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In order to re-invent ourselves in the next grandest version of the greatest vision we have ever had about Who We Are, we have to collectively produce circumstances allowing (or requiring) us to do so. 

-Neale Donald Walsch

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4 Signs you function at your optimum

Its common to assume you can improve something about yourself, your life and conditions.  Consider 4 signs you function at your optimum:

1. When an organ is working properly, you are unaware of it

Notice when an organ is working properly, you do not feel it. Involuntary processes function naturally. If you see your eye, you have cataract.  If you hear your ears, ringing in the ears is getting in the way of hearing. 

2. When you are thinking clearly, your brain is not in the way

Notice the difference between casually looking at something and looking intently, the difference between half listening to something and hearing intently. Doing anything with force has one's focus on muscle tension and misses what is otherwise obvious and apparent.  If you tighten muscles to pull yourself together, you only constrict yourself. All humans strain muscles with the thought its achieving psychological results. Straining muscles is actually a distraction to free energy flow.

3. When you are aware of the ego "I" you are aware of the chronic tension inside yourself

Notice you are in fact seeing with your eyes in the sense that everything you see in front of you is a condition in the optic nerves at the back of the skull where you are aware of all this and far more. Yet, how consistently are you aware of the "I" as the eye?

4. The mind has to be empty to see clearly

Notice the biggest ego trip of it all is that you must get rid of your ego.  Who is asking to get ride of the ego? How can I stop identifying with the wrong me? You cannot achieve the mystical experience because you do not exist. The realisation you are the mystical experience of the universe.  You cannot catch hold of it nor can you get rid of it. It enters your experience by divine grace. When you speak, it is silent.  When you are silent, it speaks.  All methods are simply gimmicks for strengthening your ego. If you realize you cannot transform yourself, then the main obstacle to mystical vision has collapsed, and that was a sense of 'you'.


Be aware of what you say

Words have the capacity to create a dynamic that engages you, that invites you to explore something deeper within.  What you talk about, the words you choose, reveal thoughts and feelings toward your true nature, as well as about the apparent focus.  Be aware of silent messages in what is said and left unsaid.

1) Notice feelings arising when you do not say anything 

2) Notice feelings arising when you interject, agree or disagree

3) Notice hidden reasons for speaking up or remaining silent

Discover how to decode your mixed messages.  Watch confusion and conflict dissolve.  It all begins and ends in you.


5 Tips to uncover your purpose

Many people are seeking new sense of purpose or deeper connection to what they cannot put into words.  You may feel restless, undecided about some path or course in your life. Consider these five tips to get in touch with what you are truly yearning for.  It speaks for itself:

1) Walk in nature.  Tap into your ability to attune to the grace of this moment. Everything is always speaking to you and selective awareness blocks out different frequencies or messages.

2) Do yoga.  Basic stretches or more advanced contorsions can squeeze what you are seeking out of your being.  When the student is ready, unexpected teachers and teachings appear.

3) Declutter your life. Now is the perfect time to pass on or get rid of what you outgrow or are no longer using.  This applies to physical things as well as outdated beliefs and ways of living.

4) Adjust the dial.  Whatever you typically listen to, allow yourself to hear what you tend to miss or overlook.  Listen to a new station or crowd.  Notice real reasons you tune out or tune in.

5) Appreciate silence.  Discover peace and tranquility are not only found during particular conditions.  They are ever-present, core states of being always accessible to everyone.


See through your questions

Pinpoint the questions that linger in your mind.  Focus on the body.  Allow yourself to experience the aliveness and energy flowing through.  The aliveness is held in the body form by consciousness.  The mind is what identifies the questions and seeks answers.  be aware how the mind operates.  It is always thinking because this is its nature. Who is aware of the body-mind? What makes you aware that you think? You really do not know. Let silence answer all questions.  As you explore what is real, you explore the feelings.  The mind cannot answer as it plays tricks.


7 Ways to see through lens of Soul 

Nothing and everything is unfolding in this same moment.  Wherever you think you are, all that is unfolding gives you opportunities to connect with and embrace reliable soul guidance.  Seeing through the lens of Soul is being aware of the bigger picture or deeper reasons for your choices.  Ponder seven ways to see life as it is through the lens of Soul or Higher awareness:

1) Recognize whatever you perceive arises with its opposite.  Positive and negative thoughts arise together just as opposite words produce each other and merge.  Each points to the other as a lesson to recognize the underlying message that is revealing itself.

2) Move without teaching. Simply be yourself without the intention to do anything. Watch the mind. You can move physically and be still inside.  Every choice you make is being watched. You never know who is watching, or seeing life differently due to what you say or do.  Imagine every step you take is inspiring yourself in another situation.  Be your own student and teacher.

3) Live such that you possess nothing yet appreciate everything.  Possession here implies thoughts of exerting control and attaching.  From the moment you realize what is real cannot be owned, you relax more in life, welcome what comes and appreciate impermanence.

4) Do not glorify heroes.  Come to see everything as a divine reflection and you are awake to true divine nature.  You no longer put people on pedestals or view anyone as better or worse.  Rather, you see everything as different versions of you drawing true essence to the surface.

5) Live in humility.  Ambitions weaken as they lose your attention. Do what you do without the aim of recognition.  Presume nothing.  Be devoted to heartfelt gestures for no reason.

6) Be empty. When you are empty, you are bottomless and you have infinite uses and paths. It means move in peace.When you do not treasure objects, you do not worry they could be stolen or taken away.

7) Respect natural order.  Notice the divine flow.  Allow nature to be the ultimate teacher.  It only ever reflects who you are at the core.  Everything arises from and disappears into silence.