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I am always in the right place at the right time successfully engaged in the right activity whether I know it or not. -Leonard Orr

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3 Tips to take life as it comes

Life is uncertain, no matter how much planning you think you can do.  Unexpected happenings, people acting out of what you think is normal character, may seem to be in your face more and more often. Maybe your phone stops working, some other technology breaks down, you are unable to receive or respond to messages, or lights go on and off mysteriously in your presence.  

Upon closer look, mere coincidence is changng to increasing glimpses of ever-present synchronicities. In light of such strange or unusual occurrences, you may ask who is really in control here and what  is the message you are giving yourself? Take these three tips to accept life as it comes;

1) Remember permanence is illusion. 

Humans are taught to create a  sense of lasting security and stability when all that is predictable is change.

2) Laugh more often to keep your sanity

Every laugh is a mystery bubbling to the surface to reveal itself in decipherable terms. When you can see things from a more objective or removed vantage point, everything looks different than when taking things personally. Notice a shift in or new sense of normal.  Every unfolding, every encounter is a pointer to you, the source creating every situation as a springboard to expand into more.

3) Focus on what you are gaining, what is working or being revealed.

 Humans are conditioned to focus on what they seem to be losing or not getting and focret point of attention detemines perception and experience. The same energy can be felt as disappointment/fear or reason for excitement.


3 Tips to Let your Spirit Rise

Everything about existence invites you to let your spirit rise.   In other words, you are getting a better sense of what it is to recognize what it is to be human and what it feels like to be truly alive. Reflect on three tips to live a more heartfelt life:

1) Love everything. See everything is a call for love.

2) Forgive everyone.  Humans know not what they do. 

3) Laugh more often. Feel an amazing lightness of being.


Live life to the fullest

Be aware of what feels good, of what  enables you to feel you are living life to the fullest. Imagine that you are fulfilled every moment of every day.  What are you doing or not doing?  Every choice you make is a way you invite yourself to see the bigger picture. 

View every situation as a trigger for a smile. Every choice is a gentle nudge to love where you are, to see reasons to lighten up and love whatever arises. You only ever whisper, write or speak to yourself through everything you perceive to be happening.  Note you can always appreciate everyone, laugh at the little things, and laugh at yourself.  Laughter is release of resistance, a way to ease into the flow of this moment.


Laugh at yourself

Notice the nature of conflict that arises within about your ideas and perceptions. Where does this opposition come from? What is the fear you feel really telling you? Notice the humour in realizing you disagree with yourself.  Emotions convey an inner dialogue.

You think you know what life and fulfillment are, and then you change your mind. You want something, yet then you realize this thing does not embody the love, happiness or solution you are after. You think you are dissatisfied about where you are and yet, upon reflection, you are really not. What happens as it grows apparent the ego mind fears getting, having and being all that it tells you to pursue? Why take life so seriously? Notice what occurs as you shift focus, take everything lightly.  Blessings smile back.


In emptiness is usefulness

Align with love and reconnect to higher fields of consciousness. You are taught to focus on fear and tears. Yet, beyond conditioned limitation, you are an infinite being. Choose to stay open.  Release yourself from the prison of the left brain. Reality is not revealed by the five senses. You are unstructured, connected to everyone, everywhere.  Your point of observation is consciousness having this physical experience.

As source energy, you travel everywhere now as unconditional love. Your omnicience is unparallelled. Get beyond the logic and reason that confine you to space and linear time. Intuitive heart knowing is beyond thought. Beliefs emit low level vibrations. Intuitive knowing emits higher vibration and reminds us who we really are. To feel joy is to raise personal vibration and activate higher energy. It is through perceiving emptiness that everything is useful. Shape emptiness into form and you understand the pure state you are.