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I am always in the right place at the right time successfully engaged in the right activity whether I know it or not. -Leonard Orr

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Clarify and hold that vision

Something within you is prompting you to clarify and hold that vision. That which is bubbling up from within you begins as a feeling, an unspoken prompting or nudging to move in particular directions without hesitation. This is an invitation to do what you incarnate to do, to actualize why you exist, to contribute an emerging expression of your own uniqueness. This is creating a version of Heaven on Earth.

Something is open to each and every human being at every perceived level and situation.  All you have to do is allow yourself to tune in or, let go of all that blocks what is felt in the heart.  Allow spontaneity and child-like innocence to be the unwavering guides. Its okay not to see what is arising.  Being at ease, and thriving on uncertainty, is key to more than you know.


See beyond the periphery

Imagine for a moment how the soul is laying out your resume. This may be very different than techniques you are currently using. Everything you read and write has a vibration. Seeing beyond the periphery only scares you if you have expectations. Know where you stand. Know where you wish to go. Then do not focus too much on your points of reference. See and feel a vision with the heart.  Find humour in your changing vision.  Know everything can and does change in an instant.  What does it take for you to be excited about the unknown? Live fully yourself. Accepting you is accepting limitation is illusion.

So what is seeing beyond the periphery? Its seeing through the eyes of a child.  Change how you see. Hold no expectations. Allow yourself to see blessings and lessons everywhere. Approach yourself through innocence. The power of thought can change circumstances you perceive. Operate through child-like understanding. Nobody creates a series of events they cannot master. Own the Path you are on.  You create it for yourself so you recall everything as you operate from awareness. Nothing is happening to you when you recognize and take full responsibility for how you think and feel.


Return to innocence

Many people think they know the idea of happiness amd bliss.  Do not settle for being a master of the thought or concept of such things.  Refrain from labelling what is felt and who felt it. The knower and the knowing are not separate. You need not label things, control and grasp them.  Where do you find the peace that passeth all understanding?

Notice that a child is not born speaking language.  Could this be the secret to innocence, compassion and perfect, unconditional and supreme love? Be without speech.  See what happens. Notice what happens what happens when there is the absence of anyone doing anything. Immaculate conception is not to think concepts into anything. You are unborn.

Let go of tension.  Let go of the illusory love that is defined and recognized by the mind.  Return to Source.  Imagine you have no body, no thought or life as the mind has you believe. There is actually nothing to do.  Focus attention on the silence that is wisdom and pure love.


The truth has many faces

What you see is only ever yourself in different forms. You love and accept everything equally or dislike and reject certain things that reveal you do not yet love yourself fully. Hearing this, you may notice degrees of acceptance or resistance and think you have unanswered questions. How does it feel to know you always find what you seek but do not always accept it?  Watch how what you are living transforms before the senses.  Notice the opportunities that emerge in your life.

Consider the truth has many faces.  At any moment, you see the version of the truth you desire.  Until you see through illusion, you do not see things as they are, you see things as you are. As you begin to notice you do not always act in your best interests, you may begin to focus on particular life questions.  The truth according to whom? The best interests according to whom?

Notice why you actually want something. Identify it. Why would you separate from that which you want or tell yourself that you must struggle to get it? If you think you lack anything, its because you forget that the identity you create and reinforce is not real. Notice experience changes as you shift focus of attention from doubt to certainty.  What underlies it all?

As you journey into the heart, you return to innocence. True self is forever present.  Separation from the ultimate truth of who you are is impossible.  Any restlessness or discomfort you feel is an illusion you create to pinch off from what never leaves you. This is another wake up call.

"Being part of the natural world reminds me that innocence isn't ever lost completely; we just need to maintain our goodness to regain it." -Jewel


Let things be as they are

Feel what existence is like as you not only forgive without question, but you intuitively see beyond error.  There is no chaos, imbalance, nothing to undo or rectify.  You no longer act out of fear.  You perceive no problems, no need for solutions. Dissatisfaction and restlessness are gone.  You are not at war with the mind, or struggling to stop thinking.  You drop pretensions, drop hypocrisies, and willingly let go of conditioning.

Observe what happens as you let go of the attitude of control and manipulation.  Nothing anyone says or does fazes you.  What has no effect ceases to exist in your scope of awareness.    As you let go of agendas, let go of the desire to transform, to self- improve or better understand, related people and situations dissipate that are incompatible with your energy vibration.  The intention of realizing ambitions, becoming famous or accessing magical power do not cross the radar screen.  You no longer notice opportunities to actively bring these things into your experience. 

As you let things be, the desire for more ceases. History is irrelevant. A sense of the past fades.  This is the returning to innocence, seeing things as they are without the filters of mind. You allow the natural state of being to reveal itself. Just being natural, being yourself is nothing extraordinary.  This is about noticing what is, that is all.

Consider when Lin Chi was asked, ”What has happened to you? People say you have become enlightened,” he shrugged his shoulders and said, ”Happened? Nothing. I cut wood in the forest, and carry water to the ashram – carry water from the well, cut wood because the winter is approaching.”

 "Man is a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally or not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human." - Aristotle