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The Key to lengthening Life

Notice the key to lengthening life is understanding everything in terms of energy and cultivating the Tao.  This is about setting in motion the circulation of energy and aligning with universal or divine will.  It is about turning inward, being aware, controlling the unseen energy path. Being harmony is allowing consciousness and life energy to merge in thought, word and deed.  

You can view areas of your outward life; personal, professional, community/ hobbies, family or other, and feel the energy that you are generating and receiving. It is clear whether you are engaging fully, 'heart and soul' or not. The nature of feelings echo resonance or dissonance.  Being here now is about sharpening discernment, seeing beyond the illusion of linear time, being willing to shift focus of attention and energy flow toward resonance.


Tune into the best version of you

Physical existence is about tuning in and tuning out.  You tune into things when you focus attention on them and come to believe they are part of your reality. Something only becomes real when you believe in it, choose to visualize it and integrate it into your experience.  You tune out of things when you no longer focus attention and energy on them.

Step back and reflect on different areas of your life.  Notice what you tune into and out of at different stages. People seem to enter and exit your life based on what you tune into and also the vibration you give off.  You are drawn to or resonate with different kinds of people, life roles, conditions, geography, food, music and experiences.

As you raise awareness, you are honest with how you think and feel.  It is then easy to tune into the best version of you, to deliberately draw into your life exactly what resonates best right now. What no longer resonates falls away.  As lessons are learned, situations that present resolve themselves.  Know you create every facit of your reality.  You always get what soul needs to grow even if its not what ego wants. 


Celebrate yourself


Ever notice how often you celebrate events and people around you? Conditioning invites you to recognize particular days of a calendar year.  This offers reasons to experience intermittent joy based on the external world.  What about the rest of the time? Why not now and forever?

Notice how often you actually celebrate yourself.  What does this feel like? How do you savour the moment and appreciate life? Know you are always worth celebrating.  You need no reason to appreciate and accept the priceless gift of existence. The holiday season comes and goes but you are here in the now.  Be aware of priceless lessons and opportunities to recognize your blessings.

"Celebrate what you want to see more of." - Tom Peters

You are that

The ego mind interprets the tangible, the perceptible, that which is subject to change.  It views dreams through its own self-centred filters.  How do you know that you are paying more attention to self? What exactly is i that observes the changeable?

That which is the essence of being is the silent witness that can only be pointed toward.  It does not arise and disappear. It is changeless, conscious presence, in perfect harmony with effortless silence.  One consciousness sees no division or difference.  It is awareness felt in ways that which words simply cannot convey.  The universe reveals itself in subtle ways. As self identity no longer thinks itself as separate, one being awakens to recognize itself operating in the inner realm of consciousness.

"Because you fnd the dream creations transitory in relation to the waking state there is said to be a difference. This is only apparent and not real." -Ramana Maharishi

"Part of our psyche is not in time and not in space. They are only an illusion, time and space, and so in a certain part of our psyche time does not exist at all." - Carl Jung


When does it end?

You may ask, "how can one evolve if one is everything already and one cannot measure or pinpoint the quality of something?  When does evolution end? "

Wisdom echoes everything arises from the same source.  No separate individual actually exists.  The physical senses and body merely perform roles.  The journey of separate existence continues as long as 'you' perceive it. One expands into the highest places of humility unfathomable in mind. This realm of cosmic consciousness cannot be quantified and the creating is continuous.  Awareness refines itself. Decisions arise before the mind even notices choices to be made.  What you think is not in charge.