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"The greatest danger for most of us is not that we aim too high and we miss it, but we aim to low and reach it." -Michaelangelo



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3 Tips to rewrite your hi-story

Its common to feel unhappy about the way certain events have unfolded or seem to be unfolding in our lives.  We adopt labels. We readily define ourselves as survivors or experiencers of pain and suffering. What if we could see beyond the pain body as a witness, rewrite our hi-story and transform our present and future on every level? Would we do it? Consider these three tips:

1.  Change your attitude

For things to feel stuck or uncomfortable requires two things; an event to unfold and us to feel disturbed.  As we change our attitude, stop feeling powerless and take reposnsibility for how we feel, how and what we perceive changes. Our thoughts and responses to life are alterable. Imagine what happens as we view everything as a blessing and welcome whatever comes.

2.  Recall reality is bigger than you

This moment that appears to be unfolding in our midst is one of a zillion moments that do not fall within the scope of our awareness. The only thing different or special about the events in our experience is those are ones we see or refer to as focus of our attention.  Why allow a tiny speck of energy to determine who we are?

3. Face the fear

Patterns recur as we fear what we would be without them. Drug addicts who come off drugs generally experience withdrawal.  This is a kind  of discomfort.  The first course of action is to let go. If discomfort remains, we can deal with it on a deeper level. This is why it is said we must die to be reborn. Meditation, breathwork, regression or FLP, assist us to remove filters that prevent being, seeing, feeling and sharing pure love. Pain may seem inevitable yet, suffering is optional.

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Notice inner beauty

Notice inner beauty and it is easy to identify some blessing in whatever is happening, in every person you encounter. You can feel a kind of flow toward harmony in everything and everyone, even if a given person is unable to see it within himself. Everything you encounter is a mirror reflecting the love that is.  It is what you are.  Discover for yourself as all you are not falls away.


3 Steps to greater happiness

Many people reach out for greater happiness or a deeper sense of fulfilment.  Infinite ways exist to get anywhere and be anything.  Its up to you. Conside these three steps to access:

1) Be aware of your thoughts.  You may underestimate the power of your thoughts.  Being aware is noticing what you think about and beginning to recognize you are not your thoughts.  In fact, they are simply passing ideas you choose to believe or not.  When you focus on something, you come to believe it.  Let thoughts arise and fall away and  they do not control how you feel. 

2) Let go of what you outgrow. You may notice aspects of your life no longer feel right or resonate. As you go through stages of evolution, you lose interest in certain people, places, activities, foods, jobs, behaviours. You may feel the unexplainable urge to cry, change or do something you have never done before. You may be going through a kind of shift in identity, a shift in how and where you live.  Being willing to let go of what you outgrow implies being open and receptive to your feelings and spontaneous impulses.  Listen more closely to the heart.

3) Be happy where you are. When you get right down to it, if you are unable to appreciate something in your life as it is, then you are not going to find happiness elsewhere. The common thread is you. How you feel where you are relates to what is conscious and unconscious.  Your understanding of 'happiness' can make you feel separate from what you want.  Watch what happens as you come to see beliefs as they are.  Allow yourself to feel what you are feeling. As you observe everything as a blessing, joy flows more freely.  Whatever obscures it falls away.


You are guided

You are guided every second of every day.  This guidance invites you to be aware of everything around you without deciding anything, without attaching.  Listen closely. Take the perspective that you always get to where you are supposed to go at the right time for the right purpose. Be glad about it.  You always encounter the right people who point you toward what you ask to see. This is how it is. It cannot be any other way.  See without the judgmental mind.  See the blessings in all you notice, get and do not get.

If time seems to get in the way, or conditions seem to push your emotional buttons, recall who creates time and who is observing all emotion and signals in your being.  Who is the light behind the projector? Who is in charge of the inputs and outputs of energy and infinite senses? Watch and allow them to operate. Trust in your guidance. Appreciate whatever happens.  Its all a blessing in disguise. Its your creation.  Allow energies to move backwards, forwards and in all directions.  Be gentle.  Watch what happens as you allow energies to flow through you easily.  The universe honours you.

The biggest thing that stirs the world up is not moving in-tune with your being. 


Liberate from the projection

Some people are unaware they are a facit of consciousness that forgets its unlimited nature.  Imagine why consciousness ignores itself and longs to be free.  Reflect on how your perspective shifts as you realize you are already everything mind echoes you do not have.  What blessings do you discern in the process of self-forgetting? Are you familiar with sensations of the unthreading of confusion?

As you sense you move into a perspective of expanding transparency, you open states of remembering. People begin to recall meditation is not something they do, it is the natural presence of consciousness they are. From the vantage point of ignorance, the person is what you are and meditation and love are things you do. As you flow into deeper understanding, meditation and love are what you are and the person is what you do temporarily.  Ego is an optional activity that reconnects you to soul. Shifting states is part of Cosmic Synchronicity