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5 Tips to Honor yourself

Honoring yourself is about paying attention and listening to yourself.  Whatever arises in response to your experiences, which can include no response at all, shows exactly where love can be sent. Ponder these 5 tips to honour yourself:

1. Locate feedback in your body

Whether you feel intimidated, like a failure, powerless, discouraged, or still wanting things to go a different way, each feeling invites you to zero in on feedback in your body, and get-to-know yourself better.  This is an opportunity to intuit deeply into your own messages, to thine own self be true.  Be empowered.  Remind yourself who is the master of your body.

2. Acknowledge your feelings

It is not necessary to know what to do or how to respond to your feelings.  Yet, it is poignant to be aware as they arise or as soon after as possible.  Watch judgements you have in relation to struggles you face.

3. Surrender

This is about relinquishing each conflict, burden and hardship in a way that allows spaciousness, relaxation and relief to take over.   Each confession you make to yourself unleashes divine grace that allows the universe to flow through you more effortlessly. 

4.  Let go of regret

You might gasp and say, "if only I had kept my mouth shut" or, "keeping that secret would have made life easier", or, "Why did I leave myself so open?"  Although you may not get the ego's desired result, every apparent ending or closing life chapter always gets the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

5. Make peace with loose ends

Every effort you exert is an unconscious attempt to avoid pain, despair and suffering.  In the emerging paradigm, it is imperative to make peace with emotions so you are no longer caught in a cycle of seeking out one feeling and avoiding others.  This is part of awakening out of polarity so you are no longer at the mercy of highs and lows of life. Excitng gains do not have to be followed by undesirable losses. Everything shifts as you are receptive to a new way of being.


5 Tips to feel more energized

When feeling drained, you are taught to seek new sources of energy and new ways of generating energy. It is common to exeriment with food and reduce or eliminate certain items from your diet.  It is also common to focus attention on activities to build physical endurance, stamina and dexterity and to stop doing what makes you feel heavy, tired and unmotivated.  All approaches have their place. Yet, what if you could access more energy instantly?  Consider 5 tips to feel more energized:
1. Accept things as they are

When you accept something as it is, your ability to change the situation changes. Whatever you accept in this moment, you are free and your aliveness blossoms. From the moment you see your responsibility is limitless, you accept everything the way it is. Whenever you deny responsibility at any level, you deny the way things really are. Conscious or unconscious denial is a form of resistance and both are draining.
2. Let go of enslavement

When you react to something, you are enslaved to that.  When you get angry, that to which you direct your anger is in control of you. The basis of creation is acceptance otherwise you are a series of reactions. Reactions are draining physically, emotionally and mentally. Being a calm observer balances and stabilizes your energy levels.

3. Be aware of mental creation
Action is about the next moment. Previous moment is about what appears to have passed.  You can only think about past and future. Yet, your whole experience of life is always in this moment. Any other moment is imagination. Thinking about past and future is not a problem. The problem arises when this moment is forgotten.  The next moment is not inevitable. Mind does not know future. Mind takes its understanding of past and reshapes it. Focusing on a future implies you only see it as a repetition of the past. This is draining.

4. Be in this moment

Being in this moment is tapping into the unlimited power house. Living in the moment is not the same as living for the moment. Living for the moment is the pleasure-seeker's life. The feeling of 'not-enough' or dissatisfaction is draining.  This is the reason for constant seeking of new sorts of plaeasure. Living in the moment is not something you have to tell yourself. Simply sense the next moment is full of unlimited possibilities.
5.  Be authentic  

Ever notice that when you are not true to yourself, when you do not heed intuition, life feels draining?  Being authentic is like a direct connection with the source power of your core.  It enables you to tap into untapped energy, unlimited source of inspiration, confidence and fearlessness. The more you are true to yourself, the more enthusiasm and energy flow.  When you are in the logic of your head, everything seems to take effort.

3 Tips to be more authentic

All too often, people are taught to exert effort to identify and pursue a career based on standardized test scores and external guidance that tell you what is best or right for you. Sound familliar? 

What if from before birth, you are on a collision course with what matters? What if authenticity is about more than letting go of emotional barriers and mental filters that prevent you from seeing the obvious?  Consider five tips to be more authentic:

1) Get to the root

The true meaning of authenticity is in its Latin root, which means "author".  Thus, being "authentic" is not being honest about who you are, but rather, about being conscious you author-create your life. Authenticity is both active and creative process. It's not about revealing something, but building a vision of you.

