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One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating. -Luciano Pavarotti

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10 Keys for a successful & rewarding life

Many people ask what is required to create a successful life, which can include areas of relationships, business, career and more. Whatever your current focus, consider these 10 tips to guide you:

1. See through your resistance

The ego mind is that part of you that tells you no, that's not possible and offers reasons why you cannot do what you want.  Ego kyboshes ideas, blows them out of the water and discourages you.  Its up to you to see through fears underlying your own resistance. Why do you fear success?

2. Align with intuition

Call it the the inner voice, Spirit, intuition, the proverbial Jiminey Cricket voice of conscience or something else. Whenever you listen to this higher more expanded aspect of yourself, you know you can have everything you want in life. Its a matter of focusing attention here rather than on the sparks doubt. You choose to hold back or move ahead.

3.  Set your intention

The more you clarify for yourself the road you wish to travel, the more powerful the journey can be. You do not need to know exactly how the universe is going to translate every step of your intention into physical reality.  It helps to be flexible, to be certain your version of success is attainable and feel it.  The power of intention is like a launching platform or catapult to accepting and expressing inner greatness.

4.  Share your passion

You create your version of this world as a place to share your gifts.  This requires you not only identify what your gifts are by also have the backbone, courage and take initiatives to present them. 

5. Feel worthy to receive

Self-worth issues can be roadblocks to different avenues of material success. The spirit world is taking care of each of us. If you open your mind and tell yourself you are worthy to be successful, success happens, with a bit of effort, trust and intervention from higher (unseen) forces.  It goes without saying you have to believe, know and have the right mindset.  You have to see yourself sharing your gifts. How the gifts get to people may surprise you as you allow the universe to cooperate with you.  The 'what you wish to share' always takes shape in your scope before the universe reveals to you how the rest unfolds. 

6.  Honour who you are

Never measure yourself in terms of anyone else.  What is in you allows you to do anything. Open up to your own unlimited inspiration and power.  You can be successful in anything.  Simply make up your mind, set our intention and get on with it. Whether its a business, relationship, new career or something else envisioned, its all within reach now.

7.  See money as energy

Many people assume that certain kinds of businesses or people are prone to be more financially succesful than others. It is often assumed for instance, that spiritual businesses cannot make money.  Whatever your business idea or other life vision, the experience of having it can be curtailed by your beliefs about money.  Seeing money as energy flow allows a more abundant self-perception to emerge. 

8.  Change your consciousness

You have to be willing to take ownership of your thoughts, feelings, actions and involvement in situations. Changing your consciousness is about accountability, the willingness to take responsibility for where you are at, your self-view, educational and other milestones as well as self-defeating tendencies to get over.

9.  Empower others

Whatever hat you wear, whatever roles you perform in life, your job is to empower and enable not disable others.  Part of your responsibility in this life is to help others identify and honour their own inner light and empower them to honour their gifts and talents, share them with the world and shine brighter. Its often easier to see in others what they do not yet see in themselves.

10.  Recognize your unique path

Refrain from comparing yourself to others. You are only in competition with yourself, on a path to clarify and share more clearly your reasons for being.  Each human being is on a unique path.  Resis judging others and dismantling people and ideas.  You exists to build people up, empower them to see their own true greatness via your unique journey.  Insodoing, you come to see everything as a mirror of your own true greatness.


Master diplomacy

Diplomacy is often viewed as a useful skill in negotiations and handling people. You may understand diplomacy as figuring out the right words to say at the right time in the way that is least offensive to another person's beliefs or ways of seeing the world.  As you come to think there could be more to diplomacy than the obvious, then what?

Reflect on your use of tact in interactions. How and what do you withhold or hide? What is transparent and to whom? Explore the nature of your own communication through, to and by you.  Be clearer about vibration, how it shapes what's really going on in your life.  There is nothing you cannot know or be when you trust fully.

What if you could:

*stop second-guessing yourself when it counts? 

*master diplomacy in a whole new way? 

*intuit exceptions to a given rule and see underlying reasons for rules themselves? 

*see you create ideas of 'right' and 'wrong' that help and hinder you? 

*feel good and love life regardless of unfolding life situations?

