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One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating. -Luciano Pavarotti

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4 Tips to move beyond limitation

Its common to question the meaning of obstacles that present one after the other and may feel overwhelming. Where do they come from?

Obstacles are simply self-created limitations or challenges that you create for yourself to stretch into and engage more of your capacities so you grow.  Consider 4 tips to reframe and move beyond limitation:

1. Shift from the ego to soul perspective

Whatever your situation, ego judges everything through filters of fear.  It sees problems and worries, and works toward a light at the end of the tunnel. Your psychological drama is mistaken for life.  Soul recognizes the old must fall away to make room for the new. Soul sees no tunnel.  If relationships fall apart, if you lose your job or if some environmental storm damages your property, Soul sees all of it as more of what you outgrow dissolving to reveal what you are not yet seeing clearly.  Being able to see everything as it is and accept it as it is, is about accepting positive and negative views on everything. Its about creating detachment or distance from every event.

2.  See beyond linear time

A key hindrance lies in our idea of, and addiction to time, in our habit of anticipating a future in light of the past. If you focus on history and assume it must repeat, then your life process cannot grow.  Every moment can feel fresh and new and be felt as a tremendous possibility.  Today, what you are is not the point.  Seeing beyond linear time is creating this moment as a privilege. You are worthy of being given a choice about how you live.  Exercise the privilege consciously. 

3. Stop talking about more than one version of you

Some voice within you echoes you could do better, be better or find a situation better suited to you.  There cannot be two selves in one body.  That is to say, there is no better or worse you, no more or less talented you. All kinds of states of mind and dreams present and you choose which to identify with.  How you see yourself is what manifests in your experience. How much you love yourself or fear success and true greatness affects what appears in your experience. The witness creates the person and thinks itself separate from it.  The witness sees that the person appears in consciousness.  

4. Evolve into your humanity

Each person can have something different going on in the mind.  You must be able to switch off the made up world to see another reality.  If you can identify what is real and what is made up, this is a spiritual process, a deeper understanding of who you are. You can choose love, misery, issues, its up to you. Choose consciously the nature of your experience.  Being in a state of compulsive reaction is a backward step in evolution.  Being conscious is what distinguishes you as a human being and allows a sense of inclusiveness to resonate and shape your existence.


5 Ways to be more receptive to life

In a rapidly changing environment, there are things you can do to be more receptive to whatever unfolds in every area of your life.  Its easy.  Be open to these five points:

1) Trust in your capacity to adapt effectively to unknown 

2) Shift attention from the horizontal flow of recycled information (that has you think you are separate) to be aware of a vertical flow of new wisdoms / insights (feelings of oneness with all) 

3) Be willing to change your relationship with reality

4) Notice everything is a teacher (i.e., Nature, garden, children, strangers, all events).  As awareness grows, student -teacher roles are increasingly inter-changeable, and engage unseen energies more consciously to expand new ways of seeing.

5) Recognize letting go of old beliefs allows wider evolution, DNA repatterning, the chance for each person to be more transparent; uninhibited and free to interact directly with the Light of a New Consciousness. (i.e. be your own authority)


Review common sense

Review your view of common sense. This is nothing more than a set of collective beliefs or prejudices that evolves based on widespread acceptance.  Notice where you refer to common sense, resonate with it or not. Notice where you think and feel in ways that disconnect or alientate you from common sense. This births of your own uniqueness. Notice to what degree you accept and explore or resist and reject yourself. 

Imagine you are energy, and the universe. You do not find intelligent organisms living in an unintelligent environment.  A rose bush in a garden produces rose bushes.  A tree in a forest produces pinecones.  Energy in the universe produces people.  We emerge in the world like vegetation births new life in Nature. In this way, we are one in the same.

That is, you may view yourself as arising from the world or the light from which all things begin.Everything depends on the attitude you take towards the world. If you ground your thinking in common sense, that is common view of what is possible, accepted and real, you limit yourself and do not allow self to realize potential and see the bigger picture. If however, you relish the flow and evolution of life, opportunity and dreams, all is always unfolding perfectly. All is well already. Expanding senses are not always consciously recognized.  Awareness of what is arises when one is receptive.

Recognize though, that you do not have to see something to make it real.  What is real for one person may feel more or less real to another.  Imagine self-acceptance is common.


Accept the nature of evolution

The nature of evolution is not only about a particular outcome or series of outcomes.  It is about the journey and what unfolds during steps all along the way. You add to evolution with all that you are living.  Every moment, new ideas are being born, expansion is taking place, and satisfaction is expanding.  As you grow consciously aware, it all feels right now.

Recognize that without a perceived problem, you do not reach out for a solution.  Similarly, without asking a question you do not embark on a quest to uncover an answer.  Problems and solutions present in the same moment much like questions and answers do.  You simply choose what you are willing to see.  Notice the nature of your own purpose-driven life. 

More specifically, how do you focus your attention: on what is here & now/ how it feels as it gets here or on what is absent and why? Know you can get to wherever you want to be from where you are.  It is easy to transform your conditions.  Be selective about how you feel.


Short cut to happiness

'Short cut to happiness' was the topic of our radio show February 9th. This triggered exchanges which prompt reflections shared here. 

Notice when in your life, you feel completely satisfied and when you feel compelled to seek a source of happiness outside yourself.  Notice the thoughts that run through your head and emotions that flow noticeably through you.  Notice different options exist for how you choose to feel inspired.  Watch your changing state of mind.  The shortest road to anything is to be it and stop seeking. You evolve and get here or listen to the heart only when ready.

"There are no shotcuts in evolution." -Louis D. Brandeis