the universe reveals?

The enthusiastic response to the show means we are going to have Randy back as a guest again. The intriguing nature of Randy’s book, The Key of Life: A Metaphysical Investigation inspires me to interview him here. I offer the exchange for your consideration.  Notice feelings or timeless inner knowing is triggered inside of you.

Many people switch careers and even have “life-changing” experiences, yet all do not write books. Why share this personal detective story, and why now?

My story begins with an old friend from grade school, Kathy Lynch, reaching out to contact me from beyond this physical plane of existence. As I began a search to find what had become of Kathy it became apparent that I had to document everything.  This came partially from my previous 20 years as a photojournalist, having to keep notes and records of everything, and was also heavily driven by Kathy asking me not to forget her and to tell all her friends what had happened with her.  I knew there was no better way to remember Kathy than to write a book telling her story.

It would help readers who are unfamiliar with your life experience if you would describe the turning point that triggered your awakening (shifted your focus of attention from the physical world to non-physical states of being).

The real turning point in my life came on the evening of July 5th, 1996 when Kathy reached out to me in my dreams and then in the out-of-body experience (OBE) that followed immediately after I returned to my bed.  I knew after that evening, things were never going to be the same with me again.  I brought my secret search for her out into the open and from there it became a full on investigation.  The events that occurred that evening opened my eyes to an entirely new way of looking at life and especially shed any fears I may have had of dying.  Feeling her spirit with my that night was something that I'll never forget.

People who are sceptical about OBEs do not recognize the nature of their own fear and self-doubt. What insight about moving from ‘believing to knowing’ could you share to empower others to be open to expand their perspective?

Belief is a word I never like to use. The word places you in the psychological state of holding a proposition or premise to be true without the knowledge that it is true. Growing up in a Catholic family, I am all too aware of how the church used that word to bend your thoughts into their way of thinking. The nuns used that word day in and day out to imbed a myriad of church doctrines, none of which had the slightest proof of truth behind it. In the earliest days the church condemned Galileo for promoting the idea of the Earth revolving around the Sun.  His knowledge was in direct opposition to their belief.  You see from that example what will always win out. 

I love Galileo and the nature of love and fear he invites each of us to recognize within.  One of his timeless quotes is: "All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them."  This seems to ask each person to feel his way to the truth, whatever that means. Is that your point?

My point is that working as a journalist, I put things into two categories, it was either the truth or not the truth.  I had no use for a belief system. Following a belief was a dangerous proposition. If you always search for the truth you will never be disappointed. The place to begin that search is in the details of your own life.

Some people also say, 'expect the unexpected and never be disappointed.' The dreaming of the world is seen as meaningful and meaningless. How do you sense the truth in different layers of dreams?

The dream world holds many truths within it.  The biggest problem we have is sorting through the tangled images upon awakening [from night dreams]. 

What do you notice about the evolution of your dreams, in other words, how you sense what is valuable and real [in this moment]?

During my own journey, I found that keeping a good dream journal is imperative. It helps to log important events so a clear pattern can be interpreted and recognized quicker.  If you are awakened in the middle of a dream that helps to bring back real information that will prove more accurate than sorting through a mix of events that combine images from past waking moments.  In the end it is hard to tell which elements are important but I've found that the truth will easily reveal itself when you document everything.

Many people can appreciate conditioning limits their views on situations and prevents them from seeing clearly. Stepping back and writing certainly invite deeper recognition of symbolism behind thoughts and feelings.  This said, what, in your view, is the best way to honour the deceased?

I feel the best way to honor those who have passed is by celebrating their life and keeping their memories alive in stories about them. I know with my own father and mother now on the other side, I find myself always speaking to my son about my life with them. He was with me during my own mother's last days in hospice and has a good understanding that it was not her end but merely her transition onto another plane of existence. She spent all that time with us sharing stories about her life as a young girl and all the fun she had experiencing it.

Your current focus of guiding people through and teaching about past life regression hypnosis reveals a particular perspective on the immortal soul. How would you suggest a person who fears death explore his beliefs and see his resistance for what it is?

