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In order to re-invent ourselves in the next grandest version of the greatest vision we have ever had about Who We Are, we have to collectively produce circumstances allowing (or requiring) us to do so. 

-Neale Donald Walsch

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3 Signs you close in on what matters

(Image credit: NASA Space Telescope)

At least part of you is looking for signs of a shift or change in your life.  Consider three signs you get closer to what matters: 

1. You realize limitations of ordinary language

Myths and symbols exist to reach mans's higher centres which  function in higher states of consciousness.  The intent is to transmit ideas inaccessible to the intellect and to transmit them in such a way that they cannot be misinterpreted or modified from their divine blueprint. The more often sacred geometry and sounds are felt, the more you sense shifts occurring within.  True understanding is only realized when the vibration, frequency of myths, symbols registers in the appropriate centre and activates paths of bio-circuitry.  

2. You are drawn to spiritual places and travel journeys

Myths are originally created for higher feeling centres and symbols for higher thinking centres. Crop circle tours as well as trips to ancient monoliths, archtectural sites and energetic vortices are gaining in popularity. People are growing more conscious and aware of their own dormant and awakening energy centres which are mirror reflections of the earth awakening and reactivating her own energy centres. Ayahuasca journeys are one example described as a spiritual reset button to cleanse the body and soul. Notice where you have been, what you are drawn to and what sort of travel you are already doing inside yourself. Astral travel and Near Death Experiences (NDEs) are other kinds of spiritual journeys that offer clues to the puzzle.

3. It hits everything is a sythesis to be unpacked  

At some stage, it hits that what matters is contained in every book, film, encounter, relationship, dream and experience. Its simply up to each of us to grow conscious of the lesson or teaching we are offering ourselves. The meaning of a symbol and the revelation of its essence can only be given and understood by a person who knows (and can this decode energetically) what it means.  This echos why you can watch a film muliple times and experience different ah-ha moments and the same happens with reading and re-reading books.  You only get out of each expeirence the energetic information that aligns with your level of consciousness. Each human being is thus an initiate in The Mystery School of Life.


5 Tips to create and live the ideal life

You may not yet consciously know why you do all the things you do, but you are growing more aware of underlying motivations than ever before.  You nurture a vision of the ideal life, but your mind wonders how to translate an idea into physical experience in a practical way in real time.

Whether or not you consciously realize it, all you need arises with perfect timing. It can be no other way.   The question is, can you clarify the nature of your ideal life? What does it require for you to see and also to overcome self-created obstacles? Do you readily invest in mentors and avenues to expand your perception and deepen self-understanding?

Notice you feel inclined to shift your focus of attention and priorities because insights are coming to you from your future. This is about being aware of what it takes to unleash more of your untapped potential, allowing more of your emerging reason for being to reveal itself.

So, you encounter people and situations that invite you to pay closer attention to what you doubt within yourself. You can sense what feels right and what you outgrow.  To act on your intuition requires curiosity and courage.  Consider 5 tips to guide you to create the ideal life:

1.  Fearlessly feel the way

More people are thinking for themselves than ever before.   More people are thinking about and doing physical (external) yoga than ever before. Though other dimensions of yoga are not yet in the wider public domain, more people are curious about ancient yoga practice and meditation is growing more common. More than ever, people are paying attention to what they can do within themselves. This shows more people are willing to step into the unknown. Fearlessness arises as you explore reasons for your fear, and prove to yourself what is unfounded and move beyond it.

2. Balance inner and outer well-being 

People are beginning to look at balancing inner and outer well-being as a connected science. You have to stop looking at what goes on inside as separate from the outside. Inner attitude creates all outer experience. Without individuals being well (balanced), there can be no well-being for a country or for the world. Well-being comes from self-understanding, life endeavours that reinforce this understanding and commitment.

3.  Be aware of sacred geometry

Planet Earth is not tied to the sun with a physical cable.  It is a geometric perfection.  Perfection of geometry holds physical forms in space. The entire practice of yoga (and meditation) is about activating your systems to align with geometric perfection.  Your food choices, other habits and inclinations are always pointing to the state of your energy systems.  The more balanced and authentic you feel, the more sacred geometry you notice in nature, the more revelations arise within you beyond words.

4. Live in an inclusive way

The human tendency is to view things in parts.  Its why people look at each other as separate individuals, with separate limbs and organs.  People also separate their state of physical health from the state of the economy, the nation, the environment, the ocean, ect.  To live in an inclusive way is to respect and care for everything as if it is interconnected and to understand that we share the same air, water, forests, ecosystems and all perceived separation is illusion.  

5.   Shift focus from belief to seeking

To cling to beliefs is to be in a state of opposition and fear. When beliefs are imposed, a person has the choice to submit or fight back.  When you are seeking, you do not cling to ideas or impose them.  You grow more accepting and tolerant of diversity, levels of awareness and live by the view of do no harm, live and let live. A sense of interconnectedness arises and an ideal life is based on activities grounded in compassion.


Who needs self-awareness?

A common question is 'who needs self-awareness?' And another question is 'can self-awareness even be taught?'

The funny thing is, only awareness that something is good for you really prompts you to do it and you require a certain level of awarness to know it.  Humor is always indispensable, expecially when you realize certain thing you can only ever figure out for yourself or allow to happen naturally.

Being here implies being on a path of expanding awareness. This is the only reason energy like this enters your scope. After all, you co-create everything you encounter for soul lessons and do not see anything you are not ready for.

One big revelation is that sacred geometry is a language of mathematics and sound (vibration).  Exposing yourself to such imagery opens your intuitive awareness.  It also expands understanding of timeless insights about energy.


10 Reasons to join our workshop in Greece

When people do not act solely based on intuition, that is take action where it feels right,  sometimes they ask themselves why they should do something.  Consider ten reasons to join us at our upcoming Greece Workshop and  inspire others:

1) Visit ancient sites in Epidavros

2) Discover how perceived history influences your life choices

3) Raise awareness of core beliefs and values

4) Be part of a related group contribution to charity

5) Meet and interact with like-minded people

6) Come to see your life from a more holistic perspective 

7) Expand personal & collective consciousness

8)  Benefit from opportunity for self-growth 

9) Deepen understanding of links between changes in your life, the Earth and the universe

10) Have fun expressing and integrating creative vision 


Upcoming Workshop in Greece

Details are coming together for my June 2015 "Clarify & Purify Your Vision" workshop in Greece. Join us to

  • Unleash more of your creative potential
  • Make connections between changes you notice within yourself, on planet Earth and in the universe
  • Clarify shifts in energy, awareness & sense of life purpose 
  • Recognize links between yourself & sacred geometry   
  • Take part in activities to raise your vibration  
  • Expand feelings of Oneness & Unity with All that Is
  • Discover increased vitality, as more Life Force flows through you
  • Deepen ability to love & connect to your Divine Essence
  • Find it easier to let go of what no longer serves you
  • Build deeper trust and empower yourself
  • Ground more of your Spirit in the physical 
  • Tune into more of your gifts and talents
  • Enhance your intuition

And so much more

  • Find more about my forthcoming book In the Flow  

Express interest here, contact me directly or via Facebook

Early bird tickets now available through this link until Friday April 10th, 2015 as well as tickets closer to event

Note accommodation cost not incluced in event cost but special prices available for on-site accommodation. Details available upon request.

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