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Dr. Liara Covert

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Breathwork Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker, Coach


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Most people spend their lives reacting to feelings rather than creating with them.

- Neale Donald Walsch

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Hear your own inner music

Thanks to all visitors for the incredible response to Let the Universe do its thing. Additional questions are being posed about the upcoming workshop in Greece. Enthusiasm is growing. Interested participants tell me they feel an intuitive draw to this place and event  and are asking for details.  Intuition is a feeling that cannot be explained. It invites you to trust something beyond logic. Follow the inner signposts

Each human exists to rediscover and tune into the rhapsody of the innermost spirit or the song of the soul. The mind translates this loosely as "life purpose" or "pupose at this life stage" yet, mind does not grasp infinite being or unlimited potential. Different degrees of 'wakefulness' exist just like different levels of listening and hearing.  The mind selectively tunes in and out based on judgement and fear. Conditioning has a way of silencing inner music until you grow aware and tune in more consciously, and live more authentically.  

Much like the boy in the film August Rush, every being can tune in to hear more inner music, to feel its momentum, use it as a guide to detect synchronicities and express it in unique ways.  Yet, many people forget how to truly hear. This is where the Greece event comes in, to empower you to tune into life differently- 'the What always comes before the How'.

Greece has an incredible ancient heritage that allows one to tap into divine nature and creative potential on a whole new level. Common feelings of restlessness, confusion, fear and judgment subside as one integrates wisdom known and applied by ancient Greek mathematicians and philosophers. Attending any event enables you to get exactly what you need even if you cannot yet put your finger on it. Among other things, joining us in Greece is an opportunity to:

1) Feel messages and energies present in ancient sites

2) Integrate more soul knowing into everyday existence

3) Discover how ancient Greek understanding of sound and geometry helps solve many modern mysteries

4) Deepen inner sight/ perception of the truth in your heart that nobody else may believe or hear

5) Come to trust intuition more, and be more confident to bring a more expanded version of you to light 

Whatever unfolds, everything you encounter, you draw into your awareness or scope because you are ready for it. Words cannot express what is felt. Only a heart knows what it feels.


Uncover the obvious path 

It is common to assume that you exist to follow a certain path or series of experiences in your life in a certain sequence.  What if being taught to create and follow linear expectations is the root of discomfort and negative feelings? What if you could live differently and realize your highest potential?  

The path to joy, fulfillment and balance is not always obvious, and yet, you can take steps to uncover it for yourself. Humans are conditioned into selective awareness.  This is why it is common to overlook what is present and available and to filter the sensory perception of what is possible.

This is the moment to make positive changes in your life, to hone in on what does not feel right and identify the path that you keep hidden from yourself. Relish life purpose on a whole new level. The choice of how to live is up to you. What if you exist to do the best you can in a whole new way? Time to discover what this means directly. Your time is now.


Uncover Evolving Life Purpose: 12 questions

As you reach a life stage when you are ready to explore or shift life purpose, you are ready for new levels of reflection.  Sit down in a quiet place with some paper and a pen or a computer. Answer these questions.  Be honest.  You are doing this for yourself:

1) When someone asks you to describe yourself, which words do you use? Notice you form your identity with words. Notice how would you like to shift this self- view. Write some experiences you would like to explore; different passions and perspectives. Watch how your sense of purpose evolves though words you write and speak aloud.

2) What do you enjoy doing with with the physical body? Notice the nature of your body image and identity. Notice the common belief about life purpose is "I am (what I do with my body)". For example, you may say: I am a boxer and my life purpose is boxing or I am a drummer and my life purpose is drumming.  Be aware you are not limited to what you do with your body at any life stage. If you cease to use your body one way, this does not mean you no longer have a purpose. True purpose is independent of conditions. How you feel about yourself points to but does not identify life purpose. Notice body experiences catalyze desire for new ones. Be aware the body itself is simply an experience the wider you is choosing.   The body is not all you are and not who you will always be. Watch how your perception of your body and purpose are changing.

3) What do you enjoy that engages other aspects of self (mind, spirit & senses)? Notice how it feels to expand beyond a limited body identity. Ease into a wider level of perception. Notice something watches, engages and triggers the body and emotions. For instance, a sense of the dearly departed, insight into what your children or lovers are doing when they are out of sight, and knowing who is going to call before the phone rings, are signs of wider perception. Know you engage in wider frameworks of communication as a pivot point.  Life purpose evolves based on your awareness and vantage point. Recognize the position from which you are looking affects how you view yourself, your purpose and priorities.  Notice you are many things, not one thing.

4) What are your strengths actually telling you? Notice whether what you like to do is what you are told are your strengths. Notice whether you come to believe what you are told or listen to the heart and do what feels right regardless of what others say.

5) What brings you a sense of freedom? Notice what prompts you to focus on a particular mission or end result. Your beliefs. See through the light of understanding. There is actually nothing you are tied into, no karma. Nobody is making you do anything except you. All scripts are changable. Imagine how life feels with subtle shifts of practice and identity.  Notice your views on control. When ready, discover you physically translate as events what Spirit conceives as a feeling and energy patterns. The mind inteprets or translates symbols of freedom while the spirit embodies it.

6) Which experiences awaken and nurture your confidence? Notice fear is learned. Love and acceptance (confidence) are innate. Notice perceived challenges serve you, draw attention to who you are beyond fear. Notice what sorts of connections you are making with what you do, with what you have done and envision doing.

