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Relax into natural rhythm

Breathing points to the answers you seek.  Close your eyes and listen to your breathing.  Notice subtle nuances, details.  Notice what your physical body and what the non-physical aspect of you is revealing through the breath.  Be receptive to questions that might arise.  Who are you? Where are you?  What is the nature of true reality?  Relax into the natural rhythm of the breath.  Release all else. Tune into your divine signature or core frequency. Be ready to discover how little effort is required to be honest about who you truly are.


Allow all feelings to dance

As a living being, you are rediscovering what is natural.  Part of your nature is to discover all emotions and allow them to flow.  It is fine to express how you feel in the moment.  

Watch children in their candidness and spontaneity. They do not judge or second guess themselves. They are like a free flowing river unless someone reprimands them. If this happens, its like the river comes up against rocks or rapids.  Where do you buck the current?

Ponder how it serves you to dwell on anger, doubt, fear or other heavy energy. What happens as you allow discomfort to get implanted under your skin? Do you scratch the itch?

At some point, you are going to encounter people who disagree with you or, who are closed off to what you are experiencing. What you feel is alive and true for you even if it is not someone else's reality.  Be awareness. Surprise yourself. Peace is not something to be kept or forced. All emotions have peace inside them. You do not find peace.  It arises as you allow it to be here.

In essence, you are aware of space yet, space is not aware of 'you.'  What is real does not need saving or changing as the mind thinks it does.  Watch what happens as you allow all feelings to dance.  Each one is a teacher inviting you to see beyond external conditions to feel through the lens of soul. Through the divine eye, everything is appreciated as it is and for what it is.

Notice you share an experience differently with people.  You may think you express love differently to a friend, child, lover, parent and acquaintance, yet do you really? Only the mind is capable of judging and distinguishing different kinds of love. The heart simply loves. 


Beyond rationale

To rationalize is to reason. To explain keeps you confined in the head. Notice what happens as you feel your way through justification. You sense selective awareness. That is, you are allowing the mind to block out what is real. What you think you want to hear is not the vibration felt in the heart and soul. Ask self why you want to feel anything other than love and acceptance. Be out of the mind.

Amidst the mental noise, the active inner judge and surface emotions, you hear phrases such as; "It's REALLY nothing!" ; It was ONLY nothing!"; "Nothing TRULY matters." ; Nothing ACTUALLY makes sense!" ; "Nothing is the end of me!". Ask yourself who or what is interpreting 'nothing'? Who gives meaning to nothing? Do you detect irony, cynicism, or fear? This is not what is here.

Go beyond the tactics of the mind. Nothing is quiet, reserved, humble. It simply observes.

Recognize nothing real is ever threatened and the unreal is never real or threatening.


Everything is working out

Everything is working out  as you knew it would.  Understand the process.  Know that thought is power.  You invite what you dream into your life.  You ask and receive what you are asking for from the moment your attitude and words align with your vision. Feel how it is to experience fulfillment and well-being.  Receive with open arms.  Feel the magnetic nature of it.  Whatever it is, its here.  View yourself being it and so it is!

As you create a vision, talk and write about it, this nurtures the will to make it real.  The universe guides you and shows you a way. Feel receptive.  Notice what unfolds as you are flexible and open-minded.    Open the heart. The focus of your energy is like magic.

How you think and feel always has an unseen vibration.  No reality is responsible for your vibration.  How you think and feel reflects your perception of reality. Change how you perceive.  Alter your experience of reality.  Simple. Deliberate creation is about staying in that good feeling place.  Visualize the best outcome.

"The Creative knows the great beginnings. The Receptive completes the finished things." -I Ching


Notice what you overlook

Every moment, your conscious attention and selective awareness leave things out. You focus on limited dimensions of experience. The mind has you believe in a limited nature of reality. Events that shape your life are simply levels of magnification absorbed through physical senses. This ignores infinite levels of interconnected sound, vibration and frequency that are ever-present. Mind only detects what it is ready and willing to accept. What you do not see or hear, i.e., the silence, is as meaningful as what you do

Notice what you choose to overlook.  Notice the thoughts and beliefs that selectively block degrees of seeing.  Underneath the layers of reality you choose to experience, exist infinite layers of awareness and points of view.  Notice what you lose sight of and who is forever present, noticing what is apparently left out but always here.  Be that.

"It's a matter of seeing the original meaning of all things. The world is full of all kinds of meanings. But our minds are so fettered by the lies and falsehoods they make for themselves, that they cannot see the beauty, goodness, or truth of those meanings. Only a mind that has become free can see such things..."
- Yi Mun Yol