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Dr. Liara Covert

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Coach, Breathwork Psychotherapist


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In every moment, the Universe is whispering to you.  You're constantly surrounded  by signs, concidences, synchronicities, all aimed at propelling you in the direction of your destiny. - Denise Linn 


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Interview with Dr. Steven Farmer 

Dr. Steven Farmer is founder of Earth Magic, a psycho-spiritual portal that invites people to tap into ancient wisdom for guidance, teaching, and healing. Visitors can explore psycho-spiritual treatments he offers. including; hypnosis, emotional freedom technique (EFT), somatic experiencing (SE), breathwork, soul retrieval, power animals, tools to heal ancestral patterns, oracle readings, and other approaches that empower you to see more deeply into true Self and why you exist.

Steven is an internationally-known teacher, and shamanic healer. He invites each of us to recognize and heal our illusions of separation that shape how we see and live in this world. He is also a best-selling author of many books and related products, including Animal Spirit Guide Cards and Earth Magic Oracle Cards.  His path is unique and he takes time-out to connect with me for this interview. 

I am honored to share this dialogue and trust it invites you to get in touch with and trust inner feelings you are ready to hear and allow to guide and accelerate your own evolution.

Please share what guided you into this unique modern, mystical path

Earlier in my life, I was a conventional psychotherapist with a very busy practice. In 2015, came my transition into hypnosis.   I gathered and used other tools like any professional who takes an interest in continuing education. Then, something happened within me, perhaps a shift in awareness. I knew I had to change my focus. The shamanistic path was unexpected.

So many people can relate. It is common to seek training in an area of expertise, get a job or develop a career around it, anchored in a world we come to outgrow.

That certainly describes my case. I came to feel I was missing something. Restlessness points to fear of letting go of the familliar. This echoes fear of losing what represents personal security. 

When ego-driven, this can feel like identity crisis or mid-life crisis.  For anyone who knows the feeling of inner turmoil, you show us what happens with surrender, choose to take steps into the unknown. Let us in on what you were secretly feeling.

Well, I was curious as I was not raised in a tribe with traditional shamans. Yet, I was guided by the unseen.  I had to trust in ways I had not trusted before. I had to let go of my own myths and find courage within to listen to something completely new.   It was scary, but it took 6 months to close down my therapy practice. That was hard, giving up a way of life. I had written 4 books as a therapist-Adult Children of Abusive Parents (recently renewed), but I sensed a new calling. 

What a heart-warming reminder we can all access soulful messages within if we allow ourselves to listen get out of our own way! So, what shaped your life shift?

Through meditation, I opened to intuition that guided me to trust and invest in external teachers. I also came to hear innner guides.  Among key milestones, I took a 2-day training with Tom Cowan, a visionary practitioner of Celtic healing traditions. His teacher was Michael Harner, creator of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and the New Age practice of "Core Shamanism."

Harner is a legend. I have read his book, The Way of the Shaman: a Guide to Power and Healing. This is trail-blazing work that paved the way for the development of "core shamanism" in popular culture.  His recent passing leaves a timeless legacy.

I was also drawn to other teachers and trainings. I decided to be open to that. Hearing about mystical traditions,  learning from different teachers and shamans' practices;  this gave me practical rituals, sacred ceremonies, heartfelt clarity-a new sense of life direction.

A quote by Albert Einstein stands out: 

The most beautiful and profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical.  It is the sower of all true science.  He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead.  To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty, which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their primitive forms… this knowledge, this feeling, is at the center of true religion.

Very relevant.  At some stage, it hits the truth can only be felt.  Its up to each of us to trust mystical sensations we cannot explain more and see where this trust takes us in our lives. 

Clearly a major shift was occurring inside you. Its as if your version of success and fulfillment were changing. What really stands out about your process?

Every life choice we make is part of unconscious healing. What makes sense to us at one stage of life may not feel right at other stages.  We have to find courage to embrace changing views of ourselves and success. Our life choices and self-talk reflect where we are at on our journey.

So true. Our sense of what matters changes.  The urge arises to seek guidance, let go of certain situations, relationships and activities.  Tell us how you view healing.

The ultimate healing is to see we are not separate from our own pieces. We are taught to live with a lack of consciousness of Spirit. At some stage it hits, we are each a conduit through which Spirit works. Everything is a conscious collaboration with awareness of the Spirit in all things: the more we awaken, allow intuition (Soul) to guide us, the more Spirit fills and takes shape through us.

