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3 Signs is time to Re-define Success

Many people wonder how they can do what they love and get paid what they are worth.  This voice may echo inside you too. Ponder three signs its time to redefine success:

1) Something is shifting inside. You do the work you do and are not actively looking for a new role and yet, a quiet discomfort or restlessness is arising.     Stong feelings are bubbling up.  You are noticing sensations surfacing within that you have not noticed before. This is the moment to pay more attention to what makes you tick.

2)  Dialogue triggers it.  You may strike up a conversation with someone you know, a group or a complete stranger.  Whomever it is draws your attention to something you are unable to put into words. You do not know what you are looking for but it hits that part of you is indeed looking. Work and success do not relate at they did even moments ago. A different relationship is capturing your attention and shifting your priorities about which mountains to climb.

3) Opportunities are knocking. You may not yet get head-hunted for that dream job but emails are mysteriously showing up in your in-box. You know new opportunities are showing their heads.  New postions in different fields are also crossing your radar.  You even hear positions related to your own are offering higher salary than you currently earn. You feel increasingly open to offers. Why? No brainer! Something within is beginning to clarify a new version of success. 


Live more authentically

It is common to reflect on how to make life better, business more successful, relationships more fulfilling, and behaviour more effective.  The common thread in all of this that is often overlooked is the nature of perception, thoughts and beliefs.  Imagine shifting to create and live in a whole new way.

  • Why are you not yet living your dreams more fully?
  • Where are signs and symbols shifting your perception?
  • Which among the visions you have for your life would enable you to live with more joy?
  • What is the best that could take place as you rediscover steps to be more true to yourself? 
  • How are you already expanding to experience more conscious abundance in all areas of your life?

These are some of the topics to be explored in our upcoming workshop outside Athens, Greece June 13-14, 2015. Join us to rediscover how it feels to tap into timeless wisdom, to live more authentically, to be true to your soul.  Watch what happens as you let the universe do its thing.


Rediscover your natural state

Recall your natural state.  It is one of ease, acceptance, and harmony.  The fastest way to return to this natural state is to focus on that which you already are, on that which triggers joy, smiles and appreciation. Success is given.  With less effort than you are conditioned to believe, abundance flows. 

In essence, your life is a reflection of the vibration of your consistent thoughts.  Feel good and know all is well.  Be open and receptive to the flow of life.  See blessings everywhere and the universe fills the empty vessel with new experiences.  Everything is a lesson, a call to love yourself and everything more. Allow everything to point you toward true divine nature.


Be tuned in, tapped in, turned on

What opportunites are right in front of you? If you feel off course more than you feel on course, you allow yourself to focus on doubt, fear and negative energy. Fortunately, you can be off course repeatedly and still reach an envisioned destination.  All roads lead home.

Recognize these 10 things:

1) If you believe you are on or off course, then you are right. 

2) Everyone has to define and feel his own way to success.

3) Dare dream your ideal.  The how flows as creative inspiration while you draft the plans. 

4) Workable options always exist.  Allow them to make that dream more real.

5) Luck is preparedness meeting opportunity. You make your own luck.

6) Within every challenge is an equal or greater benefit.

7) Whatever thought you devise, the universe is telling you how.  

8) You are already creating the ideal scenario. You are receptive to it or not.

9) Everything is possible to experience in a healthy and positive way.

10) You are about to recreate how everything unfolds in your physical life.


What does success feel like?

The external world invites us to adopt different visions of success and fulfillment.  Ever notice what drives or motivates you at different stages and seasons of your life? You might respond by describing a particular object you dream of, an envisioned experience, a set of conditions or outcome. But does success always have to be out of reach? What is the deeper message?

Consider the analogy of a young person who just gets a driver's license.  This person is eager and often has a heavy foot, as if always speeding to get somewhere.  You may encounter drivers who appear impatient, are always looking ahead, but never at you, never here, in this moment.  You may begin to see this as a mirror of yourself.  Why chase after success in the future?

Observe what happens as you notice the slower drivers that are no longer in a rush. What happens to stress, anxiety and intense emotions? What are you willing to notice and outgrow? How do you view slower driving behaviour in light of your sense of success? Does speed matter?

Notice what happens as you accept yourself fully. Any pursuit loses significance.  Notice how it feels to savour every moment, and to be aware of why you view success in different ways. Watch the impact of a simple shift of attention. Thoughts and emotions point to what mind does not want you to see. Recognize what you fear/ cling to, what you run from and who you truly are.

"You have reached the pinnacle of success as soon as you become uninterested in money, compliments, or publicity." -Thomas Wolfe