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3 Key pointers to the best advice ever

Many people ask what is the best piece of advice to guide you wisely through life.  Everyone collects such gems. Some have more impact and widespread relevance. Reflect on those punchy gems that are instilled by mentors and have a timeless effect on your evolving purpose or mission.

1.  Do not believe anything anyone tells you

No matter how much you read or how many mentors you consult, the only way to know is to experience directly for yourself. Knowing is not the same as belief. Knowing is awareness that cannot debate and requires no external proof.

2. Never look back and regret anything about the past

The key to everything is to be focused on the here and now.  Allowing the mind to wander into the past is simply a distraction from who and where you are.  Seeing everything as a lesson that keeps you in this moment.  Your materialistic life, you must live it as if you are going to die today. Do not waste time on activities that do not challenge and expand you. Stop talking.  Be a doer.  As for your spiritual life, see yourself as eternal and learn to function from this place of understanding.

3.  Never waste teachings & wisdom on those who do not listen

Choose carefully those people in whom to invest your attention and energy. Trusting intuition is about feeling your way into relationships and situations, learning available lessons and feeling the way out of what you outgrow, or creating something new that resonates with your Soul.  A key take away is to pay closer attention and listen to your vibes.  Logic can be a stepping stone to situations and valuable life lessons.  Yet, in a rigid condition, logic prevents you from experiencing anything. It can trigger suspicion and doubt. If you refine your logic based on changing insight and awareness, logic can be the Way to your liberation.


The gift of who you are

The human part of you is always seeking, questioning and aspiring. It wants proof to believe in something. This body-mind is conditioned to compare, be logical and reach for understanding. It is never certain about anything. Yet, thinks it wants to own, possess and accumulate, always needs more.  It also reacts emotionally based on a sense of perceived events in limited space and time. Human function stems from fear.

Notice what happens as you track fear back to its source.  It loses power.  Notice what happens as you begin to recognize beliefs are only beliefs, and that anything only ever takes on the meaning and value you give it.  Suddenly, you are awakening in ways that tell you the external world no longer controls your attention. Notice every angry person you encounter is a priceless gift. Each one invites you to snap out of a trance.

As you begin to sense the awareness that is, the quality of existing shifts.  Time loses significance. Duality is irrelevant. Everyone and everything you see is a reflection of yourself inviting you to recognize the same message.  Listen closely to the heart.  It knows what exists right now in this moment.  The gift of who you are is self aware, self-recognizing.  Everything you are taught about your-Self falls away. Silence tells all.

"Love is, above all, the gift of oneself." -Jean Anouilh


You are not what you think

Concepts arise in the mind.  The deepest part of being knows none of them can stick.  No belief or attitude lasts forever.  No attachment or detachment results in what you seek. Clarity and awareness know all effort is futile.  They exist regardless of what you think or do. To think the present comes from the past is merely a hallucination.  A memory is always an echo of now.  Nothing is happening to you but rather through the energy you perceive as you.  The dream layers peel themselves back and blow away in the wind.  What remains of the dream remains to be seen as it is.  Be the dream.

"But the self-controlled man, moving among objects, with his senses under restraint, and free from both attraction and repulsion, attains peace." -Swami Chinmayananda


Remain as the Self

That which perceives everything else in its presence is the seer. When you allow a thought to turn into a belief, this becomes your experience. This world is and is not exactly what you think in the moment. In the heart, all truth is confirmed for you. There is no unknown, only that which is revealed or obscured. Only the mind accepts or rejects. To remain the Self is to completely surrender to the infinite unknown. There is no place to go where you are not. Nothing exists with the watcher behind appearances. To know freedom is to touch the soul. Nobody can ever eat, sleep or just be for you.


Notice subtle influence

Every moment, you resonate subtle vibrations that influence more of the unfolding than mind realizes.  What you choose to believe, and in essence, how you focus your attention, emits a field of energetic influence.  Every person and situation in your midst is affected. 

Consider how your perceived life unfolds when you feel good and your energy is high.  To feel confident and loving in one area of your life carries over to positively influence other areas.  Beyond this, you send out a field of influence that uplifts others.  You actually draw people into whatever level of consciousness you are resonating.  People find it easy or hard to align with true sense of self based on how you feel and what you vibrate.  You also decide whether to be affected by external energy and what you encounter.  Energetic influence is everywhere. Sense it.