I love that you imply no right or wrong choices exist. Many people second guess themselves and their urges to seek advice, teachings or to change paths.

Indeed. Some people abruptly change paths and lifestyes completely. Yet this would shock other people too much. Subtle changes or a slower pace can be perfect. Whatever feels right is the right change for you. 

As the saying goes,  the only thing that is constant in this world is change. We either resist it or go with it and whatever we resist seems to persist.

One's willingness to with the flow is perhaps the biggest lesson.

Another point you are suggesting is that revelations about callings also happen if one is never grounded in mainstream popular culture trends, boxes or categories.  

Indeed. There is no one way or standard experience to open the heart or to recognize it is always open. That is why everyone evolves and changes tack at one's own pace.

That certainly rings true.   As explored in posts like, Interview with Carlos Castenada, we are all shamans in our own right, exploring timelines and parallel worlds, awakening to our forgotten power.  The unique paths we choose and individuals we encounter are all teachers as we learn first hand the power of surrender. Power animals helps bring this into conscious awareness.

How is shamanism shaping wider human perception?

I see contemporary shamanism draws from principles, ancient knowledge and technologies that help awaken the world to the Earth elements to restore them to wholeness. We can be open to the messages in spirit animals and what they invite us to recognize and awaken within ourselves.

You write popular books about spirit animals and tips for understanding the messages of our own changing spirit guides. What is the biggest issue you see?

The number one issue humanity has is overpopulation.  We have to take care of each other and recognize this is really about loving ourselves more. Every experience we create and perceive points to accpting or rejecting true Self.   

This reminds me life is like food or medicine for the soul. Hippocrates, says Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

Spirit medicine is another way of looking at this.

What is your sense of Spirit medicine? How do you see what used to be indigenous Spirit wisdom entering the awareness of wider population?

Spirit medicine is still quite foreign to many Western healthcare practitioners, doctors, nurses, and therapists. However, this worldview, a way of life of indigenous peoples, is gaining wider acceptance because it greatly assists in the healing process, and because it works. People are open to new tools and techniques or not.

Speaking of modern healing techniques, tell us about somatic experiencing.

I did a 3 year somatic experiencing training. I learned raising awareness of body sensations (a.k.a. somatic experiences) helps people re-negotiate and resolve the effects of their trauma. The approach allows the instinctual actions that were unable to complete at the time of the trauma to be safely and gradually discharged in present time. Somatic experiencing reminds me of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).  Different techniques suit different people. Each technique empowers people to release what prevents them from seeing and feeling unrecognized blockages.

Thanks for sharing. Many people can certainly benefit from this. New tools to expand awareness  are growing more widely available as humanity is ready for them. Something exists for everyone here.

As the creator of; The Pocket guide to Spirit AnimalsEarth Magic Oracle CardsAnimal Spirit Guides,  and other shamanic references, you share valuable insights.  Why share this now?

was assigned to do this. Elements of shamanic practises that appeal to a wider public. Sacred Cermony 1st book in genre. It emerged from my doctoral thesis. What is the difference between ritual and sacred ceremony.  Rituals performative, must be done in a certain way. I received a message. My spirit guides, they tell me what to do.  Earth Magic is a book full of purely shamanic techniques.  Spirit and power animals are popular. This is part of my path. I am pleased to serve.

You speak a lot about ritual and sacred ceremony. What is the relevance to happenings in your life?

For example, I see a tree ceremony on the horizon.  Specific details are not quite fleshed out yet.  The geographic location, the season, participants, all present with perfect timing. I have to be open to receiving information about sacred ceremony, whatever might re-direct ceremony in a certain way.

Love that when one is receptive to inner messages, this gives us a new insight into freedom and flow.

In this light, in Healing Ancestral Karmayou share it is possible to make contact with your ancestors to obtain wisdom that people can internalize  to help heal themselves on this timeline.  Please share relevant personal experience or client examples where this shifts energy and life paradigms.

Recommend people read a book by Mark Wolynn about family constellations therapy: It didn't start with you. One story covered is about a woman who wanted to suffocate/be gassed (suicide). She realized her grandmother was in Auschwitz and died that way.  She was still carrying that karma. Its about identification with an ancestor. Call it an energetic connection requiring attention.

