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Influence degrees of freedom

The ego mind only has limited degrees of freedom that reflects a limited range of cosmic understanding.  When you are around people, you may adopt their ways and accept their judgment.  Thus, you begin to sense your impressions are influenced by collective ways of seeing and thinking or group consciousness.

To recognize something beyond the ego mind continuously receives, maintains and processes information is to realize something within is constantly transforming.  Natural ebbs and flows are working even when one is unaware.  Anything conceivable in mind is nothing but a dream and yet, also a timeless teacher.


Beyond knowing

As a person detaches from the influence of the physical body and senses, lets go of doing, and moves beyond judging, that person may wonder what remains.  To release your grounding in time and space leaves you to feel as if objects and circumstances disappear.  To let go of assumptions, expectations and knowing, is to feel that even the knower ceases being.  Awareness reveals possibilities that defy words.


Be fully present

As you look deeply, you know what you experience without concepts or beliefs.  The aliveness you feel within is no different from the beingness of everything.  Sense changes in relationship with surroundings.  Realize you can feel things without the conditioned judgments of mind. Rediscover the gifts of the soul.


Remove the blocks

What if you simply remove the blocks that stand between what you think and what you know? How does this shift your sense of what you have been, who you are and who you are becoming?  

To jog the memory about what you have made or done is unrelated to the ultimate unveiling. Much of what you conjure up in the mind does not exist. Strengths and weaknesses are conditioned by people you meet and other messages dictated by the external world. Notice how you make silent judgments about what is possible or acceptable and choose not to recognize the successful, worthy, limitless being you already are.


Think until you outgrow it

Nobody has every encountered anything but a thought or projection of a thought.  One does not escape from now, but one may deny it or be distracted.  To be lost in thought is to forget the essence of being.

Perception combines feelings and sensations with judgment.  The inner judge introduces thought and tells you existence is based on structures and forms that you work out.  Curiously, everything is fine already. Time is irrelevant. As you ask, how do I still the mind? Mind tricks you to believe it is not already still.

In terms of form and linear time, you may not be able to add much more to your cv or identity. The mind-created sense of specialness or recognition may or may not be realized.  What is the point then, of obsessions with form, the search for things, engagement in endeavours? What is already transforming?

To feel the luminous, formless being is beyond thought, beyond a conceptual dream of personal history. Move beyond constant neediness and drama.  Awareness is stillness that exists beyond images and comparisons. It is not something you experience if you follow a course of action. Stop thinking to just be.