2) Share intimate revelations 

Life is a mirror.  The more intimate you get with yourself and share about yourself, the more comfortable you are with intimacy and transparency.  As you join the dots of childhood events that shape your character and share these, you show integrity, own the process and integrate the soul lessons that enable you to move into an expanded version of you. Love is not about a relationship.  Love is relating.  It is an ongoing phenomenon, a verb not a noun.  To relate is insecure and relationship is a security.  The flow of revelations is like pure water.

3) Be

When you are fully authentic, you never have to go through the process of revealing who you are. True authenticity doesn't require you to tell anyone else what your values are, because everyone will be able to see your values in the way you live your life. When you are fully authentic you don't reveal your chosen values, you become them – you live them.


4 Ways to live more authentically

It is common for people to desire to live more authentically, that is, to feel more at ease with life.  To be honest with yourself about who you are and why you what you do is actually easier than you think.  Make changes as you see fit.  Consider four ways to live more authentically right now;

1) Pay attention to your body.  Your body language is always sending you signals.  Where you seem drowsy, feel restless, slouch or or are generally inattentive, you are expressing disinterest.  Its possible you are in one place in body but another in thought or soul.  If you do not wish to be somewhere, you are acting against deeper will.  This tells you that you are not listening to the subtler or natural tendencies inside.  Where posture exudes confidence and you are at ease in your own skin, you know you are in the right place.

2) Notice your thoughts. The more you notice the kinds of thoughs racing through your head, the better you get to know your true self.  Where the mind is focused on the past or future, or if you find yourself dwelling on judgment and comparison, this is ego or fear based living.  Shifting attention is simply shifting focus from thought-to-thought.  To be focused on this present moment is where you are most true to yourself.  Awareness takes over from thought in the here and now.  Only love and acceptance exist.

3) Recognize emotions as a gauge.  Such energy originates as thoughts in the mind and is often mistaken for feelings (of the heart).  When you make choices that resonate, you do not doubt, fear or question. Negative emotions indicate how far away you are from making the best choice for yourself at a given moment.  Positive emotions reinforce how authentic or good you feel about your choices.  If you feel torn in some situation, then emotions point you in the most suitable direction.

4) Be aware of your feelings.  These are the unexplainable vibes you get. It is your intuitive side that has no logic the mind can grasp.   True feelings are a synonym for pure awareness and the feeling centre is in the heart.  When you live in this moment, you appreciate where you are and see it in realtion to the big picture.  You feel interconnected to all that is and gain insight into yourself from everything, seeing it as a reflection of divine nature.


Let go of what is important

Enjoyed engaging interactions with Stevn Hairfield and special guest Jeff Daugherty on Insight Radio.  Access the archives to listen to the May 15/16 show.  Feedback is always appreciated.

In this particular program, Jeff offers his own compelling story about what caused him to wake up, see his behaviour and life in a whole new way. He shares how direct experience enables each of us to explore the power of ego to control us and what it is to let go of all we think is important.  He reflects on his resistance to certain attachments, ambitious professional roles and lifestyle, and how he now feels born again, and all his experiences makes him who is his right now. Losing what he thought was important enables him to see the world and his place in it with new eyes. 

Whether life-changing revelations are triggered by relationship break-ups, environmental disasters, health concerns, work-related crises or something else, the universal message is clear: Move from self-centred to soul- centred living. Nothing is hard unless you believe it is. The underlying question is, why allow things to escalate to where crisis is what you require to shift from seeing your life through the selfish head to seeing through the compassionate heart?

The irony and blessing is that what the ego thinks matters temporarily hides who we really are. The unreal life that temporarily engages our attention can be very convincing. However, the real is ever-present and cannot die. It is part of an individual journey to forget how to feel what is right, and also an option for each person to shift back from ego-based thinking to heartfelt or authentic living. You may be taught to over-complicate what is simple, but whatever it takes, the universe brings you to a point where you are invited to trust your own feelings more. The more you trust in the unknown, the more the universe gives you reason to trust life. Honouring this is easy. Live from the heart a new kind of purpose-driven life. Lick your finger to feel the wind direction. Go with it. Shift from doing to being. Be aware and love who you choose to be.