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"Health is a state of mind.  Wellness is a state of being." -Anonymous


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Hear your own inner music

Thanks to all visitors for the incredible response to Let the Universe do its thing. Additional questions are being posed about the upcoming workshop in Greece. Enthusiasm is growing. Interested participants tell me they feel an intuitive draw to this place and event  and are asking for details.  Intuition is a feeling that cannot be explained. It invites you to trust something beyond logic. Follow the inner signposts

Each human exists to rediscover and tune into the rhapsody of the innermost spirit or the song of the soul. The mind translates this loosely as "life purpose" or "pupose at this life stage" yet, mind does not grasp infinite being or unlimited potential. Different degrees of 'wakefulness' exist just like different levels of listening and hearing.  The mind selectively tunes in and out based on judgement and fear. Conditioning has a way of silencing inner music until you grow aware and tune in more consciously, and live more authentically.  

Much like the boy in the film August Rush, every being can tune in to hear more inner music, to feel its momentum, use it as a guide to detect synchronicities and express it in unique ways.  Yet, many people forget how to truly hear. This is where the Greece event comes in, to empower you to tune into life differently- 'the What always comes before the How'.

Greece has an incredible ancient heritage that allows one to tap into divine nature and creative potential on a whole new level. Common feelings of restlessness, confusion, fear and judgment subside as one integrates wisdom known and applied by ancient Greek mathematicians and philosophers. Attending any event enables you to get exactly what you need even if you cannot yet put your finger on it. Among other things, joining us in Greece is an opportunity to:

1) Feel messages and energies present in ancient sites

2) Integrate more soul knowing into everyday existence

3) Discover how ancient Greek understanding of sound and geometry helps solve many modern mysteries

4) Deepen inner sight/ perception of the truth in your heart that nobody else may believe or hear

5) Come to trust intuition more, and be more confident to bring a more expanded version of you to light 

Whatever unfolds, everything you encounter, you draw into your awareness or scope because you are ready for it. Words cannot express what is felt. Only a heart knows what it feels.


Shift how & what you see

You may have heard that it requires a certain amount of time or number of days to change a habit. To shift how and what you see is not based on time so much as on vibration.  

The familiar five senses you use to decode or interpret life are filters.  They may seem to tell you a lot, and people are taught to rely on them as reliable guides.  Yet, in doing so, you may not realize you block other senses out completely.  

This is not about seeing the world through rose-colored glassess.  Its about being aware of the unconscious lenses you already wear, consciously evolving to see through them. 

At the perfect moment, something shifts or arises within you. When ready, you use a different compass to navigate through life. The language of geometry offers  something different. It is all about recognizing what you are taught and letting go, allowing nature and its ancient wisdom to be your pilot.  



Shatter myths & decipher taboos

No time like the present to be aware you create myths and ideas of taboos in your life. Notice when a sense of restlessness arises. Its a pointer. Imagine how empowering it is to recognize how you adopt beliefs and what prompts you to feel its time to let them go. Every thought and feeling is a gift to be unwrapped. Decide each one serves you.

Consider everything you see through physical eyes actually resonates sounds beyond what you are conditioned to hear. As you raise awareness, you sense everything is light that vibrates at a certain frequency. Spoken words, thoughts, and feelings also have tones. You can come to recognize vibrations of love and acceptance and whatever blocks them. Get ready to take responsibility for creating realities you vibrate into being. At any moment, you can make a new choice. Changing your attitude changes your perception. See through filters of fear. Be loving and change your sense of reality.

On another level, your body is full of geometry. It is constantly transforming from the inside based on your thoughts, words, action and inaction. Your entire body can be mapped according to sounds. It automatically grows toward the ideal unless something (i.e. "you") get in the way. Thoughts affect various organs and the senses too. You use sounds internally and externally. A simple sound can reorganize the body's cellular structure. Specific sounds activate and heal the body. Explore what it is to be more aware of a range of sound frequencies. Discover how every choice you do and do not make contributes to your own sense of limitation or limitlessness right now.