I know that in my own experiences of helping people to view their own past lives and then connect with their spirit guide in higher self, they all come away with a more complete understanding of who they really are, not the person they see in the mirror every morning, but the true spirit that is driving that character.  Understanding that imbeds you with the knowledge, hence the truth, that we never die. We are indestructible spirits that live on forever.

Some people sense experiences unfold with outcomes in different worlds or dimensions.  How is your understanding/ perception of time and space shifting?

My knowledge of time and space is only perceived on this dimension.  Outside of here there is no time or space.  All things exist at once beyond this plane of existence.  There are many mornings that I wake up here knowing that somewhere else, on another time-line, I'm living a different life.  I feel as though knowledge of elements of that life have come back with me into this existence.  I can never seem to grab onto them for very long but they are there none the less and I find myself having quick glimpses of them occasionally as I move through my waking hours.  We've created these time-lines to give dimension to our being.  Our spirit grows as a result of moving along the time-line and experiencing all the karmic challenges we bring into our lives.  Upon our return to the other side, our universal spirit has grown as well.  Some may call it God, Deva, Allah or a host of other names, but who they are really talking about is the combined spirit of us all.

What advice would you offer to help people be more aware or discerning of synchronicities in their own lives? 

There are a lot of things you can do to help you recognize the synchronicities in your life.  To begin with, give full attention to all conversations and positions you find yourself in everyday.  This means paying attention to the stranger who talks to you in the grocery line. Chances are there is a message being sent in the simplest of situations.  It helped that my background included 20 years in the news business.  I was use to paying attention to the smallest of details and then retaining that information. This is one trait that is helpful in recognizing the synchronicities in your life. Again, keeping a journal or diary also helps when the synchronicities span several days or weeks.

To realize we each give all the meaning to whatever we experience can be quite an eye-opener.  It invites awakening to responsibility and accountability. How does it feel to recognize the nature of this choose-your-own adventure?

A lot of people may say they would never choose the life they are living. I know for a fact that you not only choose it but write the script you are going to follow.  Knowing this gives me a solid feeling of confidence as I move along my path in this life.  You know that any challenges in front of you are obstacles you created and you can overcome as you strive to achieve the experiences your soul needs to grow. The greatest gift this life experience offers each of us is recognizing the connection we have to each other.

You might say then, people are increasingly allowing themselves to talk less and feel more.  They begin to see messages in their language and discomfort. Why would you say emotions guide people to recall their true state of being?

Using your emotions to guide you is key in helping you recognize who you are.  On the other side everything is driven by one emotion, love.  When we open our hearts on this plane of existence, we are opening a direct communication link to the other side.  All of us have the ability to do this but so many people close it down or never open it to begin with.  It's as simple as following your inner thoughts, that first thought of visiting a friend or calling someone, before your conscious mind shuts down the idea to keep you on track with that day's schedule.  Learn to live your life more in the moment and not plan out every detail with no room for spontaneity. If you do that, you will gradually discover the essence of the spirit within.

What does “seeing” mean to you and how is your sense of reality changing? 

Seeing to me is an illusion.  I've come to know that everything around me, including my own body, is an illusion being created by me and all the other souls on this journey.  To go a step further, we've created a perfect movie set to play out each of our own life stories as they mesh seamlessly with each other. The power required to do this is beyond anything you can imagine while you're on the set.  I find myself constantly marveling at the events blending effortlessly together with a precision that defies all attempts to understand it.  It leaves me with one thought constantly on my mind, the only thing that is real is the spirit within me.

Amidst all that is available, what are you determined to be or experience?

I'm determined to complete the contract I've made before incarnating into this life.  I know that one of the reasons I'm here is to keep track of events along this timeline.  I've been a photographer since I was 10 years old and I always have a camera with me.  Being here at this time and place is the most exciting assignment you could possibly receive. It is a great time of challenge and change that will move us onto a higher vibrational plane of existence.  As we move closer to December 21, 2012 we will experience not the end of the world but the beginning of a new one.

