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Enjoy the Adventure

Right now, at this moment, you are in the process of creating experiences that expand the Soul. The mind tells you certain events are unfolding or envisioned goals while the heart feels its way into another way of seeing and expressing your full potential. 

This is an invitation to savor the power of knowing what you can do, what you came into this world to do, what you decide is possible and give yourself freedom to shine.  Part of why you exist is beyond explanation.  It is the feeling centres you are increasingly willing to recognize as reliable guides.

Awareness is expanding to let you know that what you are doing is reaching everyone energetically already.  The physical details are emerging in this world from the reality of inspirations beyond it.  You do not have to know how the perfect scenario is happening.  Simply accept that everything prepares you for the unforeseen.


Make the best of where you are

Life brings you new situations everyday.  In fact, new conditions are always unfolding.  If you count on being guided by past experience, you miss the opportunity to take life into your own hands, to act responsibly, spontaneously, intuitively. Listening to the heart allows feeling the way to what is always right.

Notice that when you are focused on the present moment, you trust yourself more.  You make the most of the sunshine and the rain or whatever weather arises.  Everything presents as a tool to help you help yourself. No urge arises to seek external approval for your choices.   Make the best of where you are.


Consider a shift in perspective

Many people come to believe they are being dressed in this world by this world.  That is, they are in situations they are because of conditions beyond their control.  What if you take greater responsibility here? Consider a shift in perspective:

1) Your perception creates your sense of the world.  Change your perception and change what you see and experience.

2) What you interpret as the external reflects back how you feel inside about you. Listen to the heart not conditioned senses.

3) Recognize beliefs are changeable.  What you tell yourself is or is not possible is all in your mind.  Embark on self-discovery.  


Follow your own clues

During pivotal moments, or periods of transition, it is common to reach out for advice about next steps to take. Guidance can be helpful to empower you to get your bearings, to gain confidence in yourself, or even open you up to existing abilities you are not initially aware of.  As you come to trust yourself more, begin to follow your own clues.  Notice what happens:

1) A-ha moments come fast and furious - you no longer have to plan where you are going or what what you are doing next.  Its as if people, places, conditions all present in your life, with perfect timing.  And so it is.   The universe is silently reading your mind without you saying anything.  

2) Questions arising are answered - you regularly find yourself dreaming answers to questions arising in your head.  Its like the inventor comes alive or you ease into the vortex of solutions without doors. The what always comes before the how. A peaceful heart reveals the how.

3) You only see synchronicity - you no longer think about randomness or coincidences.  Phrases like, "small world" or words expressing doubt or sarcasm gently fade from your vocabulary.  You feel every synchronicty is a stepping stone to the next waiting your conscious recognition.


5 Ways to come from love

Notice your underlying state while making decisions.  Pause for a moment.  Reflect.  You cannot rely on someone else's word for it or on mere logical deduction.  Look closer.  Note what you see and feel differs from what you think.  Do you come from a place of 'Fear' or a place of 'LOVE'? 

Five ways to come from a place of love:

1) Let go of negative thinking- stop complaining

2) Refrain from judgement about what you are doing 

3) Connect with the inner child when you are born naked and innocent, you have nothing to go on but direct experience.  

4) Feel with the heart- intuition is a powerful tool.

5) Trust heartfelt decisions are made with love and are the right decisions for you.

How would it feel to live a life without fear?  How would you feel if love was your primary consideration and helped guide your life choices?  What would be different?  Who would you be with?  Where would you live?  What would you be doing? Ponder the possibilities.