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"Health is a state of mind.  Wellness is a state of being." -Anonymous


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Savour every plateau

Right now, you may feel you are in a new place on so many levels, but where do you go next with it? You begin to see, feel, perceive new areas of life, to make connections between your thoughts, feelings and manifestations. You sense a desire to go deeper and expand on it all, but what now? 

It is common to have an intense period of change, transition or uncertainty that continues for days or months, but eventually seems to abate, capture less of your attention.

The human journey of Awakening is a multi-dimensional, non-linear process that unfolds uniquely for each being. As you allow it, you are Divinely guided every step of the way. Every experience is a self created opportunity for growth that organically appears on your path. You expand into your internal world of self knowing. Savour every plateau on route to discover more true greatness. Even breath is pure genius.

At different stages, you may feel stuck or disoriented. Such leveling-off is purposeful and invites you to see differently. When it feels right, seek a teacher, book, or meditation practice to explore and better integrate new sensations, dreams, urges and reflections. Intuition is always spot on. If you feel ready for a career transition or other life change, then go with it. The heart always guides to what feels right.


Allow light to speak through you

Everything of the universe is multi-dimensional.  Based on levels of awareness, wisdom, knowledge and truth reveal themselves. If you are not ready or willing to listen to the heart, you feel discomfort.  Degrees of truth emerge based on levels of fearlessness, or what you are willing to love and accept unconditionally into your scope. 

Words are vibrational patterns or sound. Emotions emit vibration. They arise based on mental perceptions of the past. Feelings arise in the moment and allow what is to express itself. Imagine being the consciousness of the sun or, that of a star.  Allow light to speak through you. Illusions and darkness serve the expansion of one creator. To pinch off unlimited knowing invites you to dig deep within. Allow truth to shatter the paradigm of duality.


Reconnect with inner peace

I initially experienced the nothern lights (Aurora borealis) during journeys through northern Scandinavia. One can also sense this phenomena in other geographic places, though images, sound, expanding senses and multi-dimensional travel.  One discovers languages of peace & joy echo through timeless universal light energy. Regardless of where you are, this is a window into soul. Share your impressions of this cosmic language. How does it invite you to expand senses differently?


Journey to merge with the light

One thing astral travellers learn is that experiences do not always translate easily into words. What you feel before, during and after astral states, is not always similar to other people's experiences. That is no reason to worry. Energy beings adjust and assimilate to new environments their way.

Pure spirit energy is the core of every human being. During astral experience, this energyrises outfrom theconfines ofyourphysical body into the ethers of the astral plane. This light energy body travels without hindrance. Thisdiffers from dense body energy and limits of waking movement.

When permitted to think, the mind may wonder the point of the astral. It enables you to view parallel dimensions. They teach you to viewlife from the inside out. In the astral state, one abandons the outer, linear perspective.When you can stretch your fingers as if they are elastic or, float through your room, walk along vertical wallsand up through th ceiling in to the night sky and beyond, physical laws no longer make sense.

Consider when your light body essence floats out of the physical body.  As it lingers in a world three feet above the gound, familiar faces meet you to teach you about oneness. At a given moment, you willingly rise to the occasion. You stop precisely at energy levels you are ready to explore. Time is meaningless.  You do not seek love.  You feel it everywhere.

Turn around in the astral. You may see a clone of a different size, as if in a mirror but on a different level of existence.  You sense part of your core energy is always elsewhere other than where you perceive to be. That is only the beginning.  Some human beings believe they incarnate with more than one purpose, and they also host more than one body in more than one place. Further, energy takes different forms outside the physical. It opens doors to soul behind the light.


10 steps to awaken your third eye

It is felt that the third eye is active and makes wider sensing possible as humans dream. As the physical eyes are closed, the physical mind works in conjunction with this heightened sensitivity. Many people wonder how they could learn to open this third eye while conscious. What if learning is not the issue but rather, getting out of the way?

Consider the third eye," is where, as the Bible notes, "thine eyes become single," where there is no longer a difference between male and female, and where "the peace that passeth all understanding" dwells.  Another view is that deepening awareness enables a seer to access Godhood. Allow yourself to truly be open and receptive to this other eye.

To deepen awareness, you must truly believe the third eye exists and know the pineal gland used to be the third eye.  It is actually a cosmic receiver and sender of multi-dimensional information.  This gland gets calcified (blocked from functioning/ seeing) as you ingest fluoride and certain foods. You can research this.  A good rule of thumb is to stear clear of processed foods and high fructose corn syrup. You may choose to alter your standard food and beverage diet and toothpaste brand, and drink purified (non-fluorinated) water to decalcify the pineal.  Watch how seeing takes new shape.

You may think its desirable to force the third eye open quickly, like with a drill.  This is not advisable.  An unexpected bump on the head, meditation and yoga are practices that help quiet the mind. The gradual or spontaneous rising of kundalini energy has a huge impact.  When you are ready, the third eye reveals itself.  Ask yourself why you want it open now.  What is the urgency? Did someone tell you to do it? How do you suppose this can serve you?

It is relevant George Boyd explores the attentional principle (purusa). As you evolve to separate yourself from its vehicles; the astral (used in dreaming), causal (your logic) and mental (assumptions), you discern how the third eye functions alone.

At its core, the nature of your attention is like a wave of self-understanding. When you focus at this level, you move from contemplating your 'attentional principle' to being it. Different kinds of meditation focus  attention on the expansive view of the third eye.  Engaging the third eye reveals that you are raising your core vibration.

Practice of Purusa Dhyan Meditation (Based on work by George Boyd)

Sit upright in a chair, or in a comfortable cross-legged position on a sofa or, on a cushion on the floor. Loosen your shoulders. Do head half head circles. Close your eyes. Focus attention at the point between your eyebrows. Shift attention to the areas blow for 3-5 minutes each. Discern experience at each level, then move on:

1) Sense what it means to sit 'here & now.'
2) Become aware of sensations arising from the external environment 'in the now.'
3) Detect sensations arising in the body 'now.'
4) Feel emotions arising 'now.'
5) Recognize thoughts arising 'now.'
6) Reflect on 'I AM' statements, with related thoughts, feelings, & memories.
7) Notice memories and impressions bubble up from the Subconscious.
8) Identify the present sense of time is being recorded in memory.
9) Refocus attention be move through each chakra of the Subconscious mind.

After you have completed the 9 steps above, you are ready to focus attention behind the point between the eyebrows towards the top of your head. You will encounter a presence behind this center that silently observes. Focus more intently on this presence. You will begin to see and feel light emanating from this presence.

Affirm quietly, "the self, the size of a thumb, is seated behind the two eyes. It is self-effulgent light. It is consciousness itself. I am this consciousness." This outlines the attention principle. In a nutshell, its your third eye that expands your vision within when your two eyes are closed.  How detailed your visions become begins inside.