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Interview with Nandini Gosine-Mayrhoo

As an alumnus of International Space University, I have long valued interdisciplinary vision and Future Life Design.

Over a period, I have been drawn to connect with Future Life Institute (FLI) creator John Mee (author-Transcendental Engineering)and FLI contributors such as Anne Jirsch and Amit Goswami (whom I interviewed on my former BlogTalkRadio Show & wrote a testimonial for one of my early books).  Most recently, I connect with Nandini Gosine-Mayroo. She is a wealth of insight: a specialist in metaphysics, a research analyst and writer for the FLI. 

Appreciate very much your willingness to engage in this dialogue for our readers.

 Thank you for giving me the opportunity.

How has your childhood experience guided and influenced your life journey?

Having been born into a Hindu family, I grew up witnessing the religious ceremonies of this ancient faith. While I always felt somewhat alienated from those rituals, I intuited that my heritage held a special truth. In my early teens, I had what I can only describe as some form of mystical experience while sitting at my father’s altar. My life has been a journey of attempting to understand that experience and to gain a deeper appreciation of the wisdom in the teachings of Hinduism.  

Mystical experience is increasingly widespread.  Dr. Wayne Dyer echoes that we can become mystical beings simply by changing the mind from one that creates and experiences problems, to a mind that resolves them.

The popularity with science fiction films and books shows fascination with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and where it heading.  Tell us about Future Life Institute and how you came to collaborate.

Future Life Institute, founded by John Mee, has formulated a scientific approach to enhancing human consciousness. While humanity’s scientific and technological advancement over just the past 50 years is indeed impressive, human consciousness has not kept pace. Without the spiritual wisdom to manage our scientific developments in ways that serve humanity, we could very likely use those developments to destroy ourselves. FLI recognizes the wisdom teachings of Hinduism, including reincarnation, as truth. Its work is dedicated not only to helping individuals enhance their consciousness in this life, but in future lives as well. The former can be achieved via scientific developments in genetic engineering, preceded by comprehensive education and psychological counseling in managing higher states of consciousness. The latter is achieved through dedicated learning in FLI’s Future Life Design program. 

On meeting John Mee, I was immediately interested in his valuable work. As a writer, I assist in promoting FLI’s work through varied media.

Michaelangelo echos: 'The greatest danger for most of us is not that we aim too high and we miss it, but we aim to low and reach it.'  Share  how you came to focus on the evolution of consciousness.

I have always been intrigued by the concept of maya, the illusion of this world. It seems to me the greatest challenge of being human - being able to negotiate the demands of our lives successfully, while maintaining a sense of detachment from its reality.  I’ve also always been intrigued by the attainment of moksha, the liberation from the cycle of birth and rebirth.  While the ancient texts speak of moksha as being attainable through self-realization – exactly how does one achieve that? I guess I’ve had a lifelong interest in higher consciousness, searching but not entirely sure on where to find the answers. 

What differences and benefits do you see (if any) between the spiritual and scientific evolution of consciousness?

The spiritual evolution of consciousness is said to occur over countless lifetimes. A cursory assessment of humanity’s present collective consciousness supports this theory – we seem to have a very long way to go before achieving a higher consciousness where we can coexist in peace.  Conversely, our scientific evolution is leaping forward in ways where we are struggling to grasp the long term societal effects. How will robotics affect employment? How do displaced workers live? If scientists have the ability to genetically engineer human traits, should parents be able to dictate the eye color, athletic or intellectual capability of their offspring? If greed and the desire for power remain as the base human instincts controlling our world, how will those with access to these scientific developments use them?

Well, it appears artificial lines of separation need to be healed between science and spirituality... 

Exactly! Rather than being separate things, we need to harness the scientific and spiritual evolution of our consciousness, to keep pace with these scientific developments. The scientific enhancement of human consciousness via genetic engineering is by no means a “quick fix”, as considerable spiritual training and counseling is required to manage and maintain long term higher states of consciousness. The scientific and spiritual evolution of our consciousness must work in tandem if we are to evolve into our highest potential. Traversing countless more lifetimes is an outdated approach to higher consciousness, which in our current era, no longer serves our true potential.

