Dr. Liara Covert

Breathwork Psychotherapist
Speaker, Workshop Facilitator 

Sunshine Coast, Queensland 


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  • Saturday, Sept 21 from 1pm-5pm


Caloundra Community Centre
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Transforming Perception Workshop
Saturday, September 28 (1pm-5pm)
Caloundra West


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“As we discover more and more of the truth within ourselves, we are changing our way of life at the core." -Vladamir Megre




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Master diplomacy

Diplomacy is often viewed as a useful skill in negotiations and handling people. You may understand diplomacy as figuring out the right words to say at the right time in the way that is least offensive to another person's beliefs or ways of seeing the world.  As you come to think there could be more to diplomacy than the obvious, then what?

Reflect on your use of tact in interactions. How and what do you withhold or hide? What is transparent and to whom? Explore the nature of your own communication through, to and by you.  Be clearer about vibration, how it shapes what's really going on in your life.  There is nothing you cannot know or be when you trust fully.

What if you could:

*stop second-guessing yourself when it counts? 

*master diplomacy in a whole new way? 

*intuit exceptions to a given rule and see underlying reasons for rules themselves? 

*see you create ideas of 'right' and 'wrong' that help and hinder you? 

*feel good and love life regardless of unfolding life situations?

Be aware signs all around you exist to guide you to master self-confidence and tap into talents and wisdom  you forget is inside.  Come to view inspirational mentors themselves as stepping stones to gaining new insight into yourself and living more fully. Imagine your ideas of right and wrong change based on where you are not for reasons you think, but based on how you feel.  Imagine certain life experience makes you feel as though you get NOWHERE... this is why you are NOW- HERE. Explore where your actions support your intention or not. Create powerful shifts in behaviour.


Mother Teresa & 8 Points to keep yourself on track

Mentors are viewed as inspirations and leaders who set uplifting examples.  Mother Teresa's life choices illustrate what it feels like to 'do the right thing.'  She set the intention to be herself regardless of what she encountered.  Her  behavior speaks for itself. Take this to heart.  Keep yourself on track:

1) People are often unreasonable, illogical and self-centred.  Forgive them anyway.

-As you forgive, you choose not to be lowered to their level and thus rise-up higher to inspire.  People who gripe about life would like nothing better than to hurt successful people. Why give them that satisfaction?  Why not inspire them to transform instead?

2) If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives.  Be kind anyway.

-Be kind because this is your nature, not because you have ulterior motives.  Be genuine and you will attract sincere, like-minded people to assist you with your pursuits.        

3) If you're successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies.  Succeed anyway.

-People will disagree with you or be offended.  Ignore these reactions.  As you learn to avoid relationships of convenience, you can build a reputation of integrity.

4) If you're honest and frank, people may cheat you.  Be honest and frank anyway.

-Treat others as you would hope to be treated.  Rise above a fear of dishonesty.  Set examples.

5) What you spend years building, someone may destroy overnight.  Build anyway.

-As you give life to your inner passions, you share joy because it gives your life meaning. If anyone burned your writings or destroyed your creations, you couldn't help but continue.  You sense this is what you're meant to do.

6) If you find serenity and happiness, people may be jealous.  Be happy anyway.

-People around you always benefit from examples of happiness. Even grumps might come around.

7) The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow.  Do good anyway.

-Give of yourself not as an effort to seek approval but to uplift or cheer people for the sake of it.  Visit friends, relatives and strangers in nursing homes or hospitals. Brighten their spirits.

8) Give the world the best you have; it may never be enough.  Give the world your best anyway.

-As you detach yourself from desired outcomes, you'll be surprised at the benefits.  You aren't meant to predict all the events you touch. Many are beyond your scope and control. Appreciate all that unfolds.