People can indeed be reassured that they are never upset for the reasons they think. As people begin to accept more is going on than the mind can fathom, then thoughts are suddenly less relevant. Please share with our readers the essence of you would like them to take away.  Let them know where they can find more about you and your current endeavours.

My favorite story is one that was told by Krishnamurti.  I reference it in my book and here it is:

One day the devil and his friend were walking down the road when they saw a man up ahead of them stop, bend over and pick something up from the roadway. He examined it a moment then put it into his pocket. 
The friend said to the devil "What was that man putting into his pocket?"
The devil replied "It was a piece of the truth."
"Well that's not good for you then," the friend replied.
"Oh not at all," said the devil.  "I'm going to help him organize it." 
This story speaks volumes as to the reason we must all search for our own truth.
The name of my book is The Key of Life; A Metaphysical Investigation. It's a great blueprint for examining the details in your own life. All the names, dates, times, places and events in it are true.  But don't believe me, go out and discover the "Key" within you.  All you have to do find it is follow the truth.

You can read about my book and purchase it at or randolphrogers.com  It's also available online through Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  Also connect up with me under Randy Rogers on Facebook and get the latest updates off my Key of Life fan page. I do conduct past life regression workshops and private sessions using hypnosis. These can be done both over the phone and in person in Los Angeles.

Thank you, Randy. We greatly appreciate the reflections you offer readers who visit Dreambuilders Australia. Your insight touches on the nature of dreams, immortality, awakening, spiritual essence, inner knowing and indescribable experiences that resonate in ways many people cannot explain.

Love how you invite people to connect with the sleuth within, to feel more comforable with who they are, to be more open to transitions in career and perspective, as well as to courageously face those fears that block the truth from revealing itself with unquestionable clarity. As you imply, you know what feels right. Allowing intuition be your guide shifts everything.  What resonates in a heartfelt truth speaks for itself. Life reveals it is wise to trust the heart.




Look at self through new eyes

To view yourself as an eternal being helps you view and understand the physical self through new eyes. Every moment, you continue to be that which you are. You choose to be born into a physical body to experience resistance, states of thought and emotion. Why begin the quest to connect with things beyond self, be it God or source? The spirit knows. Until you stop fearing death, you do not allow yourself to live. As you stop not wanting death, you realize what this transition truly is, and the process you feel now. Know that nothing is wrong with where you are or how you feel. You arrive knowing what is happening.


What if you are not this, but that?

Part of you may assume links must exist between your perception of the real world and imaginary worlds.   What if there is no need for such a link? What if they are interdependent yet, no need exists for a bridge? How else could you intuit existence? Do you sense a dream?

At this moment, your points of reference may extend from a sense of being born at a certain place and perceived moment in time.  Imagine the possibility that the assumption you are born is misplaced. If the real you is not born, then it does not die. Imagine you never truly own or possess anything, including the physical body you inhabit, the identity and labels you adopt. What if everything is borrowed, even time? Invite self to discard ideas that define what you are. This is how you gradually shift perception and Transform Your Life.


How do you feel the implications?

If ever you have known anyone on the threshold of leaving this world, then you may feel invited to contemplate new levels of meaning in impermanence.  For some, to reflect on death is to explore new degrees of freedeom. Yet, many people are conditioned to believe it is hard to ponder death and freedom.  When you attempt to evade fear, or ignore facing death, somehow, both seem worse than they are.

Every moment, you have opportunities to gain insight into mind as more than physical processes in the brain. A different perspective says the mind is a threshold to boundless freedom and boundless realities. It is where you are faced with true self, core judgment, and the implications of choices made throughout your physical incarnation.  And yet, such a review is also possible while still being alive.

Consider how you view responsibilities, how you collect them, to what degree you feel you control them or feel they actually control you.  How do perceptions mezmerize and deceive you into creating misplaced prioirities? Maybe only those people who grasp the fragility and impermanence of life truly recognize how precious it is.   In truth, impermanence is ironically the only lasting possession.

Everyone has free will to make the most of time he is given. To what degree you ponder life and death opens a panoramic reveiw.  Nothing distrubs you unless you choose. To love unconditionally and serve collective humanity is part of Cosmic Synchronicity.