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“Listen to your inner voice.  Trust yoru intuition.  Its important to have courage to trust yourself."

-Dawn Ostroff




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Tap into dragon power

A woman bends to enter a jagged rocky archway into underground caverns. She wears a suit of armour, is short and shivers.  As she goes deeper, she grows in size and walks with straighter posture.  She enters a dingy and floats along an underground river. She sees her reflection in a waterfall and chooses to discard the armour. It is heavy and weighs her down until she lets it go. She jumps into wavy river, swims through the waterfall and discovers a hidden world of fire-breathing dragons. She fears the heat of the fire until she tames and befirends a dragon.

Heading underground suggests we harbour secrets, wish to hide away from the world or, perhaps fearlessly delve more deeply into what is bothering us beneath the surface. Ask what feels threatening and whether we recently escaped (or have memories of escaping) from a perilous situation.

Armour and dragons symbolize protection. If we fear connection, we may unconsciously create physical distance in relationships or, shut people out emotionally.  We may forget how to connect, shield our heart due to past hurt and distrust, or never have had role models for emotional connection.  We always have the choice to let go of what weighs us down and experience the natural flow of energy within and around us.

Waterways echo the state of our emotions. Choosing to navigate through changing life conditions builds resilience.  Emotions are our gauge for how well we are dealing with whatever arises. If we consciously regulate our breathing, as we do when we swim under and above water, we control how we respond to unforeseen events.  Deeper breathing allows us to respond calmly rather than feel stressed and shaken up.  How we breathe reflects our emotions and to what degree we allow them to control our body and mind.

Waterfalls invite us to purge thoughts and situations that no longer serve us. We are ready to let go on a whole new level. We may feel compelled to do a detox, to shift gears in areas of our life, focus of our energies and attention in new directions.  We are  drawn to what feels natural.

Fire can symbolize anger, hostility, or rage that is suppressed and in need of release. Only by befriending our shadow, do we make the unconscious conscious, and come to know balance. Those things we fear or make us feel uncomfortable about others are those things we have not yet accepted within ourselves . Fire also represents life energy, our source of power and inspiration, creativity and gifts. It is up to us to pay attention to what is brewing or erupting within us, and to recognize we have the choice how to harness and direct our energy.

Dragons are also magical creatures. Tapping into our dragon power is accepting the dragon within.  They represent innate abilities to transform how we perceive and experience what is happening in ourselves and the world.  We each feel the way into what it is to stand in our power, speak our truth, love all parts of ourselves and be our own best friend.


OBE & shadow memories

As you sleep, consciousness is shifting along a scale of dimensions.  Your physical eyes are closed, yet the dream mind sees.  As you grow aware of the out-of-body experience (OBE), you begin to sense the physical mind continues thinking and being while the projected double is split into an independent aspect. You can shift focus or point of consciousness out in front of the body, even above and beyond it.  More than one aspect of you is expanding on experience.

It comes to your attention that the mind is recording more than one set of dream memories. In fact, you discover you can have two or more sets of memories for a single time period, that of the participant and the observer, and possibly other perspectives.  More than one set of dream memories co-exist.  As the projected double rejoins or re-integrates with the physical body, the strongest set of memories stand out.  Other, shadow memories also exist, but are often lost. 

Even now, you gain insight into a range of experiences from non-physical sight to projection. Mind's eye vision is revealing itself. The depth and complexity of dream recall sharpens as you practice, strengthen awareness, learn to keep OBEs short and train the mind so physical and projected aspects are aware and focused on each other. You see what you are ready to accept.

"Men are the dreams of a shadow." - Pindar (Ancient Greek lyrical poet)


Love happens

Love cannot be defined.  As you give unconditionally, you feel it.  Love is like the fragrance of a perpetually blooming flower.  You can allow it to flourish or block its light and stifle its growth.  Love is enough unto itself.  As you grow more aware, love reveals itself as an ever-present shadow.  As you focus on being more loving, awareness arises as a silent, humble companion.  Hear the heart.  It always knows.   Uncover more hidden gems.  Join us for our March book launch for 365 Paths to Love.

"To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven." -Karen Sunde


What is casting the shadow?

Many people focus on the external world and overlook the nature of manifestation projects deeper shadows and internal messages. Notice whether you allow events in the external world to determine how you think and feel.  Notice whether you shift to centre attention on what is casting the shadow. What happens as you awaken to what is causing situations in your life to arise?  How are you able to expand seeing?