Be aware signs all around you exist to guide you to master self-confidence and tap into talents and wisdom  you forget is inside.  Come to view inspirational mentors themselves as stepping stones to gaining new insight into yourself and living more fully. Imagine your ideas of right and wrong change based on where you are not for reasons you think, but based on how you feel.  Imagine certain life experience makes you feel as though you get NOWHERE... this is why you are NOW- HERE. Explore where your actions support your intention or not. Create powerful shifts in behaviour.


Its all pointing here

Imagine a life where you do not have to do anything about anything.  Imagine a  life where nothing is wrong, where every choice you make at a given moment is the right one.  Give up all your emotion and effort to get somewhere. Let go of restlessness.  It may seem too simple to be true. Recognize you are the seer and experiencer, the observer and participant in this life.

What if you do not have to do, be or become anything? From this moment, notice what the mind would have you believe.  Then step back and accept every view is a reflection of the timeless recognizing itself.  Reconnect with the dimensions and perspectives you temporarily cut off.  

As the mind carries no intention, ambition or neediness, it is spontaneously one. It does not view itself as a separate part of anything.   Recognize the attitudes you hold toward 'the other.' All you think is a self-fulfilling projection.  As you drop the resistance and false ideas you adopt as a child, you slowly let go of all fixations and identities connected with the body.  What's left?

Be  true nature, the state of pure awareness.  See things with less distortion.  Allow peace to fill you. To see everything as equal is to love and appreciate yourself unconditionally.  When you are truly free, you expect nothing and simply flow freely with the stream of life. He who is truly rich wants nothing.  He who has desires is simply playing the role of creator for a while.

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women are merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages." - William Shakespeare


Master your fear 

Self-mastery is always within reach.  Understanding fear is a big step to watching it disappear from your life.

You may hear people say they expect to get older, weaker, and generally deteriorate and imagine other reasons for fear to arise.  Some people quickly tell you their limitations. Watch thoughts passing through your mind and feelings in your bones.  Notice your own beliefs, assumptions and expectations. If you focus on what you do not want, you focus on the absence at what you do and experience fear.

If you notice any negative or pessimistic thoughts, then part of you is open to the possibility that things are not going well or things can get worse.  When you allow yourself to believe this, you forget what you think creates your experience.  You always have the power to shift your attention and change your thoughts.  It is a choice to shift focus away from peace of mind and knowing in the heart all is always well. 

What if you train the mind and can retrain it?  What if you underestimate the power of intention? What if you intend to feel younger, stronger, and more energized?  What if you convince yourself that you are getting more creative, attractive and inspired? What if your appetite is changing? Good feelings set the stage for more good things. 

In a practical sense, watch what happens as you envision your business growing, your health good and stable, your relationships nuturing,  your life enriching, that your dreams are within reach and unfolding. Notice what happens as you allow yourself to see beyond conditioned ways of seeing your situation.  

Ultimately, a vision of well-being, abundance, contentment, fulfillment, love and acceptance exist whether you allow them into your life or not. You have to be wiling to allow these ideas into your experience. Notice how emotions both distract you from perfect health and well-being and alsoguage how far you stray from who you are.


Love is in the air

Ever notice that love is in the air? In other words, if it is your intention to feel good about yourself, then regardless of the conditions that arise, you find the silver lining and love yourself anyway. Deep down, you know you always do your best.  What occurs if you forget?

Well, if the outcome you expect doesn't always arise, you can remind yourself to accept that, be okay with it,  and move on.  Still stumble along the way? What if the state of your house, your relationships or life does not meet your expectations? What if you sometimes feel down?

Come what may, you can remind yourself that if you change the way you look at things, then what stares back at you seems to change. If you regard your situation through the eyes of fear, what you see reinforces that.  If you view through the lens of humour, love and acceptance,  you see everything is an means to uncover something new about yourself.  You also discover a sense of abundance and prosperity reflects back how you feel about yourself.

This said, you begin to see how you view things is itself a powerful tool. Everything arises from intention. Is yours loving or not? To make a positive difference in the lives of others and yourself, know a focus on love allows you to see abundance, and bright sides to everything.

"A gift consists not in what is done or given but in the intention of the giver or doer." - Seneca