Wolynn's book is an excellent read. What about examples from your own life? Please share insight you gain from your parents, for instance

My father and mother have come to me to different times and brought me profound healing. My mother came to me through a seer. The theme of abandonment came up and helped me understand what happened in my life as a child.  "Now I see who you are" is what echoes within. Shy kid, alcoholic parent.

My father comes to me often. "Look after your grandson, Jake," he often says. We can contact our immediate biological ancestors when we choose.

You also share about profound experiences during shamanic initiations. Speak about what feels relevant here.

An ancient ancestor also came to me during shamanic initiation. I cannot say his name (distant grandfather) aloud. Very poetic initiate. I did some magic mushrooms (public info in my book Ancestral Karma) and this facilitated the connection. During an age regression, I see this ancestor was present when I was 6 months old. Progressive memory opens up. At one stage, I was almost dead. He waved his finger at me. "Is this over?," I asked "Not yet," he said. I came to see suffering is part of the deal, part of the Soul agreement.

I resonate.  Streams of consciousness give us access to a completely different idea of time. I experience a domino effect of connecting more dots, why I am here.

As I said earlier, different tools suit different people. Each choice brings us face to face with unseen parts of ourselves.

Exactly. Now, among your skills, you describe yourself as a breathworker.  You use the breath as a healing tool.  Exploring and training in breathwork led me to join many dots in my life, including the revelation I am a womb twin survivor (WTS).  Which breathwork do you practice?

Breathwork is an umbrella term. Different systems exist. Conscious connected breathwork is what I practice and offer as an option for consultations. Indian (Eastern) approaches offer many pranayamas.

Well-said. You are likely aware that in the West, Leonard Orr founded the rebirthing style of breathwork and Stanislov Grof the Holotropic style of breathwork. My own cathartic breathwork teacher, Jaan Sanaam, draws from these styles and experience to create his own unique style. What is your feeling about public receptiveness to breathwork in the West?

The status quo is threatened by people changing their consciousness. I took the Vivation- course, practiced breathwork many years.  I learned that as I discipline myself, practice an hour and a half, revelations unfold inside me as I breathe certain ways (conscious connected breathing).

What do you recommend to people starting out? (Before getting guidance if this feels right)

Start out with a slow rhythm and increasing the rate changes things. The inner healer comes forward. Without you directing it, you may have an experience of the trauma of your past.  Instead of stopping or avoiding the trauma, you breathe through it.  You confront the darkness (demon) and breathe through it. Many layers of unconscious trauma exist. 

Any other breathwork teach you something worth mentioning?

Holotropic breathwork taught me old wounds come to surface for healing. I saw ancestors. Met the first shaman. Saw colors off the chart- it was a very unique experience. Everyone has a unique experience.

How is the breathwork experience similar to effects of psychedelics?

Breathwork is similar to experience with psychedelics in that both show you how it feels to lose sense of time. However, with drugs, you are in the state at least 48 hours unless you take a tranquilizer.  Read Pollan Michael- How to change your mind (contrasts holotropic breathwork and psychedelics under controlled conditions).

I have heard about that Pollan book through a national (U.S.) public radio podcast. It sounds like it builds bridges between spiritual and scientific worlds. Interviews with Dr. Rick Strassman , 5 Timeless Insights from Dale Pendell and others on this blog refer to the expansion of consciousness linked to psychedelic research. The Interview with Dr. Eben Alexander also implies areas of the medical establishment are in the process of shifting consciousness. 

That Michael Pollan compares breathwork with psychedelics says a lot about shifts in collective consciousness.

Indeed, the simplicity and increasing accessibility of breathwork definitely adds value to healing. It reminds me of how physical yoga came from the East and is now widely practised in the West.

Yes, but the original meaning of yoga is not solely a physical practice as is often adopted in the West. There is far more to yoga and more and more people are discovering. In a similar way, breathwork is entering public spheres as a healing practice because people are ready for it.  

I have attended a holotropic breathwork group at Joshua Tree- Breathwork in the Desert.  I go for to experience the loss of ego identity (disintegration is key). It is always rejuvenating and eye- opening. Breathwork is for clients and practitioners alike.

How the shaman in you sees the merging of science and spirituality in practical terms.

