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“Unconditional love is caring more abotu alignment than being right." - Abraham




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Feel joyful for no reason

Whatever has guided you to this website, from the moment you make up the mind to change, you are already shifting into a new level of consciousness.  Now is the moment to get clearer about what you are doing, why you are doing it, as well as the underlying reasons for your life choices, how you are living, breathing, feeling and being. 

As the will to shift grows, it helps to hear about inspirational mentors who have made lasting personal change. This of course, is only heresay until we experience unique inner shifts ourselves. It pays to train ourselves to be more observant, to break conditioned emotional patterns, to see our environments and time anew to allow authenticity to blossom.

Rest assured, you may have already begun this process.  Nonethless, it can be valuable to receive a bit more insight, related to meditation, breathing and how your body and behaviour offer you signs and signals.  Who you present to the world is not necessarily who you ar at the core.  

Feeling joy for no reason happens as we dismantle our old identity and break the habit of pretending to be someone we are not.


Move beyond the suffering

When you get upset, lose focus or balance, pay attention to what your emotions are telling you.  Stop giving credit to others for the way they seem to behave.  The world around you only ever responds based on your expectations.  Notice what happens when you are alone.  Notice what agitates you, makes you feel impatient.  Notice what happens as you separate yourself from source.  You cannot be mad at someone or be afraid of anything and be true to yourself.  Brace yourself: a conflict with anything is a conflict with yourself.  So, what can you do about it?

1) Stop allowing yourself to be offended.  Whatever offends you only weakens you.  Being offended creates the same destructive energy as that which is used to press your emotional buttons in the first place.  Monitor your thoughts and inner dialogue.  Nothing irritates you unless you allow it.  What to do? Stop resisting. Look deeper at the nature of your own suffering. It actually begins and ends with you.  The real issue is a yen to control the uncontrollable.

2) Let go of your need to be right.  You are conditioned to believe some people are right and others are wrong.  If you allow yourself to get agitated, you are disconnected from your loving, creative spirit.  Letting go of the need to be right helps you embrace kindness and gratitude for lessons at hand.  Imagine yourself in another's shoes.  Would you feel the same as you do in your own skin?  Would you behave in the same way or see more than one 'right way'?

3) Give up the desire to win, compete or be superior.  Whenever you get stirred up, and lose sight of inner peace, observe the ego.  As you let go of the desire to be better than others, you recall a feeling of calmness.  You begin to see all experience invites you to evolve within yourself, to see the nature of impermanence.  Give up any unwholesome state of mind.  Sadness, grief, fear, regret, and pity do not arise when you have true self-understanding. As you feel inner gentleness, you strengthen compassionate, wholesome states of mind.  Love reigns.  The heart knows all is always well, that everything is equal, that every situation is win-win for all. 

4) Know its all unfolding in divine order.  Whatever your role or stage in life, you attract the perfect conditions and people.  See things from a higher vantage point.  When people do not show up to assist you, then you have the skills, self-discipline and emotional intelligence to handle it on your own.  Before you judge others, ask yourself how you would deal with the situation from their perspective.  Only when you know the cause of suffering is that the end of suffering. You benefit others by nurturing a non-judging mind, and keeping an open heart.

5) Recognize you cannot separate wisdom from compassionYou know things as they truly are through your own direct experience.  The more you grasp reasons for your emotions and your own suffering, the more you understand the suffering of others. You strengthen a more conscious connection with all beings.  Be loving and kind toward yourself. Accept you are not who you think.  Forgive yourself.  Ask yourself questions and allow answers to emerge. Nothing fazes the essence of being. You can inspire people into a place of non-suffering by existing in this state.  Be present.  By direct inner seeing, you see what matters without study, logic or reason. 

"You can't suffer yourself into their understanding.  You have to succeed yourself into their success." -Esther Hicks

"Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit.  Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset."  - St Francis de Sales


What is really going on?

Some people tell you they sense time, as they understand it, is accelerating.  They offer their perspectives and interpretations.  They offer you opinions on world events.  They use words to judge and describe and exert effort to pin things down.  What do you see?  What is really going on in the world?  How do you sense things within yourself?  Why the impulse to question?  What happens as the thoughts cease?

What you choose to believe is what you believe.  What you choose to have faith in is based on your focus and a lingering spark of doubt that things may not be going well. The mind tells you reality is one thing while the heart and soul whisper another.  What about the Middle Way? Sense that place where contemplation stops. Be that now.

To ask what is going on is to quietly assume your own ignorance or lack of understanding.  Notice what happens as you shift from a restless state of mind to a serene state of being.  You see that fear and doubt underlie beliefs and faith.  You shift attention into knowing and trusting all is well.  Nothing happens.  Nothing fazes you.

"The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express." -Francis Bacon


Know words are irrelevant

Consider no limits exist to what you can experience when you move outside resistance. On many levels, you have no words to describe what you are already experiencing. Feel rather than describe. Words are a byproduct of vibration. You attract based on your energy and your words.

The words you use reflect your state of mind. Knowing is a state of being. Without analysis, you are releasing levels of resistance beyond conscious awareness. Silent blockages disperse easily. Talk about discomfort, you give it energy, the blockage gets bigger and more irritating. You notice physical senses are vibrational interpreters. As you allow it, you sense beyond that. Go where you do not require words.They lose importance.

As you come to that place where words are less relevant, you just know. This is merging with who you are. You are awakening to the opportunities and experiences you receive without consciously feeling them fully. Allow them to fill you. It only matters you grasp it. Timeless beauty and wisdom reach you. What other people do or do not take on-board is irrelevant.


Mount resistance or release it

From where you now stand, you begin to understand energy takes different forms and formless states.  You begin to realize not everyone sees, experiences and interprets energy in the same way.  Things happen that enable you to know with great clarity and precision the answers to your questions.  You re-energize all you are.  Time and space have nothing to do with it.  You mount resistance or release it.  You allow degrees of freedom and expand or, postpone this.