I love Sadhguru, the founder of Isha Institute of Inner Engineering. he reminds us the mind is a complex amalgam of many influences. He also echoes the more identified we are with these influences, the further away we are from ourselves, and one could also say the truth.  

How would you describe stages of your own awakening? What did it reveal about your gifts?

I had an innate interest in spirituality, and as an introverted child I spent long days wondering about the world around me. I read Lobsang Rampa, the Bhagavad Gita and other spiritual material in my teenage years, which made me very aware of the human ability to experience the esoteric. In my later years I’ve awakened to an urgent call from Mother Nature, as a remarkable device named The Music of the Plants came into my life.   I have learnt that communication with plants is possible, something that was not previously a part of my spiritual yearning. 

Tuning into the vibrations of nature changes how we relate to ourselves and the world. Finding the middle road between natrue and technology baffles a lot of people.

From yoru view, what is cognitive engineering and why is it important for humanity?

Cognitive engineering is the process of scientifically actualizing the potential of human cognitive functions, through genetic engineering. Our cognitive processes include sensation, perception, attention, intelligence, memory, thought - basically the functions required to negotiate our surroundings and our lives.

Cognitive engineering of our brain-based skills provides the means of becoming more intelligent beings, more perceptive of how our actions impact our immediate and long term future. It can enhance our critical thinking skills, enabling us to devise suitable solutions to the problems we face. FLI’s work has a greater emphasis on consciousness enhancement, as opposed to only enhancing cognitive brain-based skills. FLI’s work brings balance between intelligence and spirituality - which must be the way humanity fulfils its fullest potential. 

Many people are familliar with the films like Bladerunner 2049 and RoboCop and the robotic arms on the Space Shuttles and other space technolgy.

How do you see the future relationship involving robots and human beings unfolding?

I have not seen Robocop. Robotics is now replacing and will continue to replace manual jobs. A failure to adapt to these rapid economic changes will certainly result in a dissatisfied populace, susceptible to empty promises from demagogues – not the future we wish to envisage. Robotics development is calling for humanity to up its intellectual potential. Jobs in the future will demand heightened cognitive ability. Some futurists anticipate singularity – when artificial intelligence becomes smarter than humans. Even the technology we have today is evidence that this may indeed be a possibility. Rather than creating machines that outsmart us, humanity should focus on increasing its own intelligence. As mentioned previously, intellectual strides must be accompanied by the spiritual. 

How much truth do you see in popular culture films such as Next Gen?  Which films or books do you feel offer an accurate take on the technology revolution in this world? What would you like to see?

I will admit that I have never seen Next Gen! Star Trek and Star Wars sum up my sci-fi repertoire!

Can totally relate to the Star Wars/Star Trek and Contact movie fan club...

Speaking of technology revolution, the communication devices and sliding doors in Star Trek provided glimpses into our future. Perhaps the holographic communication seen in Star Wars will be our reality before long. My personal interest lies more in films and books that speak of galactic intelligence and communication. Thor to my mind provides hope for a future meeting with extraterrestrials in a way that earlier films such as Close Encounters of the Third Kind only suggested is possible. I am currently reading 2150AD by Thea Alexander - a depiction of a future intellectually advanced utopian society. I would like to think that the film producers and book writers who provide these glimpses into our possible future, are divinely inspired to plant seeds of hope in our ailing society.

So much on the horizon while so much is already here as well, yet not necessarily in public use...

Anyway, you have also written about reincarnation. What is your take on the subject? What causes you to feel this way?

Having a Hindu heritage, reincarnation is encoded in my DNA. Applying some rational thought to the theory of reincarnation, it seems the only logical explanation to what makes each of our lives different – as reincarnation and karmic learning go hand in hand.

Imagine a world where reincarnation and karma no longer existed or was no longer necessary because humanity had expanded consciousness beyond it.  Now that is food for reflection! 

If you could leave our readers with a vision or some advice, what would it be?

