Dr. Liara Covert

Holistic Coach
Breathwork Psychotherapist
Sunshine Coast, Queensland


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"Conscious breathing synchronized with simple body movements, can be the fastest way to feel inner balance, peace and well-being.  It is also the fastest way to energize and shift your state of mind. - Colin Chenery


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7 Dimensions to Breathe into wellness

Many people have heard that mastering the rhythm and power of the breath is the key to optimal health and well-being.  Yet, fewer are familliar with the dimensions of wellness and the ways each one is positively affected by breathwork. Feeling a spark of curiousity growing within?

Turns out, our breath is the energetic stream in the background that shows us everything is interconnected.  What if we could be guided through breathing sessions that empower us to see, feel and release our own blocks? What if we are primed to feel more love, joy, balance and realize greater potential naturally? What if the experience of pure freedom is closer than we think? What if we are missing something and this makes things seem harder than they are? What if we could align the conscious with the subconscious mind and let go of what we outgrow?

Thoughts, feelings, beliefs and emotions are in a perpetual dance. Thoughts and beliefs lead to emotions. Our feelings and emotions shape our thoughts, and other areas of life. We cannot affect one without affecting all. As we uncover origins of our negative self-talk and unconscious behaviours, and shift, our emotions and conditions shift. As we honor our feelings, voices of anger or fear diminish.  Ponder 7 dimensions to breathe into more holistic wellness;

1. Physical
2. Emotional 
3. Mental 
4. Social 
5. Financial 
6. Intellectual 
7. Spiritual 


All you know is joy

From the moment you sense the physical part of you is not all there is, you are closer to aligning with the authentic you. Its relatively easy for you to forget the bigger you. This exists beyond what you discern with the physical senses and continues to evolve beyond the physical being, beyond what the physical world tells you is reality. As you shift attention to energy vibration, you awaken to what you are expanding from. Recall that which you are inside. Its pure joy.

"Joy is the feeling of grinning inside." -Melba Cosgrove


Feel your way home

Notice the feelings in your gut about a sense of home.  One perspective conditions you to identify physical elements and associations of what this means such as geography, heritage, and structure.  Beyond this, you sense a feeling much bigger and brighter than what you are told. You are invited to feel your way home.  From this view, home is a timeless, spaceless experience, that has nothing to do with what the human mind tells you.

Consider that to speak of and focus on what is coming distracts you from what other people say is reality. From the broader, non-physical perspective, you have a particular understanding of how things are, of what home feels like.  You also know all dreams are answered.  There is no need to impose your understanding. You know what you know and have nothing to prove. If something is not relevant for you, you would not encounter it. A sense of home shifts as you grasp the root lesson speaking to you.

The authentic you knows you never leave home.  You only pinch yourself off from it long enough to realize you always come full circle.  The assumption that there must be more to life may inspire you to travel far and wide.  Regardless of the nature of your perceived journey, revelations are the same.  Physical senses give way to reveal more.

"Home is not where you live, by where you feel understood." -Christian Morganstern


Choose to allow inner guidance

Everyone is given the information about how to move to a place of ultimate health and well-being and yet, not everyone chooses to listen. Everyone has infinite capacities yet, some people exist in a state of mind where they choose to deny that. Everyone is multi-sensual yet, some people ignore their higher senses.   Everyone is fundamentally innocent and free yet, many find reason to feel guilty and imprisoned by mind.

Why do you choose not to live in the present every moment? Why do you resist enjoying everything about your life now? Why do you limit your experience in any way? Why are you attached to particular events and people? Why fear outcomes?  Why not smile at everything and take everything as a blessing in stride?

Not everyone consciously shifts their vibration to tap into wisdom available to them, yet some people choose to remember innate fearlessness. The conditions of your existence determine your level of receptivity to all you are given, to what the real you knows about the physical and non-physical. You opt to be soothed or annoyed by it all.  Funny, you cannot cease to be or cease to discover all that is new.


Feel your way to the truth

Imagine rays of light extending from you and drinking in the feelings of the external world.  What vivid impressions come to you?  Get past the visual information that is detected by the physical senses. Etheric energy reveals far more of itself.  Notice the process of moving beyond your inhibitions and fear of being wrong.  Perception can be expanded in varied directions.  Each empowers you to trust.  Go with the flow.