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"Conscious breathing synchronized with simple body movements, can be the fastest way to feel inner balance, peace and well-being.  It is also the fastest way to energize and shift your state of mind. - Colin Chenery


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5 Tips to feel more joy

The conditioned mind is shifting how it perceives and processes energy. We initially sense intermittent serendipity.  Then, it is as if random acts or events are occurring.  Next, right on cue, deja-vus and coincidences arise.  We come to sense increasing synchronicity until it feels every encounter and experience in our lives is interconnected. The more clarity we get about our passion, the more we unleash untapped inner power, the more we naturally share our unique gifts. We are magically inspired what to do with it.  As this evokes joy, we tune into and live in a higher vibration. Consider 7 tips to raise our pleasure threshold ;

1. Engage in breathwork

Whether we explore Rebirthing, Holotropic, Cathartic, Reichian or Integrative breathwork, Pranayama or  some combination of deep connected breathing techniques, this is a useful step to access and release emotions which offers glimpses of inner peace.  The more we tune into the rhythm of the breath, the more we get a sense of which emotions drive us and when, the more interconnected events and encounters grow self-evident.

2. Uncover limiting core beliefs

Negative or limiting beliefs are the filters through which we are taught to see ourselves and the world.   So long as we are unconscious, self-defeating patterns continue.  Awakening is about growing aware of the origins of our behaviours so we can allow healing or energetic recalibration to occur. 

3. Empower yourself

Standing in our power implies we are willing to recognize our misperceptions and shift our fear-based beliefs to unconditionally loving ones. This is about accepting and integrating all experiences as part of the whole.  It is also about recognizing that negative emotions are pointers and gauges for how much we love or reject ourselves.

4. Speaking our truth

Part of the deepening process of self empowerment involves getting clear on our passion and sharing that openly. The more we speak and express our truth creatively, the more we begin to live our truth rather than presenting different personas to different people in different settings. Speaking our truth is one way to raise self esteem and confidence. We are letting go of masks or identities which are incompatible with our soul.

5. Act on life purpose

This is about actually doing and being what and why we exist.  Once we are fully conscious of our passion or core reason for being, then it is up to us to translate or express that for others. The mind can never quiet until we recall or uncover our unique gifts and find the courage to take steps to use this to enrich the world. It is about noticing and following synchronicities, and allowing the truth to flow naturally without fear. Being authentic is the epitome of fearlessness.


5 Steps to increase personal power

Notice living in your personal power involves doing what you love, feeling relaxed and at peace most of the time, materializing and monetizing your life purpose without self-sabotage.  Sound like a mouthful? Currently not your reality? Ponder five steps to get greater access to your own innate personal power and unleash the gifts you exist to bring to this world;

1) Tap into negative energy within and express it in a refined way  

This is cathartic. Take personal responsibility for misinterpretations of situations at different stages of your life and recognize the energy can be rechannelled or expressed differently.  Rather than expressing anger outward, recognize that from the moment underlying reasons for it are understood, this energy is harnessed and redirected in ways with unforeseen benefits.

2) Notice self-worth is self-love in action 

Do things that people with high self-worth and self acceptance do.  When you hold yourself in high esteem as a person, you respect yourself and others equally. Express kindness, compassion, love without expectations.   

3) Establish clearer boundaries

This is about finding courage to clarify and present who you are to the world.  It is done from a new level of high self-worth and requires you clarify for yourself what you will and will not do and limits to commitments.

4) Let go of the non-essentials

 Be honest about what evokes suffering, resentment and struggle.  Shift focus of attention to life circumstances that resonate joy and completeness.  Trust yourself more.  Like atrracts like or more of the same energy.

5) Commit to your dream and connect the dots

Only synchronicity exists. Be receptive to what you uncover. about yourself and take steps to actualize what the heart and soul are guiding you toward.  Its already in you.  Simply allow it to flourish.


5 Reasons to savour where you are

Regardless of what appears to be unfolding in your life, you always have the choice to decide how to feel about it, that is, how you respond or even whether you respond at all.  It is always possible to find something to appreciate about your apparent conditions. Muse over five:

1) Recognize how you feel is reflected back in how you experience the world. 

2) Accept whatever form this moment takes and tap into inner peace.

3) Know perceived challenges are what stretch you and build character 

4) Realize you create all you encounter and choose to be empowered or disempowered

5) See that to love others, to love anything is to see true essence, to love Being more fully


5 Reasons to lose your mind

It is a common misconception that losing the mind is to be feared or avoided at all costs.  Ever wonder why this is? Notice the ego mind holds your captivated attention unless something triggers and you snap out of it to shift focus.  What if unforeseen benefits exist in doing so?

Consider five reasons to lose your mind:

1) Adapt better to change: every moment, experiences are unfolding.  The ego mind tells you to hold on, hang in there.  From the moment you realize it is futile to hold onto aspects of your life or your thoughts that are in constant flux, you realize you choose to allow or resist.  You decide how to respond to the unfolding.  Choosing to lose or see through the mind is like being open, easy going and flexible.  You know that worry begins and ends in your thought patterns.

2) Come into your own- from childhood, you learn basic values, beliefs and thought patterns from your role models and care givers.  You adopt and hold onto others' views unless challenged to find or create your own.  A lightbulb goes off when you realize you outgrow or no longer resonate with beliefs or values based in someone else's fear, bias or prejudice.  You discover unworthiness and insecurity are figments of the imagination, and truth is something else.

3) Gain insight into the truth-who you are is quite different from who the ego mind thinks you are.  Notice all your feelings and thoughts alter in character, along with your physical appearance.  Be aware when you are self-absorbed or engrossed in your reactions to things.  Notice what happens as you shift attention away from reactions to the coming and going itself. 

4) Live more authentically-  when thoughts and emotions no longer control your attention and moods, you see things as they are.  You no longer ignore your difficulties, rationalize your problems and blame others for what is wrong.  You see you are the creator of your conditions and you take responsibility to honour what truly matters most and makre choices accordingly.

5) Rediscover inner peace- the peace you think you crave is always accessible just beyond the filters of the mind.  Anything you think you want is not actually what you are seeking.  It is what you embody at the core.  Imagine feeling contentment, come what may.  This is bliss.


What do you run away from?

What do you run away from? Why is this?  What difference does this make if nobody is there?

Notice whether you allow others to impose their world of emotions on you.  You can choose to deflect or transcend such things. Simply stop taking things personally.

Notice if you always seem to be busy and/or get your kids' schedules jam-packed. Why are you really avoiding solitude and silence? Watch what happens as you reach that unspoken threshold.  Life as you know it,  falls apart.  Nature takes things into its own hands.  The universe reminds you that you cannot avoid facing yourself forever.

When you are finally alone, and the mind is quiet, you, the "ego" disappears.  As you view this as a symbolic release of what is not you, you start to notice thought and awareness of thought. The desire to control thoughts and events is replaced with trust and awareness of feeling.  Fighting, conflict, competition all cease. This is the end of a sense of togetherness, loneliness and comparing. In fact, no other remains. How do you respond to nothing?

Whether or not you spend time with others, you can choose to be friends with yourself. When you run away from something, like during nightmares, a goal you doubt, a relationship or opportunity you deny yourself, fear of not being, getting or doing exerts a hold over you. 

As you stop looking for answers outside yourself, the loving heart melts that which blocks you from merging with everything.  How you relate to peace determines whether you allow yourself to be disturbed. Grasp how it is to be free.  You are the problem and solution.

"People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates." -Thomas Szasz

"When you stop controlling things, you are not disturbing life, and life does not disturb you."
- Ajahn Brahm