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"Conscious breathing synchronized with simple body movements, can be the fastest way to feel inner balance, peace and well-being.  It is also the fastest way to energize and shift your state of mind. - Colin Chenery


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5 Tips to feel more joy

The conditioned mind is shifting how it perceives and processes energy. We initially sense intermittent serendipity.  Then, it is as if random acts or events are occurring.  Next, right on cue, deja-vus and coincidences arise.  We come to sense increasing synchronicity until it feels every encounter and experience in our lives is interconnected. The more clarity we get about our passion, the more we unleash untapped inner power, the more we naturally share our unique gifts. We are magically inspired what to do with it.  As this evokes joy, we tune into and live in a higher vibration. Consider 7 tips to raise our pleasure threshold ;

1. Engage in breathwork

Whether we explore Rebirthing, Holotropic, Cathartic, Reichian or Integrative breathwork, Pranayama or  some combination of deep connected breathing techniques, this is a useful step to access and release emotions which offers glimpses of inner peace.  The more we tune into the rhythm of the breath, the more we get a sense of which emotions drive us and when, the more interconnected events and encounters grow self-evident.

2. Uncover limiting core beliefs

Negative or limiting beliefs are the filters through which we are taught to see ourselves and the world.   So long as we are unconscious, self-defeating patterns continue.  Awakening is about growing aware of the origins of our behaviours so we can allow healing or energetic recalibration to occur. 

3. Empower yourself

Standing in our power implies we are willing to recognize our misperceptions and shift our fear-based beliefs to unconditionally loving ones. This is about accepting and integrating all experiences as part of the whole.  It is also about recognizing that negative emotions are pointers and gauges for how much we love or reject ourselves.

4. Speaking our truth

Part of the deepening process of self empowerment involves getting clear on our passion and sharing that openly. The more we speak and express our truth creatively, the more we begin to live our truth rather than presenting different personas to different people in different settings. Speaking our truth is one way to raise self esteem and confidence. We are letting go of masks or identities which are incompatible with our soul.

5. Act on life purpose

This is about actually doing and being what and why we exist.  Once we are fully conscious of our passion or core reason for being, then it is up to us to translate or express that for others. The mind can never quiet until we recall or uncover our unique gifts and find the courage to take steps to use this to enrich the world. It is about noticing and following synchronicities, and allowing the truth to flow naturally without fear. Being authentic is the epitome of fearlessness.


Connect the dots

What does it feel like to travel to a place you say you have always wanted to visit and sense deep down that you have been there before?  Call it deja-vu. Call it a link to dreams you would like to better understand. Call it what you will. Every moment you are connecting the dots of what you see with those things you do not yet see.  Infinite perspectives exist.  Your focus of attention determines your priorities.  What you do not choose to see is still present.

From one perspective, you are coming full circle.  You are invited to meet the maker within, the maker of the journey and leaver of clues about truth of who you are.  It grows apparent that like the proverbial tortise, you never leave home, but always take this feeling with you.  Notice the feelings bubbling up from the depths of the soul.  The mind prompts you to travel far and wide in search of what you already have right here.  You seek to find all you want 'out there' and your purpose for being provides it already.  Reflect on what you think you want.  Then, feel the vibrations of heart for soulful insight.  It all leads you full circle.

"Everything's intentional. It's just filling in the dots." -  David Byrne


How does soul-splitting grab you?

To believe it possible to physically be in more than one place at once opens the mind to mechanics of soul-splitting.  To grasp how this occurs is not required to conceive soul energy can divide and incarnate in multiple forms. How does the prospect of soul-splitting influence your level of open-mindedness and degree of consciousness?

Rethink deja-vu. Sensing you have been in a place before when you have no conscious memory in this life may evoke thoughts of amnesia or, strengthen belief in past lives. Some souls awaken to additional possibilities during astral travel. As energy expands, it reveals it stretches and recombines beyond conscious radar. A mental image is reality of the moment. Unconscious impressions vibrate differently and gain new signifiance with heightening sensory perception.

Move beyond power struggles. The conditioned ego impulse to control is fading. Attention is shifting to re-access inner knowledge. Useful, constructive criticism and perspective arise from within. One evolves to be less concerned with perceived time, the ego mind and other human inventions. To shift focus brings one to sense relative significance of formless energy dimensions.

Sense equal dispersal of energy. Part of soul never separates from original Source. Part of soul energy incarnates in physical form. To believe this means you could sense it feasible to incarnate in more than one body or form in different places for separate purposes. In addition, parts of split souls are more aware or, have more advanced consciousness than other parts. Each intelligent being progresses on diverse levels simultaneously. Levels of awareness vary.

Gain humility. This is possible without being distracted by physical experiences of self-gratification. Some souls are motivated to speed up or engage in multiple incarnations. Such decisions are made before birth when ego does not exist. That does not concern every being. Yet, the prospect of other ways of existing and learning encourages one to nurture an open mind. Humility is a lesson with diverse energy degrees.

Imagine transmigration. Consider the same soul splitting and living in different dimensions in the same relative time. This draws attention to the possibility of overlapping time chronologies. That is, souls transmute and transform based on plans conceived in the spirit world before incarnation. Souls are amorphous without substance or texture, animate creatures or inanimate objects as an exercise to sharpen sensitivity. You adopt and shift form to and from what makes the most sense to learn about physical concepts. Energy changes are not limited to ideas conceived by the limits of human imagination.