The merging of Science and Spirituality is happening. See The Tao of Physics-( from1970s).  Epigenetics is very new. Read The Genie in Your Genes, an eye-opening book by Dawson Church. "Its in the genetics" is no longer the response to everything. Humans can be far more empowered. Its about taking responsibility for thoughts and feelings, building on the lines of Dr. Bruce Lipton's pioneering work in The Biology of Belief.

What stands out the most to you here?

In genes themselves, certain traits can be capped off or on (switched off or on).  Only 5% DNA understood and scientists used to call the rest junk.  Certain genetic traits (i.e. trauma) can be turned off. Pregnant mom's who watched 9/11, babies were having trouble (depression due to feeling 9/11). Genes modified in a certain way in the womb setting them up to experience  depression and anxiety. Any kind of healing we do, helps the good genes upcap, exercise. Believing in some kind of higher power. Rachel Yahouta researcher- survivors of the holocaust children- high rate of depression and anxiety.  By doing the work we need to do dialectic therapy, semantic experiencing, breathwork, desentitization and recovery, emotional freedom effect, working with the body. Start with the body-The Body Keeps the Score this is where we start with Bessel Van Der kolk- profound book- hero on how to uncover trauma. We have the tools to live a full life.

You offer many valuable references here. Our readers appreciate this.

Look at the western vs third world. We have different perspectives. We each draw from different life expeirence. Find the middle ground. Re-discover yourself.

If you could share any advice about creating what Grace VanderWaal describes as A Better Life, what would you offer?

Slowing things down allows trapped energy in the body to release.  For example, explore breathwork or somatic experiencing. Contact a body-oriented therapist. Be observant of your body movements and language. You are always giving yourself unconscious messages to help you live a more conscious life.

Another thing: Its been said by so many people much wiser than me-Focus (Presence), Gratitude, Love

Make presence a standard. Be happy wherever you are with what you have. Feel tears of joy and appreciate to be experiencing this life. What a priceless experience it is (beyond the terrible childhood, minor grievances). Go to your whining corner to get it off your chest. Stay in gratittude

What else would you like to add?

Have a new book in the works. Will keep you in the loop about that. 

If it resonates, invite visitors here to explore the Earth Magic Practioner Certification Program

I wish to leave with a Wizard of Oz quote,

“A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others”. ― L. Frank Baum, 

and a quote from A Course in Miracles (ACIM). "When I am healed, I am not healed alone" I know who I am based on knowing everyone- ancestors , people in my training, people I interact with.  We all share our stories and learn from each other. 

Show up. Be present in your life, whatever you choose.

Check out Shaman's Path Cards - Animal Dreaming Publishing (Australian Publisher)

Spirit Animals as Healers - Animal Dreaming Publishing (Australian Publisher)

Thanks Steven, You are indeed a gift to this world.  Invite visitors to explore his website and books and discover the power of insight offered by Spirit animal wisdom.


Interview with Raana Zia

As life experience guides us from one synchronicity to another, it is a delight to connect with Raana Zia and have the privilege of reading her book, Your Hidden Light:  A Practical Guide to Creating Your Desired Life.

After reading it, I felt I could relate to so much she had written that I intuitively asked her to participate in this interview to share it with Dreambuilders Australia readers. I am absolutely delighted to share this exchange with her which I honestly feel raises the vibration of those who vicariously share parts of her journey.

Thanks Raana for making yourself available for this interview and for contributing in your own way to lighting up the world. 

Being a person who loves joining the dots and empowering others to do the same, I am curious how you heard about me and why you so recently chose to offer me your book.  

I discovered your blog through The Clearing blog in an article written by Kris de Leon.  I read more about you and felt very connected to your messages.  I too have recently experienced similar awareness and understanding of the power of following your heart, intuition, inner guidance.  From what I read in your blogs, much of what you say resonates as truth to me and is aligned with what I talk about in my book.  I so appreciate that you took the time to read my book.

Contrary to what many believe, like attracts like.  That is, everything and everyone is a mirror inviting us to get a message we are not yet consciously seeing and integrating. Please share a bit about yourself and your process. What prompted you to write this book?