My high school best friend and I had a motto “Look up, reach out”…we even shortened it to “LURO” at the end of our numerous notes to each other (this was back when written notes were still a thing!). I think it is fitting advice for humanity at this interesting and challenging time in our evolution. We need to look up to our highest potential, beyond the limitations within which we have confined ourselves. We also need to look up to the skies above us, devising ways of reaching out to the more intelligent life in our Universe and beyond. 

Please let people know where they can contact you:

I can be reached at nandini1863@gmail.com or 1-561-324-4868

For anyone interested in learning more about Future Life Institute: 




 Please also refer us to where we can read more of your articles.

Certainly! Those interested can Google my name and also access the following articles through links:



For anyone interested in the Music of the Plants:              


Thanks Nandini. We encourage you to continue devoting your attention to topics that enable you to feel most alive. Let us know who inspires you as you go along. Elon Musk for instance, is a big inspiration for many. 




Interview with William U. Wei

It may surprise you to hear that books mysteriously appear to me on library and bookstore shelves or enter my life in other unexpected ways. Such events are signals from the universe of a readiness for new growth, a reminder every action taken has more than one purpose, and layers of motivation are revealed with perfect timing. 

While engaged in spiritual practices, like Tai Chi & Qigong, one book that appeared to me was Sealing of the Five Senses: Advanced Practices for Becoming a Taoist Immortal by Mantak Chia and William U. Wei.  Tuning in to this led to discovering other books by the same authors, including the most recent, The Tao of Immortality. The true impact is immeasurable.

Ancient teachings enter our lives when we are ready for deeper awakening, to grow conscious of and access core knowing that is ever-present.  Thus, this interview is offered as Soulful insight.  

Please share a bit about yourself and how you connected with Master Chia. 

William U. Wei also known as Wei Tzu (and The Professor).  This pen name for this instructor allows anonymity and continuing to become a blade of grass in a field.

Its like we grow into our names to give them meaning and detach to view self not as personal, but rather, as a vessel to allow universal energy to flow.  This awakening involves losing what one thinks is important in order to merge with what truly is. Ego death is a "complete loss of subjective self-identity", or key shift of focal point.

Being has no form, no name. To stabilize in that beingness gives access all knowledge.

Please expand on the Professor's background. 

The Professor was born after World War I, growing up in the Midwestern United States. In 1984, this student of the Tao started studying directly under Master Mantak Chia.  In August 1993, became a Senior Instructor of the Universal Healing Tao. He specialized in one-on-one training to over 500 students. In December 1994, after liquidating all his US assets, this Senior Instructor moved to Tao Garden, Thailand, and assisted Master Mantak Chia in building Tao Garden Taoist Training Center.  During the next six years, this student of the Tao traveled to over 30 countries teaching with Master Mantak Chia and serving as Marketing and Construction Coordinator for the Tao Garden.

What stands out is feeling the truth prompts instant shifts in priorities.  That feels like true dedication to the Universal Healing Tao. Mark Twain echos the two most important days in life are the day one is born and day one discovers why.

Precisely. When ego is no longer directing action, Soul is consciously guiding it.  After ten years finally coming out from his Southern Oregon Mountain Retreat Sanctuary, the Professor has agreed to teach all the instructor techniques on the Basic UHT (I-III), Iron Shirt (I-III), and Kan & Li (I-III) practices learn directly from Master Mantak Chia.  The instructors and serious students will learn all technical aspects of the formulas directly from the Universal Healing Tao books, why we practice the formulas and how to properly practice and teach the formulas to the students so they will continue to practice them. This information comes from over thirty years of daily practice after personally taking over 600 of Master Chia’s Workshops and teaching over 500 individual students and over 5,000 students in group workshops while teaching on tour with Master Chia from 1994 through 2000.

What led to collaborating on Tao Healing books? 

Upon completion of Tao Garden in December 1998, the Professor became Project Manager (winters) for Universal Tao Publications’ books and products (coordinating the completion of an additional 48 book titles). With the purchase of a mountain having four waterfalls in Southern Oregon, USA (6/15/1998), this practitioner is presently (summers) completing a Taoist Mountain Sanctuary for personal cultivation, Higher Level Immortal Tao practices and ascension. 

