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Dr. Liara Covert

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Breathwork Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker, Coach


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Most people spend their lives reacting to feelings rather than creating with them.

- Neale Donald Walsch

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Uncover the obvious path 

It is common to assume that you exist to follow a certain path or series of experiences in your life in a certain sequence.  What if being taught to create and follow linear expectations is the root of discomfort and negative feelings? What if you could live differently and realize your highest potential?  

The path to joy, fulfillment and balance is not always obvious, and yet, you can take steps to uncover it for yourself. Humans are conditioned into selective awareness.  This is why it is common to overlook what is present and available and to filter the sensory perception of what is possible.

This is the moment to make positive changes in your life, to hone in on what does not feel right and identify the path that you keep hidden from yourself. Relish life purpose on a whole new level. The choice of how to live is up to you. What if you exist to do the best you can in a whole new way? Time to discover what this means directly. Your time is now.

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Reader Comments (5)

The sequential or linear path can also be described as a path that leads one in circles. For some, when the circle is completed, they train themselves or give themselves permission to transcend into a larger more encompassing circle. For others, they keep going around in the same circle because they may feel safe or comfortable knowing what will arise on the horizon. However, on the mystical path, the circle is transcended where one floats on a cloud of cosmic newness. Yet this too can be described as being immersed in the greatest of circles.... where energies are circulating on a cosmic level of awareness. And yet another path of conscious recognition is to visit existing cultural circles as if one were entering a petri dish. This visitation then is likened to an angel visiting the lower worlds. The mission for the angel or transcendent being then is to inject new energy into the dish, causing the circle to shift or to expand or to grow into a higher circle of understanding. The angel may also shift or show certain doors for other souls in the dish to exit the circle into a parallel world with a differing outlook. When the mission is completed, the angelic soul or wandering spirit merely floats about mystically until they land upon another circle or petri dish that has requested upliftment.
December 29, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterbern
Do you suppose that on the obvious path one no longer is exposed to negative feelings being directed towards them. For instance, let's say that Liara is a known writer. If someone reads your books or your blog or browses your website, or even if a web bot scans your material and the bot has intent behind it, doesn't that focus outside energy upon yourself. If someone reads your content, and judges it in some way.... does that transfer telepathically into your psyche? So like a scientist looking at electrons and quirks and quarks and such, doesn't the mere observation of the particles change their behavior? Or if one is on the obvious path, does the blanket of love transmute any such energies into a sense of neutralization. But what about those unconscious aspects a person may hold... will they not then seep in and effect the creator of the art work. Sometimes I wonder about historical people such as Sidhartha or Jesus of Nazareth. Although they may have obtained some sort of peace on earth... are they at peace as spirits with so much of humanity placing their attention upon them. Or again, does their love neutralize any lower vibrational aspects being directed in their name. If you call them, ring their door bell, do they not have to open the door. It's like perpetual trick or treat or Halloween for them. Maybe it's one big celebration for them... a chance to socialize with those who come a knocking or spooking.
December 29, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterbern
One question that arises is 'does the path choose the soul or does the soul choose the path?'Every human is on a chosen path. The journey doesn't end here. Every event is another wave in the flow. Every human takes the path according to his capacity, understanding and temperament. The true guru meets each of us along the way.
December 29, 2014 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
Reminding me of the Buddha quote... there is no path to happiness, happiness IS the path. Letting go allows room for unexpected chapters to arise on our path.

Happy loving day to you and yours, Liara.
January 1, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterJannie Funster
Jannie, nice to recognize everything is a pointer to messages about true happiness all around you. Be like Buddha, recognize this, tip your head back and laugh at the endless sky...
February 23, 2015 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert

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