I am a corporate executive/CFO turned spiritual self-help author of the book Your Hidden Light:  A Personal Guide to Creating Your Desired Life.  I had been in corporate finance for 20+ years successfully climbing the corporate ladder.  In 2012, while I achieved my goal of becoming a CFO of a billion-dollar company, I felt a strong internal pull in my heart telling me I needed to be doing something else in my life.  I had no idea what I was supposed to do, but the feeling was so strong that I knew I needed to find out.  I spent the next five years reading self-help books, going to seminars, talking to personal coaches, etc., searching for my purpose and building a belief I could do something different.  The more I searched, the more curious I became on how the world worked and how I was able to manifest the good things in my life (career, family, home, vacations, etc).  I was drawn to this subject matter of manifesting your desires, and I was determined to make sense of it all in a way that I could easily understand and apply. 

In 2015, I thought that maybe I needed to write a book to synthesize all that I was discovering.  I was getting pieces of wisdom that were life changing and profound from many different sources, but there wasnt one book that brought it all together in a way that was direct and easy to understand. However, the thought of writing a book was surprising to me since I was never a writer, nor did I ever dream to write a book.  I built my career on finance and analytics, so this new creative urge to write was unfamiliar to me.  Despite my initial uncertainty, I knew I needed to follow my inner guidance, but I needed the right moment of courage to begin. 

In October of 2016, I lost my CFO job due to a corporate restructuring, and at that moment I knew it was time to follow my heart.  I was given the opportunity of time to do what I really desired to do.  However, I was scared because I did not know what I was doing or how to write a book.  My family assumed I would immediately start looking for another job since they had no idea what I was thinking and feeling on the inside.  I remained paralyzed in fear for about six weeks until I finally had the courage to believe that I was a writer and I was supposed to write this book despite what people close to me thought.  The moment I finally believed in myself, was the moment the words started to flow out of me.  The chapter titles and page count came into my head immediately.  I then began writing the content, and I did not stop until the book was completed.  It took me two months to write this book.

The writing process was incredible.  I loved writing the book because I felt a powerful energy with me throughout the process. I felt supported and aligned with what I was supposed to be doing for the first time in my life.  The words I was writing helped me through my own uncertainty of losing my high-level job and all the fears associated with that.  Writing the book helped me through a major transition in my life and career because I was constantly reminded by the words I was writing to stay disciplined and focused on what I really wanted in my heart, and to not let fear (fear of poverty, failure, etc.) or doubt stop me. 

All this feels like something beyond you took over.  Over and above what you share already, how has your outer life prompted and directed your attention to an inner shift?  

In the one year, it took to write and publish the book, I went through my own personal transformation.  I went from being in a state of fear and depression (from losing my job) to a place of happiness, peace, and fulfilment for the first time in as long as I can remember.  By taking the guidance of Your Hidden Light seriously and developing a disciplined practice of consciously aligning my inner thoughts, feelings, and beliefs daily, I became more relaxed, confident in my creative abilities, and truly happy.  This new way of being, improved my family life dramatically, and allowed me to achieve all my milestones to getting the book published easily and without stress or strain.  I have become an even stronger believer that it is only though changing your own inner thoughts, feeling, and beliefs, that you can most easily and effectively change the world around you.

After the book was published in November 2017, a professor at the business school at Suffolk University in Boston told me he was adding Your Hidden Light to his syllabus for his course Happiness:  How to Get It for the Spring 2018 semester.    I am looking forward to the concepts of this book being taught to our future business leaders.

You incorporate quotes from a number of people and books in this work.  Let us know why you are drawn to these particular references?                                                                                          

I quote several people in the book from ancient philosophers, scientists, spiritual teachers, religious/spiritual texts, business people, entertainers, etc. who have all inspired me by their view of the world and the messages they gave to remind us that we are more powerful than we think we are.  All the quotes I use are inspirational, empowering, and relay powerful wisdom.  Your Hidden Light makes this wisdom easily understood and applicable in people’s everyday life.

Very cool.  Many people are unaware that anyone who inspires you is actually a mirror inviting you to allow qualities you admire in others to shine from inside you more consciously in a similar way. As part of your transformation process, are you noticing any shifts in sensory perception?                         

Since 2012,I have become more aware of the energy around me and more attune to my own inner guidance.  Prior to 2012, I never noticed or felt the energy of people or places, the way I do now.  I also feel very connected to the world around me and much more aware that my external reality is a reflection of what is inside of me.  Through my greater awareness, I regularly notice when I am receiving signs or guidance from the Universe. 