Through this process acting as Universal Healing Tao Publications’ Project Manager, the Professor has managed the formatting, layout, coordinating, editing and writing the completion of 60 Universal Healing Tao Books with another fifteen books to go to complete the Universal Healing Tao System.

The Professor also personally wrote out the over 240 formulas from the Universal Healing Tao books into the Chi Cards format (Six Decks of twenty cards each on 3x5 cards) for his personal practice and teaching his fellow students and for their daily practices as well.

Which books has 'The Professor' co-wrote with Master Chia?

This student of the Tao is the co-author of twelve Universal Healing Tao books with Master Chia as follows: Living in the Tao, Sexual Reflexology, Cosmic Detox, Cosmic Astrology, Cosmic NutritionEmerald River, Universal Healing Tao Formulas I, Prostate Chi Kung, Uterus Chi Kung, Chi Nei Ching, Multi-Orgasmic Teen, Sealing of the Five Senses, The Tao of Immortality and co-creator of the Universal Healing Tao Formula Cards, Chi Cards (6 sets of over 240 formulas) with Master Mantak Chia under the pen name the “The Professor - Master of Nothingness”, the Myth that takes the Mystery out of Mysticism.

These books reveal feeling one's way into harmony with Source Energy is an awakening process. Chinese philosophers echo all experience inward and outward is the product of two opposing principles: Yin and Yang (female and male, dark and light, receptive and creative)  One way to harmonize these forces is through directed activity. Tai Chi and Chi Kung are powerful activities used to balance yin- yang and vital force (chi.)  

Please offer insight into other projects in progress.

The Professor is also presently working on the future UHT books with Master Chia as follows: Universal Healing Tao Formulas II”(Book II of the Chi Cards), Ending into the Beginning (personal ascension book) and an additional 6 sets of Chi Cards with over 240 formulas with Master Mantak Chia in completing the Universal Healing Tao System.

Chi-Nei-Tsang-Microcurrent-Therapy is another Mantak Chia project in the works to be released in August 2018 with co-author Aisha Sieburth. This is another example of bringing energy insights into the present to be made available for those who are ready to take their experience to new levels of expansion.

For anyone not yet familiar with Tai Chi & Chi Kung, share how this practice stimulates expansion of consciousness and immortality. How does it relate to energy fields, bringing more light in? 

The Tao of Immortality reveals that Tai Chi, which literally means Yin & Yang (Duality), is just a small but important part of the UHT practices leading to Conscious Immortality. This is Tai Chi Chi Kung not Tai Chi that is just a form of movement. The added Chi Kung means working the internal energy as you are moving in the form implementing the Iron Shirt I (Structural Alignment and Rooting to the Earth Force and being pulled by the Heaven Forces) and Iron Short II (Whip Movement, Chi Pressure and Tendon Power). This is a simple Yang Style Form with Thirteen Movements in Four Directions starting in the North moving counterclockwise 360 degrees then clockwise 360 degrees to the original position.

How does this affect cellular memory?

Once you learn the form, which is the ten thousand-practice rule (You do it 10,000 times), you know it completely activating your molecular memory. Then you do not know if you did it or if you did not do it because it has become a meditation and has become a part of you.  You have built up a complete defense system energetically through its practice with the postures and strikes (Ward Off, Rollback, Press, Push, Single Whip & Single Hand Push) with your muscle memory.

This reminds us that humans cannot express non-physical dimensions logically. Much like the Universal Tao practice shifts energy, Sadhguru explains our perception can be expanded beyond the physical when the focal point shifts from lower chakras to see through the Third eye.  This is about allowing energy to flow from a limited perception to receive and process energy from a higher vantage point, where expanded life experience comes as the result new clarity. 

One can be intellectually-realized without being experientially realized. Many paths exist to go from limited to more expanded awareness.

Why do so many people speak of peace as the end point?

Only when all methods are dropped does ecstasy happen. From here to here, there is no journey. 

More and more people are interested in astral travel. Those engaging in out-of -body experience (OBE) and astral travel are eager to hear more about this in terms of Ying-Yang and an analogy. 

