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In order to re-invent ourselves in the next grandest version of the greatest vision we have ever had about Who We Are, we have to collectively produce circumstances allowing (or requiring) us to do so. 

-Neale Donald Walsch

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3 Tips to take life as it comes

Life is uncertain, no matter how much planning you think you can do.  Unexpected happenings, people acting out of what you think is normal character, may seem to be in your face more and more often. Maybe your phone stops working, some other technology breaks down, you are unable to receive or respond to messages, or lights go on and off mysteriously in your presence.  

Upon closer look, mere coincidence is changng to increasing glimpses of ever-present synchronicities. In light of such strange or unusual occurrences, you may ask who is really in control here and what  is the message you are giving yourself? Take these three tips to accept life as it comes;

1) Remember permanence is illusion. 

Humans are taught to create a  sense of lasting security and stability when all that is predictable is change.

2) Laugh more often to keep your sanity

Every laugh is a mystery bubbling to the surface to reveal itself in decipherable terms. When you can see things from a more objective or removed vantage point, everything looks different than when taking things personally. Notice a shift in or new sense of normal.  Every unfolding, every encounter is a pointer to you, the source creating every situation as a springboard to expand into more.

3) Focus on what you are gaining, what is working or being revealed.

 Humans are conditioned to focus on what they seem to be losing or not getting and focret point of attention detemines perception and experience. The same energy can be felt as disappointment/fear or reason for excitement.


5 Ways to know change is in the air

Many people get wrapped up in the prospect of change.  How can you know change is in the air? 

1) Read your vibes. If you detect a sense of discomfort or restlessness, this is your physical body letting you know it is the right moment to make a change or let change happen.   

2) Watch your thoughts. As you notice desire arising, and find you are focusing attention on particular visions or ideas, this is a stepping stone to feeling the urge to do something differently.

3) Feel the waters. Feel life as a stream. You are either in the flow or going against the current. Change here is perpetual. The moving stream cannot be held onto.  To the degree you resist the stream, you feel the current is moving. Every emotion you feel points to the state of the flow.

4) Understand the system of waves. For every change, there is the unchangingYou are just as much light and darkness.  No waves have only crests or only troughs.  Cycles exist based on perception of space and time.  Space is inseparable from objects that occupy space.  The seen is inseparable from the unseen. Cannot have the ups or highs without the downs or lows of life.

5) See the underlying motive- the impetus for change is often the desire for a greater degree of permanence. As you come to see the true reasons for your choices, you can more clearly identify what you really want.  Decipher illusions you create for yourself.  The Path finds you.


Embrace what is real

Notice the search for truth, the pursuit of love, happiness, search for sources of permanence and security.  Notice the adjectives chosen, such as "you" and "me" or "I," and the conditioned impulse to cling to what is seemingly "mine."  Be aware of focus of attention, identification, the way a person views something as "mine" and associates it with being somebody. 

When a person forgets what is real, that person is conditioned to create an identity.  Notice patterns, habits, beliefs, and revelations.   Fear not.  You are not what you do. Lose the mind, the body, the person. What is left? Feel what is. Be that. Know what it is to be everything.


Realize contentment

Success is embodied in feelings of contentment.  Peace arises when you aren't comparing who has more or less than you. Being yourself and accepting all that you are brings you a sense of success. What makes you believe a sense of success evolves from external things or action? 

True success is felt as you are deeply grounded in being yourself, when you're not searching for consolation or hoping to do what you have not yet done.  Drop comparisons.  To see yourself as neither higher nor lower, in terms of where you are, this is success.  You can become intuitive and sense life offers more possibilities than your senses have the capacity to realize.

Success is more than a state of mind.  Its a state of being.  Rather than think about what you must do to understand and achieve, why not experience success without thinking?  Be happy without a cause.  Attract and create the feelings you envision.  Success is sensing the possible and being it.

Imagine success regardless of your external situation. Anything with a cause is never permanent, but time dependent and predictably disappear. Feelings and circumstances that have no cause will last forever.  Become successful through your own inner transformation.  Look inside yourself for the truly impersonal experience.