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Knowing what is best

At different life stages, it is common to feel lost and to ask, 'how do I know what is best for me right now?' 

People are compelled to reach outside themselves, to experience situations where they are inspired or discover they are not.  It is where they explore what life is about.

Sometimes a person benefits from a guide to help understand what it is in each place or relationship that attracts or repels.  Each teacher and discovery empowers a person to find out more him or herself.

Come what may, questions can arise. Each person forms decisions based on a variety of data available; the wisdom of the ages, the current view of Science, the highest ideals of the heart, moral guides and mentors. Ultimately, each human being is responsible for his/her own decisions.

In some ways, conscience draws attention to two kinds of spiritual questions; one relates to thoughts of what is right or wrong, linked to ingrained rules.  The other is how to be a spiritual person. That is, how does one live and act in harmony with divine nature? How does one tune into the cycles of the universe, inner spontaneity and inspiration and be aware of the divine in everything? Soulful exploration helps one expand awareness.

It is one thing to choose between good and evil as defined by the external world.  It is quite another to discern the difference between the impulses of divine nature and cravings of the conditioned ego self.  Being a moral (judgemental) person and a wholly person (who sees/acts from wholeness) are two different things. Regardless of the path taken, a guiding light helps along the way.


What is successive knowing?

Different perspectives exist concerning successive and body or mind knowing. Some cultures are familiar with reincarnation.  This is the idea that the soul lives on in different physical bodies or forms, and can access stored memories of lives in other bodies or forms.   What would you say if everything you have ever thought, felt, wanted or done is stored as energy in a cloud that is accessible?

Some people indicate this triggers association with the trill character Dax in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  Other people refer to Buddhist or other Eastern views that consider reincarnation not as a belief, but an example of inner knowing based on practical experience and connections with spiritual (non-physical) realms.  As your curiosity peaks, you wonder how to truly figure this out.

To focus your heart on certain feelings allows you to attune to the flow.  As you express earnest interest and get clear about your intention, this invites you to remember what is most relevant and appropriate at this moment. Everyone has opportunities to grow aware, and choose to dis-associate from judgment and contradictions. Belief systems are what obscure the inner truth and keep you from remembering the feeling of being in the vortex. Tune into my April 4/5 Blog talk radio show, or the recorded archives for engaging dialogue on this topic:

Everything can be experienced as aligning layers of Cosmic Synchronicity. How does it resonate with you?


What if everything changed?

What if everything you are taught to view as reality, changes? What if hierarchies dissolve, money is no longer necessary, ambition, power and qualities that generate pride, disappear? How would your perception change?

Consider the implications if you decided your personality is always subordinate to needs of the moment.  You may realize simultaneously that the elements of land are made of the same energy as your physical body.

It follows that you begin to sense you are an extension of cosmic consciousness, of spiritual consciousness, of the energy of nature and everything.  You are a force within a greater force centre. ou are nothing.

Even now, you are attuning differently to the guidance of the higher self.  It defies words, but you sense it.  Everything that comprises your life is shifting to draw attention to a more conscious and transparent self.


Create new pathways

Create new pathways by generating new thoughts.  You think yourself into life.  You certify yourself as being whatever labels you adopt. There is no mystery to this.  Simply take responsibility for defining success within the parameters that are you.  Every moment, you reconnect to some part of the real you.

You can take any vehicle you choose to get to where you wish to go.  What does it mean to be aware? To be spiritually-awake? People sometimes feel conflicted when they use technology. If it works for you, use it.

Tools and teachers are available to guide you during your journey.  It all comes down to realizing nothing outside of self offers you the answers you require.  Guides you trust help get you on track or, encourage you to shift focus if you feel temporarily lost or confused.  Reach out to rediscover what feels right.

You are here by choice. This is a step in your own transformation.  You are making choices that empower you to awaken and experience this physical life more fully.  Consider varied tools available to you or suggest some more.


Time is sharing its secrets

The spiritual nature of energy empowers you to create mental obstacles.  You frame everything in psychological time as a wake up call. This reminds you what you are, invites you to purge patterns, to ignite the passionate soul-level dynamics, strengthen inner self, and to access your own inner secrets. 

The entire structure of consciousness and perception of possibility is expanding.   As you realize the impact of perceived time on your life, you are invited to dissolve much of you have been taught. You can do so actively or passively, release reason and move ahead in a cloak of love or fear.

What if the courageous way to experience everything is from the perspective of a spiritual being? How do you respond?

Consider the basic structure of reality is an atom. An electron microscope reveals an atom is 94.6% empty space.  Thus, it is not surprising human beings now measure quantifiable mass in unseen dimensions than are not perceived by physical eyes. Soul consciousness or unseen light force moves outside the body. When do you feel it? How do you sense a harmonic convergence?  You shift perception as you awaken and allow.

What would it mean to you to realize you have the capacity to teleport, to be dematerialized and materialized somewhere else?  Sound and light are electrical impulses and lightwaves. You are a light being that can shapeshift.  You are encouraged to sift through the truth and illusion you sense inside.

Whether or not you realize, you are a powerful, spiritual being in the midst of complete transformation. You may not grasp the ongoing cellular DNA shifts but you do sense conscious changes. Lemeurian consciousness and crystal energy touches you even if you do not know how or why. Accept the mythical.

As an energy being, you experience multiple dimensions now.   You do so using technology,  through interfaces like cell phones, dvds, internet and interfacing with light and sound waves.  This is not related to intellect.  You connect with different time zones, geographical places and far more. Energy exchanges are constant. You do not have to explain it to feel it.  As you physically do things, you reconnect to your heart centre.  Time shares it secrets as you listen to your true self. 

Time is compressing and reality is expanding. What does this mean? It is already happening.  You choose to be alive right now to display your individual power and presence.  You have the ability to make a difference in the lives of others.  Do it.