Your Hidden Light is meant to awaken you to your most powerful self, what I call your soul self or spiritual self, in order to most effectively create the life you desire.  When I became more in tune to this part of myself, I began to see the world in a different way.  I realized that everything I desired in the physical world came from the unseen spiritual world, which I could only access by going within myself.  The more I regularly turned inward through meditation, the stronger my intuition became.  In addition, I became a more powerful creator of my reality because I learned how to more effectively direct my energy.

Why would readers of Dreambuilders Australia like your book? How could they benefit from it?

Your Hidden Light is a go-to handbook for how you can reclaim the greatest power that has been lost to you the power to create your own reality.  The purpose of the book is to awaken you to your spiritual nature and the powers you already possess to fulfill what is in your heart.  Your Hidden Light easily synthesizes ancient spiritual wisdom into practical application today.  You will learn the 4-step process to create your desired life with practical tips to help you along the way. You will walk away feeling empowered to live the life you want, and create the world you want to live in.  In addition, you will feel inspired to take at least one step towards making a positive change in your life. 

You offer man ymeaningful insights in your book. What advice would you offer people who feel stuck?

Regardless of the situation, feeling stuck does not feel good.  You feel frustrated, disappointed, dissatisfied, etc.  However, realize the feeling of being stuck is telling you what you dont want.  You dont want to be in that situation.  The most important step to take when you are feeling stuck is to consciously decide what it is you really want.  This is the first step in the 4-step process to creating what you desire. 

1)      Create your positive thought, desire, or intention. Write it down.  Get it clear in your head as to what you truly want.  Most people feel stuck because they dont yet know what they want.  Take the time to create the vision for your life.  Some strategies to help you:         

  •          Create a vision board pull images from internet or magazines re: what you want to experience
  •          Take a trip for inspiration
  •          Talk to a friend, coach, mentor
  •          Meditate go inward and ask yourself what would make you happy

Once you have done the work of creating a strong, heartfelt, positive desire that you believe in then you are ready for change!

2)      Feel gratitude as if you have already received it

3)      Detach from your desire know its coming

4)      Take actions that are aligned with your desire you will know what actions to take by going inward and following your inner guidance.  When your actions are aligned with your inner guidance, it will not feel like work.

This is the 4-step process to creating your desires.  I found this to be the shortest and most effective route for getting unstuck.  You will find more details and strategies for each step in Your Hidden Light to help you master this process in your life.

What a gem! Short, concise steps or tips often trigger our own inner light bulbs and remind us we have to illuminate (or en-lighten) from within. Speaking of which, how does your view of time, love and money change as part of this book project?     

The process of writing this book and practicing the disciplines presented in the book, has opened me to the spiritual nature of the world I live in and my connection to the energy that connects everything.  As a result, my view and understanding on love has expanded beyond what I thought I knew was love, to an awareness of the unconditional nature of love.  I am finally beginning to understand what people mean when they say that love is all there is.  I now believe that love is how the Universe works it is unconditional and gives you whatever is a match to what you are thinking and feeling.  I also view love as a frequency that is balanced, accepting, unconditional, and empowering.

I view money as energy like everything else now.  In order to attract money, you cannot feel   fear or a lack of money.  You need to align your inner being to the positive energy of what you want to attract.  This is something I consciously had to do when I decided to leave my high paying career to pursue what was in my heart.

I also have a relaxed sense of time now.  By understanding and practicing the 4-step creation process presented in the book, I began to realize that the Universe supports me, and things always happen at the right time, when I am ready.

Funny, its common for me to be in book stores, libraries or other places and have books literallly fall off the shelf in front me.  The universe has a fabulous sense of humor! Books also end up in my lap or cross my radar in a variety of ways to capture my attention. To me, this is always a sign from the universe the answer to some pending question or, something I need is to be found in or between the lines of the book. I would love to know your view on coincidence and synchronicity? 

I believe that the world we live in is intelligent, and there is a logic and process by which everything happens.  I believe that we are connected to everyone and everything including the Ultimate Creator (also referred to as God, Source Energy, Cosmic Consciousness, the Universe, etc) at a deeper unseen level.  As a result, what we call coincidence and synchronicity are actually connections.  For example, have you ever thought of anyone you havent seen or talked to in a while, and then a short time later, that person either calls or texts you?  That was not a coincidence, it was a connection.  Your thoughts get directed to that person, and through our connected energetic nature, the other personal receives the signal and connects with you unknowingly.  Coincidence and synchronicities, because they grab our attention, are reminders that we are all connected at a deeper level.