Through your daily practice you have incorporated the form into your energy body and when you leave the physical body (Ascension) you take the form (Postures and Strikes) with you to the next plane. You have formed your Energetic Yang Body (Dense Spaceship) to travel in the realms of Infinity as opposed to a Yin Body (Astral Travel). It is like a baby (Yin Body) going into the jungle (Infinite Space) or a Yang Body (Armored Tank) going into the jungle.  There are big tigers in the jungle; so, would you rather be a baby or a tank in the jungle?  Every time you do your practice (Fusion/Spinning Pakuas & Tai Chi/Strikes) you are building your energetic tank and its energetic defense system for safe travel into the great beyond.

Its interesting that different cultures have different afterlife ceremonies, different preparations for travelling to and and for visions of residing in other worlds.  Those who know Near Death Experiences (NDEs) also gain insight into the energetic journey. 

Still, immortality remains a mystery to many. Different cultural groups and religions suggest it is something to work toward or earn through experience in this life for the next life. Still other teachers, such as yogis, monks, fakirs, echo other perspectives. How is your view of immortality changing through your practice of Taoist Meditation and other healing arts?

The Immortal Tao is the Highest Inner Alchemy Practice in the Universal Healing Tao System. This is the process of transforming the Physical Body into the Spirit Body. It is a steam process of transformation from the physical form into the spirit form.

Some people also describe this as evolution of the carbon-based body into a crystal or light body.

Once this is completed, you can materialize and dematerialize at will, having the ability to travel beyond time and space moving beyond the North Star (Center of our Galaxy) and breaking the Karmic Wheel so you never have to come back into time and space. 

That said, some beings do choose to return to this world of time and space as Masters or other teachers. Please expand on specific Immortal UHT practices.

The Immortal UHT practices are broken down into Two Levels. The First Level is the Kan & Li Meditations: the Kan & Li (Water & Fire) meditations of Lesser Kan & Li Enlightenment (Cauldron at the Navel), Greater Kan & Li Enlightenment (Cauldron at the Solar Plexus), and Greatest Kan & Li Enlightenment (Cauldron at the Heart). The Second Level is the Sealing of the Five Senses (Cauldron at the Crystal Room), Congress of Heaven and Earth, and the Reunion of Heaven and Man.

You have co-authored a number of books with Mantak Chia. Why is the time ripe to write and release: The Tao of Immortality

In today’s Global Society, people have lost sense of morality, respect for life or decency with the senseless killing and wars. They have lost their way. All spiritual paths seek the natural flow of the universe, the Tao. The Tao is one of balance and harmony with everything in the universe. Taoism is a real practice of body, mind and spirit. Not just a philosophy of mind only. When we have the true sense of its meaning, the true knowledge and wisdom, we will be able to make the right decisions in our lives. All spiritual goals lead to the truth of the universe. The Tao is the study of the technology of how to seek the truth of the universe, nature and humans. Its focus goes beyond any one single path or viewpoint. The Tao is not a religion and requires no initiations or ceremonies. The Tao is the outcome of all religions, while it leaves them behind just like the clothing of different seasons and different places. The Tao is the goal of serious science, but it leaves behind all sciences as partial and temporal descriptions of the integral truth.

What is special about advanced Taoist teachings?

Advanced Taoist teachings are like a master key that unlocks all doors. Taoism includes all religious subjects, yet its breadth and depth go far beyond the limits of religious devotion. The teachings of the Tao assist people in their lives like religions do; yet the Tao transcends all religions while still containing their essence. Taoism explains or demonstrates the truth directly, not on the emotional, thought or belief level. It leaves no room for skepticism or endless searching. Philosophy, science and religions all contain a part of the universal truth, the Tao. The Tao reflects the center of the ultimate truth (you) and helps you to reach it for yourself. Through the practices of the Universal Healing Tao System you will discover the Tao within yourself and our way back to peace and harmony with a Global Consciousness Transformation which is the only way to solve the upheaval on the planet today.

