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Uncover Evolving Life Purpose: 12 questions

As you reach a life stage when you are ready to explore or shift life purpose, you are ready for new levels of reflection.  Sit down in a quiet place with some paper and a pen or a computer. Answer these questions.  Be honest.  You are doing this for yourself:

1) When someone asks you to describe yourself, which words do you use? Notice you form your identity with words. Notice how would you like to shift this self- view. Write some experiences you would like to explore; different passions and perspectives. Watch how your sense of purpose evolves though words you write and speak aloud.

2) What do you enjoy doing with with the physical body? Notice the nature of your body image and identity. Notice the common belief about life purpose is "I am (what I do with my body)". For example, you may say: I am a boxer and my life purpose is boxing or I am a drummer and my life purpose is drumming.  Be aware you are not limited to what you do with your body at any life stage. If you cease to use your body one way, this does not mean you no longer have a purpose. True purpose is independent of conditions. How you feel about yourself points to but does not identify life purpose. Notice body experiences catalyze desire for new ones. Be aware the body itself is simply an experience the wider you is choosing.   The body is not all you are and not who you will always be. Watch how your perception of your body and purpose are changing.

3) What do you enjoy that engages other aspects of self (mind, spirit & senses)? Notice how it feels to expand beyond a limited body identity. Ease into a wider level of perception. Notice something watches, engages and triggers the body and emotions. For instance, a sense of the dearly departed, insight into what your children or lovers are doing when they are out of sight, and knowing who is going to call before the phone rings, are signs of wider perception. Know you engage in wider frameworks of communication as a pivot point.  Life purpose evolves based on your awareness and vantage point. Recognize the position from which you are looking affects how you view yourself, your purpose and priorities.  Notice you are many things, not one thing.

4) What are your strengths actually telling you? Notice whether what you like to do is what you are told are your strengths. Notice whether you come to believe what you are told or listen to the heart and do what feels right regardless of what others say.

5) What brings you a sense of freedom? Notice what prompts you to focus on a particular mission or end result. Your beliefs. See through the light of understanding. There is actually nothing you are tied into, no karma. Nobody is making you do anything except you. All scripts are changable. Imagine how life feels with subtle shifts of practice and identity.  Notice your views on control. When ready, discover you physically translate as events what Spirit conceives as a feeling and energy patterns. The mind inteprets or translates symbols of freedom while the spirit embodies it.

6) Which experiences awaken and nurture your confidence? Notice fear is learned. Love and acceptance (confidence) are innate. Notice perceived challenges serve you, draw attention to who you are beyond fear. Notice what sorts of connections you are making with what you do, with what you have done and envision doing.

7) Imagine how you see the world as a person with limited physical senses. Notice which senses are magnified? missing? What compensates for the absence of others? Notice how feelings and what you have available to you is used to construct your reality. Notice how multiple perspectives are available to you. Notice how you are able to more consciously access these resources or what is required of you to do so.

8) If you could teach something to others, what would you teach? Jot down a message you would like to share with a group. Brainstorm how you would do this. Imagine what you are doing in five years and behave as if you already are. 

9) What would you do if money was not an issue? Notice judgments about money that surface and how they reveal mental blocks of scarcity.  This can prevent you from doing what you love. 

10) Write your own eulogy. How would you like to be remembered ?

11) Who do you truly want to be? Be aware of which aspect(s) of you enjoys life most and how you can you focus more attention and energy here.

12) Who inspires you? Notice the qualities of these inspirations awakening in you.  Notice you are integrating aspects of these lives into yourself. Notice the larger part of you is already conscious of experiencing these lives.  Notice the larger part of you is having experiences that the physical you is feeling. Be aware any life challenges you take on relate to evolving and transforming into who you want to become. The larger part of you knows everything is unfolding in complete harmony.

If you wish to explore these and related life questions in more detail, to be empowered and inspired, contact us about our life coaching services.

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Reader Comments (6)

......Hi Liara......

What I have noticed over my lifetime is that when I was younger.... I used to specifically give my body attention.... so I would work out with weights.... I would run to feel or to gain a result in muscle mass.... to feel and to see or imagine results at the physical level. Having done so, I would press or pass through pain barriers, jump through mental hoops of expectations, and test my self in relationship and in comparison to time.

However.... now that I am older and have shifted my dimensional perspective.... physical activity is actually easier than it was when I was younger.... not that I was poor at it back then. It is easier in the sense that I flow with little effort with set intentions..... and once in such conduits of activity... i don't tend to take notice of the body at all or take notice of time. I am simply aware of what I am receiving while en-route.... so in a sense... i am floating in an energy stream. That is not to say that I don't feel my body.... if it speaks to me.... I go there... acknowledge it... and then let go of the contact or connection to engage in other stimuli or feelings.

