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Breathwork Psychotherapist
Sunshine Coast, Queensland


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"Health is a state of mind.  Wellness is a state of being." -Anonymous


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Read the signposts

Everything you experience is a kind of signpost or, riddle to be solved.  In a way, every being exists to decode or decipher his own being. Questions such as "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?" are guides to explore the unknown.

As regarding events you perceive with the physical senses, humans are currently living through tests for their humanity.  Anything you cling to in your own life is offering a lesson about change and detachment.  Each individual is invited to find a way to let go of old ways of doing to embrace new ways of being.  Being honest involves  remembering how to listen to your heart, being open to possibilities that defy logic.  Be aware there is always more going on than recognized by your filters of beliefs.  Notice what happens as you allow yourself to explore options presenting for you.  You are being by love rather than fear, expanding into more of yourself.

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