The book presents 5 infant spirits that exist within every human being and also states, “you want your infant spirits to gain wisdom and that is something that cannot be attained in school. Wisdom is only acquired in the stars. Your goal then is for your collective spirit and soul to become educated, grow up, and recognize your oneness with the universe.”

What advice do you offer souls who come to Earth never consciously disconnecting from this oneness of the universe, but struggle to ground? Their goal seems to be to grow downward. 

Only through training in meditation can we still our minds to make conscious choices which is not only beneficial to yourself but also others because we are the whole and what affects us affects others. At birth, we are the most helpless creatures on the planet and have to be taught to learn and remember everything.

How do UHT practices facilitate expanding consciousness?

By training in the UHT practices, you start to rediscovery what you already know but are not conscious of it. Taoist practices give you time to become conscious. Freedom is the right to became without infringing or hindering anyone else’ right to become. Everyone has a right to be; that is our free will, which is our Divinity. With Freedom we take on great responsibilities for ourselves and our actions. The greatest freedom is discipline. In order to accomplish everything in life you need to focus and discipline yourself to achieve it and without discipline it will never happen. The Tao with its practices teaches you spiritual independence, which is not to be depend on anyone else, or thing for your existence and evolution. It takes great courage to be free and to experience consciously your freedom being divine. You let go of all your conditioning, institutionalization and physical limitation to be free and self-sufficient. All the bodies are just levels of consciousness.

This new book talks about nine levels of alchemy. What relationship do you see of these levels have with the first 9 chakras? How is the process of cleansing and purifying the chakras related to working and ascending through the nine levels of alchemy? 

This is just in that area with the chakras. The Taoist focus on the five vital organs, three minds & three bodies for the nine levels of alchemy. You can achieve the Tao alone (all-one) with the universe but with the proper instruction the instructor will give you the Taoist concepts, guidelines (formulas) and feedback sharing their personal experiences with the formulas to give you direction for your own self-discovery in the Tao.

Why is having a teacher important? Why can one not do this properly alone?

Feedback is important and makes all the difference in world to one who sincere and deserving which is the way the Tao was traditional presented and taught.

How does the Universal Healing Tao system relate to other healing modalities?

Our vision is to give the concept of the Tao creating the desire to manifest and practice the Tao in those students who are sincere, humble and deserving to practice the Tao. The humble can only perceive the truth and the truth will set you free. These four practices below will open up your Emotional, Physical, Energetic and Spiritual bodies if you are wisdom enough to practice them.

In the West, the Tao healing practices are used by people diagnosed with different illnesses as part of a healing regimen. Which practices can you suggest to feel and balance inner energy?

Four practices are detailed here; Inner Smile, Cosmic Detox, Chi Nei Tsang and Taoist Cosmic Healing-

Inner Smile: The first step in this Inner Alchemy process is to feel the internal energy. The only way to understand the Tao is to feel it inside yourself. You need to feel the internal energy before you can cultivate it. Through the Inner Smile Formula, you literally get in touch mentally with your five vital organs and related-organs (Functional Channel - Front Line), digestive tract (Digestive Channel - Middle Line) and your crown and spinal cord (Governor Channel - Back Line) by using your eyes and smiling down each line connecting with each part of your body.  By doing this on a daily basis you will start to develop a personal relationship with yourself on the physical, emotional, mental and energetic (spiritual) levels. By using the autonomic nervous system internally through your eyes with a para-sympathetic (positive) response you create a good feeling of love in your body.  Your heart generates this smiling energy when you focus your eyes into your heart with positive thoughts. When you smile down your body, your body will respond with positive loving energy.  This is how we learn to generate love within ourselves instead taking it from others; the abundance of that love within us will spread to others energetically across time and space without trying to give love to anyone. It is like greeting someone with a hand shake, hug or smile: they will respond the same, except now you do it internally to all your internal body parts and you feel relaxed, calm and at peace.  By doing so you have created the proper internal environment to proceed with the next step in cultivating your internal energy in a systemic pattern. You always start each following formula with the Inner Smile creating the proper environment for your internal transformation; this is always the first step of your daily practice.

