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In order to re-invent ourselves in the next grandest version of the greatest vision we have ever had about Who We Are, we have to collectively produce circumstances allowing (or requiring) us to do so. 

-Neale Donald Walsch

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Allow oneness 

The mind suggests you go through periods of forgetting and remembering.  From the vantage point of oneness, everything on Earth is the same energy flowing freely without beginning or end. Nothing is better or worse than anything else.  Ego and perception of hierarchy only exist in the human mind.  Notice where your thoughts, emotions and behaviour reveal you perceive inequality.  Notice what process you go through to remove the blinders to allow you to know who and where you are.


Bypass the roadblocks

Life presents infinite opportunities. Humans have selective awareness and the capacity for independent thought. Some people sense many opportunities where other people see none.  Some people zero in on difference and others only discern equality.  Some people diminish or limit self where others choose to focus on expansion. Why consent to allow other people make you feel less than you are?  

Notice when you make decisions based on what you want and based on fear of what you do not want.  From the moment you realize you create your own roadblocks, you are also realizing you have the means to bypass them.  Reclaim your inner power. You can dissolve the programming that creates the self-defeating thoughts and tendencies.  Add context referring to stories about your life.  What do you notice?

Consider what you would tell your mentors or programmers as you outgrow their teachings. Silent gratitude is timeless. Know everyone you encounter is a meaningful teacher. Be grateful for how they trigger stages of your awakening. As you outgrow certain beliefs and discern illusions and mis-perceptions, you are in the process of dissolving them. Recognize why you create roadblocks so you can let them go and be free.


Notice what animals teach you

Many human beings allow ego to construct a hierarchy of creatures. Be aware of thoughts and other behaviour that appease mind.  Where do these ideas come from?  What do they block you from seeing?

What if every being and creature is equal and offers timeless teachings? Notice the universe offers many opportunites to be open and receptive.  Share timeless lessons you learn from the wild kingdom.


Recognize yourself in another

Compassion is a force that enables you to recognize and appreciate aspects of yourself in others. Consider what motivates you to admire, model or choose to live vicariously through certain individuals. What does such identification teach you? Beyond form, in the level of being, you sense equality and move from conditional to unconditional love. A shift in perspective is one way to consciously Transform Your Life


Recognize the nature of intelligence

Many people ask, what is intelligence?  Answers sought outside self differ from those offered at soul level.  Where do you look?

In the global marketplace, the economics of supply and demand suggest intelligence is quantifiable.  Participating soceties create imagined needs.  In this way, a person is viewed as intelligent according to practical utility of or marketability of skills or inventions. 

In realms where beliefs reign, intelligence is grounded in principles and value judgements.  Assumptions emerge like those who are more intelligent necessarily have more or less material wealth, health or specific conditions that are not equally accessible, yet widely desirable. 

From another vantage point, intelligence is something earned through experience in this and other lifetimes.  Consider societies that revere elders, reincarnated spirits, cultural history, or rituals and traditions which are practiced and mastered over time. 

Ultimately, people can say things about your body or mind, but does this truly reflect intrinsic value? Who can say anything about soul? What if everyone is gifted with the same infinite, inner knowing, yet accepts this to greater and lesser degrees? Only soul echoes the truth.