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Be awake to what matters

At any moment, you can wake up.  Any situation can awaken you.  Existence is an exercise where you create ways to feel more alive.  Being awake is feeling into knowing what matters.  Sometimes small life changes enable you to feel more awake, more present.  Even splashing water on the face can help.  How much sleep do you need to be awake to what matters?

To be awake is to recognize it was a dream that created the sense of distance between who you are and what you think you want.  Dreaming is the distance.  For dreaming to feel real, sleeping is necessary.  From the moment you are awake sleep disappears along with the world of dreams and the impulse to dream.

Being awake is being here now and accepting what you already are.  Awakening cannot be made a goal. All goals are dreaming like all achievements and pursuits to them are dreaming. He who is asleep cannot dream his way to enlightenment.  Whatever you imagine is not the same as being what you are already.

It is assumed that a process exists for everything and so process is dreamed into being.  It is imagined you must follow a path to reach a destination, take training to become qualified with a certain skill, literally travel from place to place, when the starting point and destination are the same. That is, you convince yourself you are less than you are in order to think you must earn the reward of a desired experience.   Being awake to what matters is accepting everything is instantaneous.

Similarly, it is often assumed a person moves through dreaming and waking states to wakefulness and then to that which has no name.  Everything but the last state takes you away from yourself. In reality, you do not go anywhere but life and experience looks different in the imagination.  You think you must lose yourself to become whole, do something to merit entry into paradise.  When you truly lose the self, your false identity or sense of separation from who you are,  you cannot come back to it and for desire and ego cease to exist.  

Get this: Paradise is here now.  Being awake to what matters is knowing no-thing you think exists.  Yet, the point of it all is enjoying every step of the imagined journey, appreciating every experience, and loving everything you encounter along the way back to where you never leave.  Love is the answer.  All of existence points toward it and is it. 


Let it be

Imagine the life of your dreams is unfolding.  Allow it to be.  Know it is already here.  The only thing that stands in the way of the actual experience is your own mind. Watch the thoughts that pass through your head.  Notice what you focus attention on.  It is not a matter of asking how you can make it happen. Rather, it is a case of surrendering into what already exists for you. Get this: you do not know what it is until the moment you allow yourself to see, feel and find it.

Its as if every dream you could ever imagine is manifested in this un-namable place.  All of it is accessible to you from the moment you let go of any thoughts or beliefs that say its not possible. The conditioned mind only echoes why you do not deserve it, why a relationship cannot work, how obstacles stand between you and what you would like to have.  Watch what happens as you see through self-imagined illusions.  Decide to feel as though you live the life of your dreams.

Give this a go: visualize what feels right at this stage of life, allow yourself to see it clearly as you awaken in the morning and as the last thing you see before you are going to sleep.  Love all you do and see everything you do not do as a blessing.  Love all that arises.  Appreciate it is all directing, nudging and pointing you to what the heart already knows.  See one synchronicity guides you to another and another. Know every encounter and event is divinely orchestrated.  You do it all for your own learning.  The soul is awareness unfolding the bigger picture. Let it be.

"The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up." ~ Paul Valery


Look deeper

Direct experience is not what you think.  In this moment, it is an invitation to be your own authority.  Note that yourphysical  body is forever conveying messages. How peaceful and contented you feel determines how well you are receiving and listening to your deepest self.  How negative, angry or fearful you feel sends messages that you are resisting accepting yourself.  Be aware of your feelings.

Consider a woman in labour does not ask someone outside herself if she is in labour.  Consider that if you have a child, holding that child for the first time is an experience you never forget.  You do not ask anyone else for confirmation of the bond you feel.  Consider that every taste sensation you experience is yours and yours alone. Nobody can gauge how sweet or spicy you enjoy your food.  You simply read inner signs.  All of your senses are inviting you to get in touch with deeper acceptance. What if you exist to awaken and connect the heaven and Earth within yourself?  What if everything is a pointer to the love you are?  Nothing holds you back from acceptance except for you.


Imagine this

Notice energy cannot be created or destroyed.  What if immortality isn't a dream? What if an accelerating vibration of light energy is a quantum leap in human evolution? What if you are the light that is awakening to catch up with itself?

The stream of Love connects all things.  There is no disconnect, no difference or separation, except in the mind. Imagine you systematically shatter your own myths. Presto! Fears and insecurities disappear.  Any accompanying rationalisation does too.  See through the unreal.

Imagine you need not wait to realize a dream or to reunite with a person who leaves physical form. Feel what it is to allow the divine answer to reveal itself. Be harmonious and balanced.  Know all is possible now. Rather than work toward animagined ideal, be that, in-the-flesh.  The imagination is the laboratory of the soul.  You have carte blanche. Use this wild card. 


Beyond the blinding flash

Beyond the blinding flash of insight are stepping stones. Rather than assume one pivotal moment, event or milestone is it, you are invited to love openly, come what may. Trust in the universe, in whatever you are doing or not doing.  Trust in time so you don't dwell on it; trust in whatever is this great process that is working in you, making its own way to fulfillment, and get out of the way as much as you can.  You come to see what truly matters on your own, and find yourself by yourself.  Notice what captures your attention and seems significant only at different stages of your life.

In essence, you can only ultimately rely on yourself.  You can reach out for guidance during your journey and come to notice everything points back to your own inner knowing.   The quieter you become, the more you hear.  True freedom can’t be taken away because it reveals itself as ever-present upon awakening. One knows that in whatever situation unfolds, inner life is always free.

"Just think of the trees: they let the bords perch and fly, with no intention to call them when they come and no longing for their return when they fly away.  If people's hearts can be like the trees, they will not be off The Way." - Langya