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5 Tips to shift gears 

If you hold a vision and it is not entering your life experience fast enough,  then its the perfect moment to shift gears.  Ponder these five tips;

1) Recognize you do not want what you think but the feeling of having it/ being here

The underlying message is to focus on the feelings you imagine are evoked by the envisioned experience.  This is about shifting focus and energy from separation (how to get it or make it happen), to unity (how it feels to be in this place or to experience something right now). 

2) Accept time is an obstacle you create you close the imaginary  gap 

Dreams are realized instantly in the inner realm. You are already 'here'.  You imagine someone and are instantly with them, imagine going to a place and imagine the jouney unfolding. Allowing an experience to enter your awareness involves consistently acting as if no gap or timelag exists. 

3)  Talk as If

Its important talk as if you are already doing something to make it more real. Speak about it in the present tense and often.  This aligns you with the specific dream vibration and allows it to take shape into your experience.

4) See everything as energy first

From the moment you see everything as energy, frequency and vibration, you shift from believing something is possible to knowing its already happening. This shifts your energy from separation to being a living example your vision.As the vibration of acceptance, worthiness and love take over, this is energetic, heartfelt living. When you only see one flow of energy, situations enter your scope faster.  This is an exercise in letting go of separation. 

5) Let the universe determine the details

The universe can deliver your dreams in infinite ways.  It may be easier and quicker for your dream to come in a way you’ve never considered. The what always comes before the how is important to remember. The how is not up to you.  Simply allow yourself to feel the way into the perfect circumstances. The universe does the rest. 


Pinpoint the hidden key

Every moment, you have your finger on the hidden key to your own transformation.  You can only ever reveal this to yourself.  Be aware of a feeling of avoidance. Recognize when you feel sensitive. Every feeling is a pointer, a guide to true nature.

As you cease to take things personally,  a new kind of seeing starts to emerge.  What you see is what you are.  Who or what is hiding?  Go deeper.  Discover who is here when your individualized personality and perceived issues are not.  When will what matters most to others matter the most to you?

Consider the possibility you do not experience different personalities, but different bodies in different lifetimes which experience the same universal lessons. You cannot escape looking deeply into yourself forever. Illusions are dissolving.  Celebrate the journey to love deeper than ever before.  Appreciate everyone you meet.  Each one is a version of you bringing you closer to the heart.  Every moment and breath is an expression of love.  Love yourself in response to all you feel.


Know all doors are open

As you choose to experience existence through the lens of soul, suddenly, every door is always open.  The essence of being is pure awarenes and it passes through all doorways unobstructed. The mind creates a sense of obstacles, imagines barricades and percives reasons for closed doors.  Notice the perspective you adopt or the assumptions you are prompted to make.  What does this tell you?

To sense awareness is selective or fragmented is only temporary.  To identify and perceive separation is part of the journey that invites you to see reflections of divine being in everything. Know every belief resists something and offers clues to what and why.  Stop seeking. Turn inward.  Be the answer that never leaves home except for a temporary change of scenery.  Feel the swinging or rotating door now.

"You cannnot look for awareness.  You can only be awareness." - Ram Dass


The truth has many faces

What you see is only ever yourself in different forms. You love and accept everything equally or dislike and reject certain things that reveal you do not yet love yourself fully. Hearing this, you may notice degrees of acceptance or resistance and think you have unanswered questions. How does it feel to know you always find what you seek but do not always accept it?  Watch how what you are living transforms before the senses.  Notice the opportunities that emerge in your life.

Consider the truth has many faces.  At any moment, you see the version of the truth you desire.  Until you see through illusion, you do not see things as they are, you see things as you are. As you begin to notice you do not always act in your best interests, you may begin to focus on particular life questions.  The truth according to whom? The best interests according to whom?

Notice why you actually want something. Identify it. Why would you separate from that which you want or tell yourself that you must struggle to get it? If you think you lack anything, its because you forget that the identity you create and reinforce is not real. Notice experience changes as you shift focus of attention from doubt to certainty.  What underlies it all?

As you journey into the heart, you return to innocence. True self is forever present.  Separation from the ultimate truth of who you are is impossible.  Any restlessness or discomfort you feel is an illusion you create to pinch off from what never leaves you. This is another wake up call.

"Being part of the natural world reminds me that innocence isn't ever lost completely; we just need to maintain our goodness to regain it." -Jewel


Notice what you are not seeing

Regardless of what you are seeing or feeling at this moment, every experience invites you to clarify things for yourself.  Whatever dawns in the mind is there already.  There is no one path to follow. You matter as you are where you are.  Any tension you feel is telling you that you separate yourself from full awareness of ability and potential. 

Notice what you describe and the feelings evoked by each word you choose.  Giving words to experience can be an unconscious effort to control, understand or pin it down.  What's it like to contrast your experience with those of others?  Notice what happens as you allow Self to experience without describing or comparing.   Awareness arises. Notice that your focus of attention can shift to see what you are not yet seeing.  Every book you invite into your life has perfect timing.  Everything reminds you that you are a divine messenger with access to soul and inner knowing about who you are.

"You travel but in dreams, while safe at home." -A Course in Miracles (ACIM)