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Relish every revelation

Every moment, it is possible to relish your own revelations.  Notice a shift as what initially seems important suddenly grows unimportant.  Self-created filters of judgment are dissolving.  What remains is revealing itself and defying any explanation.

Every message you give yourself reveals a common thread... you are stringing yourself along, playing life too seriously as emotions rise and fall.   Laugh more.  See the big picture from the point of view of the infinite universe.  Right now, No-thing really matters.  No-body is in control. You are always no-where.


What if its all here?

Notice how your sense of meaning and inspiration in life change as you begin to recognize all you ever want or need is right where you are.  Notice what the mind would have you think and believe is necessary to become, to do or have.  Watch what happens as what you think you have to do is already done.  Address yourself as if you are everything you are seeking.  Get out of the mind.  Feel through the lens of the heart. Notice the impact on your thoughts and feelings.  Allow yourself to imagine how it is to feel peaceful, accepted and loved.   Everything you undertake reaches for love. 

Notice what stands out for you at this stage of your own creative journey. Notice what you feel compelled to do and to stop doing.  Notice what loses meaning, importance and attention.


Shatter your own myths

Take this opportunity to raise awareness and shatter at least one of your own myths.  What do you recognize about yourself at this moment? What stands out? Share a belief, attitude or perception you outgrow.  What triggers this new perspective within you? Feel why this is perfect timing.


Feel as if it exists now

Realize you feel experience into being. This revelation encourages you to allow what triggers joy to guide your choices. Know reality does not change, only your level of conscious acceptance of heightened awareness and perception. As you take responsibility for listening more closely to your intuition, you do only what resonates.  You notice repeated synchronicities and trust more. People fade into and out of your life based on your vibration.  You may interpret this as things you do or no longer have in common.  Only good things and messages of love continue to present for those on this wavelength.  Visualize what you desire to be your life and suddenly, you sense or know reality unfolding as you feel it.  Allow being and be.


Let the meaning disappear

Every moment, the meaning of life as you think about it, is in the process of disappearing. Notice your own tacit revelations and how they unfold.  Awakening in stages may seem like silent realisations, like certain choices and conditions are no longer being energized.  What do you sense is fading in your life? Which circumstances no longer serve you or seem to hold attention? Mind echoes that all is impermanent.