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One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating. -Luciano Pavarotti

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7 Ways to revive & revitalize

When you sense you feel restless in a set of particular conditions, its important to ground yourself or at the very least, identify what would ground you.  This is a process to pinpoint 7 ways to revive and revitalize. These are sample areas coaching can assist you to

1. Body Awareness- Pay attention to your body and physical sensation

2. Nature Awareness- Spend time in Nature & learn to sense differently

3. Activity Awareness- Review your priorities

4. Mental Awareness- Discover how to truly listen to yourself

5. Soul Awareness- Pinpoint values and alignment or misalignment

6. Feeling Awareness- Tune into feelings & express in this moment

7.  Absolute Awareness- Take Steps to expand perception


Stop waiting & truly see

Notice how you hijack your own attention and in doing so, drain your energy.  When you believe you have to wait for something to change, your focus cannot be fully in this now.  What happens from the moment you recognize your mind only ever thinks it has to catch up with an imagined vision of a balanced and fulfilled state of being? 

Notice how easy it is to get caught in webs of thought that invite you to re-examine, set goals, focus on waiting for events to happen, or or get somewhere. Notice it is never too late to shift focus.  Ease into the state of being forever present. You are this gift.

From the moment you shift your complete attention to this moment, notice what happens.  Something and nothing is waiting.  You have the impression you move from 'here to here.'  Thinking stops.  Sensations are unleashed and then revelations unfold faster than the speed of light, time and space.  Where is everybody?  As you see and recognize yourself as it is, things are no longer as they appear. True nature of everything is equal and revealing itself every instant to anyone ready and willing to see.

"Whatever you bring into this aware nothingness, whatever presents itself, frees itself." -Adyashanti


The journey is the goal

Soul knows that in reality, goals do not exist. They are imagined into being by the ego mind which has its motives.  What happens as something within echoes that you are already home? How does this reframe your reasons for running 'here and there?' Why does a sense of purpose shift if you feel nowhere to go?

Imagine, for a moment, that you are already that which you are seeking or wish to become.  If the goal exists within you, it is innate nature.  This is not something to be achieved, obtained through rigorous training or external approval.  It is to be understood. Reflect on obstacles that currently prevent you from complete acceptance.  Which beliefs and attitudes keep you searching for what mind assumes is lacking?

Another view is the essence of being lacks nothing.  How do you come to possess things which confuse the truth? What would you attain as the things are eliminated? Nothing, but revelations of who you are not.  How you think begins and ends in the mind.  How you feel begins and ends in the heart.  In truth, the essence is aways on the path.  You accept where you are fully or turn away. The soul journey never ends.


Walk on the wild side

How do you know whether you accomplish something? There is a mental place where you do not look to accomplish anything and find things are completed easily and effortless.  How do you walk on the wild side?

Many people are conditioned to struggle to achieve specific goals.  Other people sense experiencing things fully every moment is something else.  Perhaps you are read to reframe perception differently. You take energy in.

What happens as you realize there is not really anything ouside you? To sense that all things are inside and projected out onto others empowers you to shift what you are projecting. Peer inside. What kind of energy is feeding your beliefs. Imagine that nobody holds any power over you unless you decide to give away inner power.

Suddenly, you realize the secret to energizing your very centre. You remember how to experience joy now. You detach from expectation. What you think is taking place is not what is unfolding. Recognize that you often choose to see what does not exist. You choose to see everything as acts of love or pleas for love. Notice inclinations.

As you recognize people who express negativity forget who they are, you can relate to their lower vibrations with compassion and understanding. If you react emotionally to such encounters, then you forget that the real you exists in a space of uncondtional love and acceptance. Open your heart to nothing.  Realign with Cosmic Synchronicity.


Your own incredible journey

Part of you searches for something deeper than what the mind thinks it knows. You already face certain challenges and are transformed by those experiences or feel somehow indifferent. Maybe you consider how you could share what you've learned to benefit others? Sharing your wisdom can make you feel successful but what if simply being is itself enough? Savour your own incredible journey every step of the way.

Success can be interpreted by the mind or felt in the heart as new ways of creating joy and experiencing life.  The mind tells you strategies generate satisfaction. You may see yourself as part of a collective generation that is defining group success with shared vision or specific goals. Notice your vision of success shifts at different stages of your life.  Is it aligned with your priorities? Ask what is the aim of each of your efforts. 

As you reflect back on 'rite-of-passage' events, your dreams and life experiences, you gain insight into other kinds of success. You realize that each time you separate from what you think you know in your conditions, self-image or any other aspect of your life, you will face challenges to get-to-know you can see yourself and life differently.  Notice different kinds of milestones.  Everything draws you back to what matters now.

In essence, you're supposed to get knocked down so you can learn to get up again. You're meant to expand on all those limits or ideas you thought were unchanging. They're not. Neither are you.  Perception is impermanent. True success is not.  It is symbolized by your willingness to set out on the journey to let go of the unreal and be who you are.

“Not all those who wander are lost.” J.R.R. Tolkein, The Fellowship of the Ring