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Pristine clarity is

It is said all learning is ignorance unless the knower is not known. Unlearning is about letting go of what is not. Truth does not invite more.  That which is known cannot be owned or possessed.  It is not pursued.  It is not what people tell you to do.  It is not about intellect, about clinging to or removing conditioning.  It is not a thought or series of thoughts that spin endlessly  through the mind. 

By divine grace, the unchanging reveals itself. Nothing fazes authentic being.  Nothing has any effect on what is unchanging bliss. There is no wavering or unwavering.  One is not moving or still. One is nothing and everything without trying.  One is not the knower or ignorance. One is beyond wholeness and division. The ultimate reality is not created or destroyed.  It is beyond words, time and space.  Beyond light and intention, pristine clarity is what is is, only that.

Living by divine truth, you know;

1) your power exists in this moment

2) you are born with power to create your reality & shape the course of your destiny (you consciously create your reality or subconsciously allow events to unfold in your world)

3) what you create in your physical world reflects your beliefs

4) to experience love and freedom, you must willingly let go of control

5) you have choices (free will is what we live following the will of the universe)

6) you are complete (there is nothing missing)

7) Your world is love, abundance & joy.  How you perceive shapes your experience.

8) What you receive is based on what you are willing to have not onl what you deserve

9) Life is a gift and you are here to learn to receive

10) This world is an illusion & you experience to the degree you allow

11) You own who you are becoming not just who you have been

12) You can do anything, be anyone and have anything and do anything with harm to none

13) Peace and harmony prevail in your natural state.

14) Victims do not exist, only poor and limiting choices.

15) To contribute to or serve others heals you from denial of love


Beyond knowing

As a person detaches from the influence of the physical body and senses, lets go of doing, and moves beyond judging, that person may wonder what remains.  To release your grounding in time and space leaves you to feel as if objects and circumstances disappear.  To let go of assumptions, expectations and knowing, is to feel that even the knower ceases being.  Awareness reveals possibilities that defy words.