Everything you discuss is pointing to the humor in the shared experience of selective awareness.  How many times do we overlook what is always right here? It can seem so obvious from another vantage point. How is your sense of purpose during this lifetime shifting? 

My sense of purpose in this lifetime has shifted dramatically in the last year.  I was never clear on what I was supposed to be doing, until I went in search of it.  By writing this book, living and sharing its principles, and experiencing a new sense of happiness and freedom, I know my purpose is to inspire others to find their own power, truth, and joy.   

Another sticking point for many people is fear and how to manage it. Gaining insight into the experience of others can offer valuable insight or inspiration. What is your greatest fear before writing the book and what is your greatest fear? 

My greatest fear was what people would think, especially those who knew me.  Everyone knew me as a corporate finance business woman, not a spiritual self-help author. Now, I can honestly say, I have moved through my biggest fears.  I do not feel fear right now.  However, when I do feel fear, I know it is a barrier I need to move though in order to achieve what I really desire.

Share anything else you feel would benefit Dreambuilder Australia readers.

I realized that before I wrote this book, while I was a successful finance professional, I was hiding who I truly was.  I was hiding my light.  Why do we feel like we have to hide?  I wanted to find what truly lit me up.  Your Hidden Light reflects my journey and understanding and is helping me to shine my light.  My desire for you is that you find what lights you up in your life.  Your Hidden Light:  A Practical Guide to Creating Your Desired Life will provide you with the wisdom, tools, and tips you need to make the change you desire in your life in order for you to become the person you are meant to be.

Thanks Raana for being so genuine and offering the world a glimpse into the nature and details of your personal journey. I invite visitors here to include your book in their own path to deeper fulfillment. 

Your Hidden Light:  A Practical Guide to Creating Your Desired Life is available on and iBooks.  To learn more please visit I especially love how you list such inspirational resources.  I'm familliar with many but not all. Appreciate your guidance. Reading offers subtle or not-so-subtle reminders of what we are ready for right now. Love the revelations we trigger within ourselves when we are open and receptive. Much love and joy to you in your endeavours! May your life continue to be enriched and worries be few.


Direct experience is here

As a human you are conditioned from birth to structure your life around ideas, beliefs, and attitudes. You develop an identity based on perceived memories of the past.  This is what grounds you and acts as a reference for a sense of direction to or away from.  Yet, what are you really telling yourself about reality, fulfillment and direction?

As you allow the conditioned mind to control your attention, you are unconscious, sort of asleep at the wheel, not noticing signs that you pass by on the road.  When mind is already thinking about what is around the corner, you do not see potholes as you traverse them.  If you focus on the future, you are not present.  Wake up out of the idea that you must awaken.

To be awake is to take responsibility for and transcend selective awareness of the present moment. Its as if you recognize conditioned impulses to avoid or fear and let this dissolve in an instant. To sense power of vibration is to feel something within simply clicks.  No need arises to explain or understand it.  Needs are figments of the mind or imagination.

From a pure state of being, you allow yourself to notice what is obvious.  This is being open to direct experience.  Awareness is who you are. Awareness organizes the self. Who is the person who responds, "me" or "I"?Regardless of what you read or hear about, direct experience speaks for itself.  What you call love is God, it is here and now. To focus on this moment is to stop seeking.  You relax in your being.  This is not a concept.  It is not personal yet everything is contained within it.


What feels right?

As you choose to reflect on what you think is happening and step outside of that to realize what is really happening, you have unlimited opportunities.  You work through different layers of dreams. 

What if you arrive at a point in your life when your values and priorities change? What if this triggers changes in perception, lifestyle choices, how you manage money and resources? Its a wake-up call. 

What you are feeling now could relate to a kundalini breakthrough, stages of expanding faculties and senses, the opening of the third eye,  spiritual awakening or your response to ongoing energy shifts.

You are invited to step back and experience what is happening more fully without fear or resistance.  The level of conscious awareness within is drawing attention to certain things.  Nothing external creates your experience. Only you give meaning to that.   Love and accept what you feel.

Self-deception is not the same as not the same as self-disclosure.  You figure out which is which.