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The secret of time 

Human life has a perceived time span.  It seems to fall between two moments in history. Notice how you live life based on the clock and schedules.  Notice at what stage time, as the mind knows it, begins to lose its hold on your focus of attention. Notice how the end always meets the beginning.

Time travel is not only possible, it is happening now.  Feel the vibration.  Notice what happens as the power of the imagination travels faster than the layer of perceived time in which events seem to unfold. From different layers of time,  information is retrieved and brought to your attention. This is not merely the role of seers and prophets.  Every being has this gift. The soul itself is the timeless oracle. Only the head and heart are grounded in perceived time. Enter inner time and access the field of abundance. Only the mind has you believe in secrets.  The heart is open and transparent.

The secret of time is that desires know none.  To be awareness is to experience the power of time travel, to move forward, backwards or in any direction and sense the playfulness. Whatever the wish, it is already realized in a future. Mastery reveals you can travel there and bring it to this moment.  The only time that exists is imagined into being by humans.  You stop your own clock.


Release the thoughts

Everything you think helps or hinders innate ability to see things as they are.  Thoughts arise on four levels relating to ; a) the body, b) the mind, c) the soul and, d) the invisible realm.  Watch what happens as you realize that thoughts are impermanent and release them.  Holding on to them keeps you from seeing clearly.  Notice what it feels like to be at peace with and without thoughts.

1) Open the heart to all that can be known. Be receptive. Be aware that you are the only thing that stands in your way. Let go of doubt, fear and all that blocks panoramic views.

2) Practice discernment. As you cease mistaking the mind for Self, pain, pleasure, and suffering no longer exert a hold over you.  Accept it allwith grace. Joy is ever-present.

3) Notice when you confuse the Seer for the seen. To identify with the external is to judge, be drawn into emotion, illusions of ownership and power. This confuses a road map with the road.  Attain mastery of the senses.  Allow being true to self as if its the first time.

4) Look with the inner eyes. Perceive all the conditioned mind misses. Lose your fascination with the body. Be open to the Spirit within. Know the mind and physical world arise only because you dream them up. Be aware of how it feels to penetrate deeper into the essence of being.

5) Identify with your True Self. This is infinite, knows no boundaries, observes where thoughts take form and sees through the games the mind plays.   True Self is grounded in peace and is unaffected by external events.


Remain as the Self

That which perceives everything else in its presence is the seer. When you allow a thought to turn into a belief, this becomes your experience. This world is and is not exactly what you think in the moment. In the heart, all truth is confirmed for you. There is no unknown, only that which is revealed or obscured. Only the mind accepts or rejects. To remain the Self is to completely surrender to the infinite unknown. There is no place to go where you are not. Nothing exists with the watcher behind appearances. To know freedom is to touch the soul. Nobody can ever eat, sleep or just be for you.


Master your fear

Awakening to self-mastery reveals you are that which observes and has no form.  You are the unmoving seer. Everything unfolds in front of you, emanates from you. The mind decides on its focus of attention and invites you to partake in perceiveable experiences. You are not in the box but can choose to pretend that you are. From this perspective, you explore love and fear and are invited to master fear to see things as they are. Everything flows through the heart.  As you engage in introspection, you find courage to allow emotions to flow so you remember to see them as they are.  In essence, the self invites itself to recognize itself.  Let go of the unreal.


Trigger divine revelations

Oracles are also known as seers. Some human beings assume seers know what is yet to happen. Those who attune to energy sense more possibilities than those persons who are less aware of energy flow. Part of you already asks yourself how you could trigger your own divine revelations. Another part of you knows;

1) Its a reverse process. You must let go of thoughts and feelings that block what you already hide and know. Only then will you open inner doors of self that you temporarily closed.

2) Accuracy is relative. What you sense unfolding is based on current awareness, perspective and insight. As you evolve, revelations evolve. How you view relevance begins inside.

3) Consciousness shifts. A human being does not trigger your direct awareness of anything. Your sense of connection with truth emerges, regardless what others describe. Some beings read energy vibes effectively and help expand your consciousness. Whatever your own experience, when you’re caught up in a vision, its what you try to prove is real.

4) Move beyond words. What anyone writes or says is heresay unless you evolve to experience similar phenomena. You my or may not relate. Words only prove someone wrote them sometime. Sensing energy goes beyond physical words.

5) Proof evolves in experience.  No one proves to another person God or higher beings exist, and no one can prove they do not.  Whatever you experience becomes your reality. Whether you accept or reject experience is something else.

6) Open yourself wider. Each person has to rely on his own personal awareness and pay attention to what is real if he wants to find truth.  As you open yourself to the truth of what is, what exists in reality may expand based on what shows up.