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One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating. -Luciano Pavarotti

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5 Tips to feel more energized

When feeling drained, you are taught to seek new sources of energy and new ways of generating energy. It is common to exeriment with food and reduce or eliminate certain items from your diet.  It is also common to focus attention on activities to build physical endurance, stamina and dexterity and to stop doing what makes you feel heavy, tired and unmotivated.  All approaches have their place. Yet, what if you could access more energy instantly?  Consider 5 tips to feel more energized:
1. Accept things as they are

When you accept something as it is, your ability to change the situation changes. Whatever you accept in this moment, you are free and your aliveness blossoms. From the moment you see your responsibility is limitless, you accept everything the way it is. Whenever you deny responsibility at any level, you deny the way things really are. Conscious or unconscious denial is a form of resistance and both are draining.
2. Let go of enslavement

When you react to something, you are enslaved to that.  When you get angry, that to which you direct your anger is in control of you. The basis of creation is acceptance otherwise you are a series of reactions. Reactions are draining physically, emotionally and mentally. Being a calm observer balances and stabilizes your energy levels.

3. Be aware of mental creation
Action is about the next moment. Previous moment is about what appears to have passed.  You can only think about past and future. Yet, your whole experience of life is always in this moment. Any other moment is imagination. Thinking about past and future is not a problem. The problem arises when this moment is forgotten.  The next moment is not inevitable. Mind does not know future. Mind takes its understanding of past and reshapes it. Focusing on a future implies you only see it as a repetition of the past. This is draining.

4. Be in this moment

Being in this moment is tapping into the unlimited power house. Living in the moment is not the same as living for the moment. Living for the moment is the pleasure-seeker's life. The feeling of 'not-enough' or dissatisfaction is draining.  This is the reason for constant seeking of new sorts of plaeasure. Living in the moment is not something you have to tell yourself. Simply sense the next moment is full of unlimited possibilities.
5.  Be authentic  

Ever notice that when you are not true to yourself, when you do not heed intuition, life feels draining?  Being authentic is like a direct connection with the source power of your core.  It enables you to tap into untapped energy, unlimited source of inspiration, confidence and fearlessness. The more you are true to yourself, the more enthusiasm and energy flow.  When you are in the logic of your head, everything seems to take effort.

5 Tips for taking Quantum Leaps

It is common to reach a point where you sense deep down that you are not always listening to your true feelings, that is, not living authentically. If discomfort or dissatisfaction arise within, then you are guiding yourself to experience life in a whole new way.  As you commit to total honesty, and take full responsibility, you know you are in the right place right now. 

Connect with us to embark on a program that empowers you to take quantum leaps in consciousness.  Explore universal principles, how they reveal self-limiting beliefs, recall what resonance with true nature is, and expand beyond belief.

As a brief exercise, reflect on these five terms.  Observe how they feel and speak through you.  This is part of the process of recognizing and removing blockages from the lower energy bodies so what living authentically means can reveal itself more clearly.

1) Integrity

2) Harmony

3) Grace

4) Perfection

5) Love


Notice what is always happening

Many people are conditioned to strive for things they think will satisfy or fulfill them.  They seek the fastest, most economical way to the goal or the best way to appease family, friends, or least painful way to conform to society. It is common to think you can control things and to discover you do not.  Sound familliar?

What is truly fulfilling cannot be learned or taught.  It is always accessible and seems to come from nowhere when you are ready to recognize it.  You do not have to know from where or how it happens. Something remains in the hands of existence or beyond ego mind's control.  There is another way of seeing. 

Notice what is always happening.  Something is taking care of itself.  No need for cause or motivation. Belief in anything is a barrier to seeing.  Any search is mind-oriented.  Taste what is present all around you. It is not a means to an end.  It is grace.  The heartfelt path of true nature guides moment-to moment.


Who is playing this game?

As you shift attention to and from external events, what do you notice?  The inner judge arises.  Watch it comment and compare.  Beliefs and morals pipe in.  Listen to the voice that asks who is responsible for the events and the fragmented perception of them. Who is playing this game?

As you shift from noticing difference and conflict in the world to feeling unity, the mind is quiet.  Observe the traits of the human ego.  It appears arrogant and selfish.  As you shift from an ego focus to feeling guided by the heart, your behaviour naturally changes.   Soul knows everything is always pointing to who you truly are.  Discover that.  What stands in the way is the desire to be "me." To know the truth is to want nothing in return.  Life shines out of pure grace.

Consciousness is playing this game. The human being is a divine expression of consciousness yet does not control or possess it.  So long as your focus is on a separate or individual identity, you overlook the divine being within.  The living spirit shines inside each being.  You only appreciate those things you feel mirrored within yourself.  True nature is present. Its never quite the picture you see with human senses. So much more is revealing itself. Allow seeing. Feel the way.

Everything points to the God or Buddha within you.  Everything evolves and regresses on some levels.  As you allow yourself to see and feel more of the divine within you, the pictures change.  Travel inward and expand on the kaleidoscope.  Many forces are at work to sustain this illusion.  Be awake and flow with the movement of consciousness.  Be alive to the light of consciousness.


Negativity unresisted is grace

Everything you experience makes you who you are. As negativity arises, you may be conditioned to resist it. And yet, as you allow every emotion to flow freely, something amazing happens. All things experienced fully reveal their opposite. Are you ready to take responsibility for peace within yourself in this moment? NO waiting is required.

Something prompts you to realize you can exist in peace. Notice polarity or conflict within yourself as part of the human experience. You can also recognize that any sort of separateness, any perception of divided ideas or personalities, whatever identity you are protecting, is pure illusion. You know nothing is knocking on the door of the mind.

The human part of human-being is an opportunity for deeper discovery. Cease doing what you are doing.  Let go of all self-image, all you are taught. Do nothing. Notice what remains.  Allow grace to reveal itself. The source of awareness or consciousness is present and exists as you to know itself now.  The heart only loves everything as it is.

"God, give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, courage to change the things which should be changed and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other." -Rinehold Niebuhr