7) Imagine how you see the world as a person with limited physical senses. Notice which senses are magnified? missing? What compensates for the absence of others? Notice how feelings and what you have available to you is used to construct your reality. Notice how multiple perspectives are available to you. Notice how you are able to more consciously access these resources or what is required of you to do so.

8) If you could teach something to others, what would you teach? Jot down a message you would like to share with a group. Brainstorm how you would do this. Imagine what you are doing in five years and behave as if you already are. 

9) What would you do if money was not an issue? Notice judgments about money that surface and how they reveal mental blocks of scarcity.  This can prevent you from doing what you love. 

10) Write your own eulogy. How would you like to be remembered ?

11) Who do you truly want to be? Be aware of which aspect(s) of you enjoys life most and how you can you focus more attention and energy here.

12) Who inspires you? Notice the qualities of these inspirations awakening in you.  Notice you are integrating aspects of these lives into yourself. Notice the larger part of you is already conscious of experiencing these lives.  Notice the larger part of you is having experiences that the physical you is feeling. Be aware any life challenges you take on relate to evolving and transforming into who you want to become. The larger part of you knows everything is unfolding in complete harmony.

If you wish to explore these and related life questions in more detail, to be empowered and inspired, contact us about our life coaching services.


Sharpen your senses

Each of your senses offers clues to who you are, where your key skills ly, and which kinds of activities would allow you to experience deeper fulfillment.  The key is to attune to how your body, mind and spirit communicate and to remember how to listen.  Guidance can be helpful.

You may notice that certain among your senses seem more pronounced than others. In other words, each of us tends to use certain senses more often through conscious or unconscious preferences.  This comes naturally for good reason.  You can learn from everything but some ways feel easier than others.  Do you notice your own nuances? How do they clarify life purpose?

Here's a clue: pay closer attention to your chosen words and phrases. What do they tell you about the senses you favor and the kind of person you are inside? Whatever your apparent preferences, it suggests new kinds of visualization or other multi-sensual activities will assist you to progress along a path to further clarify your dreams.  You can build on whatever insight you gain.  Begin with a general review of all your senses.  Identify and explore the extent of your comfort zones.

1) Are you a visual person? These kinds of people focus mostly on the power of observation.  When asked about descriptions, they choose words that favor visual images. Their memories reveal they retain adjectives and think in technicolor.  Artists and Scientists can both be visual.  Many life roles and perspectives benefit from strengths in this area. Consider whether you say things like:

-I’ll have a "blue" holiday without you.

-Business prospects appear to be “looking up.”

-It’s great to meet you “in-person” (put your name “to-a-face”)

-The photograph captured the diversity of vegetation, you "get the picture.”

- Are you “watching” me?

-Colors of suffering (i.e., her face was "green" or "jaundice" suggested hepititis.)

2) Are you more of an auditory type? These kinds of people reinforce sound in rhythm or rhythm.  They also choose words which draw attention to, value and magnify the ears. Composers imagine in musical notes.  Musicians, DJs, singers, and secret code writers and decoders are examples of roles where people apply auditory strengths.  Consider whether any of these echo familiarity:

- I “hear” you loud and clear.

- The last option “sounds” appealing.

-Details just “clicked” into place.

-That name “rings a bell.”

“Listen” to what I’m saying.

-We’re “in sync” or "on the same frequency." 

-It must be some-thing "psycho-log-ical” or may be some-thing very “phys-ical..”

3) Do you consider yourself a tactile (touchy-feely) person? Kinesthetics may be your thing.  You may intuit energy and vibes. You may learn and retain best after carrying out a physical activity.   You may also favor more than one of the senses.  Do you grasp space and motion especially well? Consider how you might apply such skills if the following make sense:

-We’ll keep “in -touch”

- "Feel the heat."

-My heart is "pounding."

- He “felt” that she disagreed.

-Hold the "vibration."

-"Crumple" the paper. 

4) Are you someone who lives through the nose? These kinds of people have extended memories based on olfactory intelligence.  Perfume makers fall into this category.  Spice merchants, cheese makers, wine and other beverage connaisseurs, all have strong nasal memories.  Imagine having thousands of scents inside the tip of your nose! You'd be an encyclopedia of scents.  Maybe you utter things like this:

-Something “stinks!”

-His mind triggered the smell of "grandma's homemade apple pie." 

-I “smell a rat!”

-He detected a “musty odor.”

-Her eyes squinted amidst the "smoke and fumes." 

-The liquid hit his tongue with "the distinct texture of black currents, the tartness of cranberry and a light dusting of cinnamon." 

5) Are you a taste-oriented person? Maybe the most intense memories you retain ooze with flavor and savory intensity.  These kinds of people think with their tastebuds.  Chefs and other people with specialty palettes and have no trouble concocting delicious recipes based on a memory of combined. Ask yourself whether you think with more than your overactive saliva and create descriptions like:

-That was a "bittersweet" moment.

-She looks like a “tasty morsel!”

-That person's temperament is “sour/ sweet/ tangy/ bitter.”

-Do you have a “taste for music”?

-The thought made me “lick my lips.”

-The menu led “my mouth to water.”

6) How does it feel to sharpen your listening skills? As you respond to the questions above, you may begin to realize that when you think you are listening, you are missing a large part of the picture that matters to you.  In essence you are taking in lots of information and filtering it through the mind or feeling things through the heart.  As you learn to quiet the mind, you start to recognize distractions arising and they no longer control you.  Life coaching can empower you.

"There is no such thing as a worthless conversation, provided you know what to listen for. And questions are the breath of life for a conversation." - James Nathan Miller

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