This Inner Smile practice you recommend resonates.  Its benefits are also backed up by Dr. Isha Gupta, a neurologist from IGEA Brain and Spine who explains a smile initiates a chemical reaction in the brain, releasing certain horomes including dopamine and seratonin.  "Dopamine increases our feelings of happienss.  Seratonin release is associated with reduced stress.  Low levels of  seratonin are associated with depression and aggression.  Low levels of dopamine are also associated with depression." (cited from Gaiam tv special on 'You Are the Medicine' -Psychedlica, April 2018) 

Cosmic Detox: In our modern world we live (awake & sleeping) in unnatural environments with artificial lighting, commercialized homes, drinking chemically charged water, and eating commercialized foods, which causes severe and fatal conditions in our bodies that are not natural to our body internally. The process starts from birth to our graves as we are exposed to these artificial environments consuming artificial foods, air and water, which block our nine openings (mouth, anus, genitals, two eyes, two ears, two nostrils) and the largest organ (skin) of the body. As we get older the toxins (poisons) continue to multiply causing insurmountable blockages in our bodies if we do not periodically clean them out with systematic techniques to maintain our health and longevity. Through the Cosmic Detox formulas (Colonics, Cell, Eye & Rectal Cleanses, Liver, Gall Bladder & Kidney Flushes, Facial Sponge Washing, Sexual & Chi Self-Massages, Nasal Douching, Dry Skin Brushing & Solar Bathing) and proper diet you can begin to release blockages. Without daily and periodic practice or living in natural environment 24 hours a day and 7 days a week the toxins will again build up and further wear out the body which is your temple where you do all your Inner Alchemy practices. We need to develop a systematic process to clean and clear out the built up toxins in our bodies or we will drown in them. Without unblocked openings in our bodies we will not have complete success with our Inner Alchemy practices because we are dealing with very subtle energy in those practices, which these blockages affect dramatically. With Cosmic Detox formulas this can be accomplished depending on the severity and maintained over our lifetime.

Chi Nei Tsang: In the rivers of the forest, leaves of the tree branches fall into the water clogging it up at the bends of the river.  When they stop the flow of the river stagnation sets up in the river and a new organism forms called a swamp. The same happens in our body with the energy channels (rivers). They become blocked with debris (toxins) and form a new organism called cancer when stagnation happens.  The Chi Nei Tsang formulas are a hands-on application to manually remove any branches (debris) from your energy rivers (energy channels, lines and meridians). Through the Chi Nei Tsang Internal Organ Massage techniques (Healing Hands Meditation, Fanning, Venting, Flushing, Opening and Chasing the Wind Gates and Winds) the practitioner activates and opens the channels and energy lines releasing the Sick Energy and Winds. The Chi Nei Tsang formulas (Navel Diagnosis & Release, Skin & Intestines Detoxify, Organ (Diaphragm, Lungs, Liver, Pancreas, Spleen, Heart, Kidneys, Lymph System, Psoas Muscle, Nerves, Ovaries and Prostate) detoxify the whole body removing the blockages one at a time over a period of time depending on the extent of the stagnation. Common aliments (Headaches, Leg Pain (Sciatic Nerve) and Pulse Balancing) are also healed by these formulas and healing is further attained by the Tree Chi Kung formulas (Tree Palming on Yin & Yang Sides) using nature’s Immortal Healers. You will learn how to diagnosis your body and its toxic levels and obstructions and stress from the inside out through the assistance of the CNT practitioner with periodic sessions and how to maintain your body’s balance with your daily hands on practice.  This is a safe, practical way to connect physically with and balance your body on a daily basis using these simple healing hands-on techniques to open up, release and detoxify your body for health and longevity.

