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"Health is a state of mind.  Wellness is a state of being." -Anonymous


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3 Tips to stop being overwhelmed

When life is having a strong emotional effect on you, to the point where you begin to feel buried, discourages or temporarily dazed and confused, its the perfect moment to read these three tips:

1. Prioritize

Make a detailed list of everything you are doing so you have a clearer idea where your limits are and what you feel comfortable delegating.  This may require setting up a meeting with people, seeking professional advice or counsel to discuss or explore.

2. Brainstorm strategy 

Once you have the information directly in front of you, this is the moment to brainstorm or mindmap a way to better handle the situation (or many situations) you may have come to juggle.

3. Take steps to believe in yourself

Whether you are a leader who's role involves inspiring team players to value their unique contributions and develop confidence or, whether you are simply ready to get your own life in order, take steps to build your own confidence. Where the will exists, a way can be found.


Get the point of the exercise

When you are receptive, every experience offers lessons.  Whether or not you realize it, you invite everyone you encounter into your life to help you grow and learn more about yourself. Every moment is an opportunity to see connections between the person you were, that which you are, and where you are going. Every thought leads to a belief and every belief creates experience. Its all based on vibration. Do you feel the messages you send out? Recognize your experience mirrors back your thoughts and beliefs.  If you do not like your experience, you have power to change it right now.

No matter what you do, the point of the exercise is to get to know yourself better, to clarify what means the most, to let go of what is unnecessary in your life and to display a growing confidence in all you do. Pay attention. What is your story? What do you tell yourself? What are you sharing? How can it be polished? Imagine your ideal scenario.  Feel what its like to live it.


10 ways to get to know yourself

It is handy to get to know yourself better. This builds confidence, self-appreciation, deepens your connection to what matters, is useful for dialogue, interviews, functions, ice breakers or as as guide for visionboards and meditation. 

Regardless of your current conditions, ponder these ten questions at your leisure (write, paint or express your responses in ways that feel most natural). The answers reveal qualities and priorities that can guide to help you decide what next in life and whether our coaching can assist.

1.  Reflect on what you feel most often

2.  Be aware of the most frequent focus of your thoughts

3.  Notice how you spend money (& how you feel about $)

4.  Identify what inspires you, gets creative juices flowing

5. Be conscious of those things that tickle your funny bone

6. Who are the five people you spend the most time with?

7. What touches your soul?

8. What do you bring or contribute to a new planet?

9. Which ten things do you grab to make a quick meal?

10. Where do you go/ what do you do if no limits exist? 


Hear your own inner music

Thanks to all visitors for the incredible response to Let the Universe do its thing. Additional questions are being posed about the upcoming workshop in Greece. Enthusiasm is growing. Interested participants tell me they feel an intuitive draw to this place and event  and are asking for details.  Intuition is a feeling that cannot be explained. It invites you to trust something beyond logic. Follow the inner signposts

Each human exists to rediscover and tune into the rhapsody of the innermost spirit or the song of the soul. The mind translates this loosely as "life purpose" or "pupose at this life stage" yet, mind does not grasp infinite being or unlimited potential. Different degrees of 'wakefulness' exist just like different levels of listening and hearing.  The mind selectively tunes in and out based on judgement and fear. Conditioning has a way of silencing inner music until you grow aware and tune in more consciously, and live more authentically.  

Much like the boy in the film August Rush, every being can tune in to hear more inner music, to feel its momentum, use it as a guide to detect synchronicities and express it in unique ways.  Yet, many people forget how to truly hear. This is where the Greece event comes in, to empower you to tune into life differently- 'the What always comes before the How'.

Greece has an incredible ancient heritage that allows one to tap into divine nature and creative potential on a whole new level. Common feelings of restlessness, confusion, fear and judgment subside as one integrates wisdom known and applied by ancient Greek mathematicians and philosophers. Attending any event enables you to get exactly what you need even if you cannot yet put your finger on it. Among other things, joining us in Greece is an opportunity to:

1) Feel messages and energies present in ancient sites

2) Integrate more soul knowing into everyday existence

3) Discover how ancient Greek understanding of sound and geometry helps solve many modern mysteries

4) Deepen inner sight/ perception of the truth in your heart that nobody else may believe or hear

5) Come to trust intuition more, and be more confident to bring a more expanded version of you to light 

Whatever unfolds, everything you encounter, you draw into your awareness or scope because you are ready for it. Words cannot express what is felt. Only a heart knows what it feels.


Be a trailblazer

Discover what it is to be a trailblazer.  Feel what it is like to be a pioneer in different areas of life.    Notice who inspires you, what evokes something new for you, what feels good. Focus energy and attention on what is flowing, on what is uplifting, creative.  Do the things that feel best often.  This is like entering into an intensely saturated bright world of light, from where meaning arises.

One approach to trailblazing is to Practice the Middle Way.  Investigate and penetrate the core of life and all things with an upright, unbiased attitude. Problems do not exist unless you imagine them into being. Everybody can allow or disallow the energy that is flowing.  See situations with ease.  See the playfulness of the vision, see what it feels like to be natural without resistance.  

You can do things to blaze a new trail or, you can also do nothing so the existing trail or footprint disappears. Ease the way into true nature.  Explore causes, results, actions and your reasons for engaging. All you encounter is a guide.  Focus on what is fun to do now.  Milk it for all its worth.