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Find your own way

From this moment, you are conscious of certain choices and life conditions that stagnate. As you stop thinking, you begin to notice what the physical senses miss.  You feel what comes naturally.  The indescribable draws attention to awareness of cells.  They invite you to find your own way, to listen more closely to better understand what is unfolding within you.

As you attune more closely, you hear an uplifting voice within offer new solutions to issues the mind imagines into being. Inner sources of inspiration are forever accessible.  They guide you to awaken, to accelerate momentum and to expand beyond measure. Notice how it seves you to explore thoughts, the power of word and behaviour. As you choose to shift focus away from your unlimited being now, you appreciate the process that enables you to feel the power of emotions.  Recall how to release resistance.  Come back to full awareness of a bigger reality.


Everything keeps getting better

Everything has awareness and everything keeps getting better.  You either attune and feel that or not. Every moment, regardless of what information your physical senses generate, on a vibrational level, you are asking for stability, feeling that and all good things.  The basis of everything coming forth is well-being.  You decide what matters, whether you feel exhilarated or, out of sync with the uplifting version of you.  The witness within or the larger part of you beyond the physical is privileged to know whether you are aligned or exploring something else.  Talk about things in the process of unfolding.  Feel your way to joy.  Remember the vibrational reality is coming into fuller focus.  Adjust your focus and fantasy is reality.


Be ready for anything

Recognize the universe does not bring you anything that you are not ready to receive.  You trigger your own revelations.  The criteria for your reality is constantly shifting.  As you interpret it with only physical senses, you limit how you view or experience reality.  You are discovering that as you ignore any reality that does not enable you to feel good, those things disappear.  They are no longer part of your reality. 

You know what is going on.  You choose to resist temptation of what keeps you feeling less than you are.  As you take your attention away from the things that bother you, those things fade away and you only experience solutions.  To deactivate what troubles or irritates you, what is unpleasant, or painful, simply let it go.  Stop thinking about it, talking about it, writing about it, or otherwise reinforcing it in your life.  Only focus on wellness, love, strength, courage, insight and you know you are ready for anything.  Let nothing faze you.  Direct the thinking mind to your advantage.  Align with the fearless, limitless being this is you.


Beyond knowing

As a person detaches from the influence of the physical body and senses, lets go of doing, and moves beyond judging, that person may wonder what remains.  To release your grounding in time and space leaves you to feel as if objects and circumstances disappear.  To let go of assumptions, expectations and knowing, is to feel that even the knower ceases being.  Awareness reveals possibilities that defy words.