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Relish every revelation

Every moment, it is possible to relish your own revelations.  Notice a shift as what initially seems important suddenly grows unimportant.  Self-created filters of judgment are dissolving.  What remains is revealing itself and defying any explanation.

Every message you give yourself reveals a common thread... you are stringing yourself along, playing life too seriously as emotions rise and fall.   Laugh more.  See the big picture from the point of view of the infinite universe.  Right now, No-thing really matters.  No-body is in control. You are always no-where.


Connect with your intention

Every moment, you are either connected with your deepest intentions or disconnected from them.   Call them your intentions, purpose or mission. You may ask, how do you know? If you are asking someone, what does this tell you?  It is the right moment to;

1) Let go of all doubt that you are not where you are meant to be

2) Recognize the power of reflecting without judgment

3) Meditate on appreciating something wherever you are

4) Visualize something inspiring and notice how it feels 

5) Notice what you see and experience as beauty spreads


Trust your inner guidance

Everything you feel vibrates a silent message from the depths of your soul.  The question is, how often do you listen? How often do you realize that the soul level vibration does not always jive with what you are thinking? The truth is you create all experience in your scope.  What occurs as you empower self to be?

When people say, "I always knew it," that does not mean they are always conscious of sure-footedness or career-related purpose that they focus on now.  Be aware of what draws you to particular activities and environments. You have unlimited opportunities to stretch physically and otherwise, to learn and also grow.

What other people do or do not do does not matter.  What you do also does not matter.  How you feel about what you do is what matters.  A person feels joy doing anything and everything provided he is uninfluenced by judgment or approval.  Reflect on when you trust inner guidance. What serves you?


Recognize the nature of intelligence

Many people ask, what is intelligence?  Answers sought outside self differ from those offered at soul level.  Where do you look?

In the global marketplace, the economics of supply and demand suggest intelligence is quantifiable.  Participating soceties create imagined needs.  In this way, a person is viewed as intelligent according to practical utility of or marketability of skills or inventions. 

In realms where beliefs reign, intelligence is grounded in principles and value judgements.  Assumptions emerge like those who are more intelligent necessarily have more or less material wealth, health or specific conditions that are not equally accessible, yet widely desirable. 

From another vantage point, intelligence is something earned through experience in this and other lifetimes.  Consider societies that revere elders, reincarnated spirits, cultural history, or rituals and traditions which are practiced and mastered over time. 

Ultimately, people can say things about your body or mind, but does this truly reflect intrinsic value? Who can say anything about soul? What if everyone is gifted with the same infinite, inner knowing, yet accepts this to greater and lesser degrees? Only soul echoes the truth.


Identify that turning point

An event exists in your life which is partly responsible for you choosing not to progress.  You begin to identify that turning point as you deliberately stop judging the good and bad choices and sense you are every aspect of the experience.  Even now, you are gradually freeing self from the idea of assuming it is separate.  The energy of this thing guides your movements, the acceptance of feelings and unleashing of revelations.  You are only able to cease resisting, to release whatever holds you back when the energy knows the moment is right.