So I have come to a place now where I don't always really differentiate between what we call the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual. They each are what they are as if they were all equal, as if embedded in a soup of energy or spirit. So .... what am I conscious of as I place my awareness or attention upon something. What is emanating beneath any formation.

As far as a eulogy.... from my experience..... consciousness continues in the same way as indicated in what I wrote above concerning the physical. With no attachment to the body... one merely has their attention somewhere else or right here and now when one is supposedly said to die. What ever catches your attention.... you go to it. Its almost as if a eulogy expresses regrets and both positive and negative attachments. They are equated with unresolved business and therefore can be considered karmic issues. If you are here now, then you are here also after the so called physical. One then is remembered within without the desire to be attached or linked to anything in the outside world.... One could even say that if someone dwells on you after you die, they keep summoning your spirit until they remember you within their own hearts.... thereby letting the spirit continue on after death. So instead of describing the past and what was... each soul is equipped to scribe the moment. What does one re-member now..... what connection is being initiated now.... what is being taken to heart...... what is being born into this moment..... what is being created with the addition of new information that is embedded or encoded within the environment.
January 26, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterbern
Bern, love the retrospective here. I resonate with the moving through stages of focus and shifting attention or tuning into resonate wholeness. Sensing flow and merging with it alters perspective. Each stage is a vantage point of the whole.

As for eulogies, people are conditioned to assume a eulogy is a speech or writing that recognizes someone who is no longer physically present. This is not the only view. At the core, a eulogy is simply an expression of praise and acceptance. In this moment, self-appreciation can also be silent or an affirmation. In this way, a now version of a eulogy invites readers to feel love and explore what it is to be love itself. Imagine a future you reflecting back on how you would like to see yourself to help you evolve in another period/ dimension. This is like a reverse vision board. The impact on the energy is the same. In fact, this is what the future you is already doing. To be reading this is to deepen conscious awareness of the cosmic process.
January 30, 2013 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
Dearly beloved, we are gathered here in this moment to dream a better dream, not in that the previous moments dream was worse, but in that life has been expanded upon through direct connection with whatever or whoever presents its self openly and honestly in any given situation. Dreambuilders, down under.....a portal not only into the subconscious.... but also a vast tool into the unconscious universal mind..... has been instrumental in such an expansion for my overall Self.

I have been looking deeper into number seven and how if the physical senses are diminished.... what result would that create in how one experiences reality.

The five physical senses do create specific experiences both individually and combined within the third dimension.... However, each sense alone or combined are pointers towards the essence which is transmitting the energetic pulses that a human being will be receiving. They are akin to clouds spinning out from a center focal point of stillness or silence. Therefore, if a person were to lose their sight or their smell or sense of touch, it really shouldn't matter if they know to follow their senses back towards the center or to source of the original broadcast.

Often it seems, if an individual goes through a crisis, and for instance loses their sight through the physical eyes, other senses then become more sensitized or enlivened. Since something appears to have been lost.... the individual then begins a questioning process or a quest to rediscover greater aspects of reality which may lead them towards the sixth sense and how the energetic body processes feelings and how that then translates into inner vision, which then often deals with absorbing or accepting more fully the stimulus at hand.... and not through the diminished capacities of the five senses that most people under utilize.
January 31, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterbern
Bern, humans can find losing the use of some senses is a short-cut to tuning into the roots of being. The supreme self is the root of being, and is also recognized in silence. Allowing the power of love to flow is something the blind can see and the deaf can hear. Each sense is like an assemblage point that allows one to open to love on a broader, deeper level. The essence of what we are is love at every level. Love is not only felt and relayed using five familliar senses. Chakras, primary and secondary meridians are among other assemblage (energy) points that can be open or closed. As the third eye opens, you grow aware of a large amount and variety of energies.

One question is how can an unlimited being truly have limited senses? Can this be? Put another way, an unlimited being can access a limited number of senses by choice. If someone appears to lose senses, this may trigger attuning to deeper, heartfelt senses that are ever-present yet often overlooked. Sometimes something destructive happens in order for something constructive or new insight to emerge. Each human is exploring love at different levels. The sense of honoring and valuing life on a collective level is, for instance, relatively new. By its very nature, evolution affects which faculties are open or closed, that is, which perceptions are consciously accepted or denied. You cannot see what you are not willing to accept. Selective awareness and sudden blindnes are common stepping stones to expansion.

Although aspects of the heart have been relatively closed and dormant in the general population, this is increasingly changing. The heart centre is called the unity chakra, It feels the energy vibration of the 'bigger picture', regardless of which physical or other senses are active. When one is in a state of heart consciousness, one cannot harm people, animals, plants or anything. One is attuned and resonates with the energy flowing in all things.
February 1, 2013 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
Jannie: She was cute and funny and she sure could dance.

February 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJannie Funster
Jannie, everything unfolds in this moment. Dance forever. Be a whirling dervish in the heart
February 5, 2013 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert

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