Taoist Cosmic Healing: To connect with the energy channels we need to open them up consciously in the body. Through the Universal Healing Tao techniques (Bone Marrow Washing, Earth & Heaven Channeling, Tiger Mouth and Open Index Finger) we activate these energy lines, channels and meridians. This opens up our body to our consciousness.  These Cosmic Healing techniques will assist you in connecting with your vital organs consciously to grow and experience the internal energy while healing your body. Through the Cosmic Chi Kung formulas (Grabbing the Moon, Bridge & Regulator Channels, Yin (Functional) & Yang (Governing) Channels and Planets to Organs) you can activate the negative and positive channels in the body.  Cosmic Chi Kung (formally known as Buddha Palm) utilizes hand energy line techniques that connect with vital organs opening your body up to be healed by the Cosmos. With daily Taoist Cosmic Healing practice, you will activate and open up the body’s channels to the Cosmic Forces of Heaven and Earth and cultivate them in your body. By growing this Cosmic Energy and incorporating the Elemental and Color Forces (Earth/Yellow, Fire/Red, Metal/White, Water/Blue and Wood/Green) internally you will set in motion the total body healing process for your health and longevity and healing others who are open to this energetic healing.

People who hunger or thirst for truth, come to realize the human being is a transmitting station of forces. In which ways is awakening triggered or accelerated by spiritual practice like meditation and chi kung?

Truth is your own reality. It is what you perceive that resonates deep within you to be the truth for you. It is your truth that applies to you not necessarily to anyone else but we are so good at manifesting our truths and they resonate so deeply within us that we think they are for everyone or apply to everyone else. That is the problem that leads to conflict or wars with others. Plus, the factor your truth today maybe not be applicable on a future date because everything around us is changing and is subject to change so what apply for today may not apply in the future. That is the truth.

It is felt that a person knows and feels only through direct experience, and that one has to be willing to die to be reborn and grow in new directions.   In your experience, do students practice meditation & Chi Kung to move beyond the ego? To experience timelessness? For other reasons?

A person knows and feels only through their years of gather information and years of direct experience of utilization of that gain knowledge. The dying is letting go of the ego which obstructs the Flow of the Tao and its mystical way by learning and practicing the UHT practices. Space and time are an illusion created by the imprisonment of our consciousness using the perception of our five senses. When you move beyond our five senses you move beyond time and space.

The idea that man cannot “do” and that everything is already done in him can seem confusing. Only those that are being are in fact doing consciously. Please comment.

Within each our cell of our bodies (DNA) you find all secret truths of the Universal all you have to do is learn to slow down your mind (meditation) they will be revealed to you. That is the art of doing nothing, Wu Wei. To understand Wu Wei, you cannot give your ego, or monkey mind as the Taoist call it, anything positive or negative. Your ego is a parasite because it lives off your energy, positive or negative. When you resist the ego you give it the power to overtake you and if you support the ego it overtakes you. So, what do you do? Wu Wei, you do nothing by not giving it any positive or negative energy. Now this is an art and it takes many years of practice to develop it as the art of doing nothing because when you succeed you will not obstruct the flow of Tao and you will become the Tao.

If you could offer our readers some advice, what would it be?

Life is simple and complete once you have the concept of what you are doing which creates the desire to manifest what you want. Concept, desire and manifestation is the whole process of becoming from the initial manifestation of the physical realm to every thought we have. It is all the same process for all of us. Just think it and you will become it. So, become your own reality and this final note will help you on your journey and the realization of the Tao. As you learn to let go, the energy (Chi) flows through you and eventually, by practicing the UHT Formulas (correct action) you will connect with that energy and become one with it.  And that is the Tao.


Please share anything else you wish to add. 

In 2019, The Professor is offering a 10-day workshop. The date is to be determined. It is the second time this will be available to the UHT instructors who will learn how to upgrade their certifications from the Professor who helped design the Universal Healing Tao Certification system. It is the Professor's wish to share these understandings of the Universal Healing Tao System to his fellow instructors and serious student of the Universal Healing Tao (UHT) before he retires from active teaching and go into his cave for his personal Immortal Ascension.

Also Master Chia is planning to teach in Sydney, Australia in April 2019

Blessings from the Universe & may the Chi be with you.  

Love knowing we are each a version of Life Force or a dormant jedi like those portrayed as separate from us in Star Wars: The Last Jedi and other Star Wars movies.  Story Waters offers a relevant view on The Meaning of Life.  Teachings of the Masters in this world and beyond, invite us to grow more intimate with what is real.