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Dr. Liara Covert

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Breathwork Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker, Coach


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A purpose of life is to expand the boundaries of love, to widen the circle of our concern, to open up rather than shut down and the expand rather than contract. -Arianna Huffington

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3 Questions to ask 

Now is the moment to step back and listen to the signs and signals we are giving ourselves.  Three questions we can choose to ask:

1) When feel anger arising within you, what is this really about?

2) When you feel sadness about something outside you, what/whom are you really grieving for?

3)  What does it take to recreate that joy you felt before you stopped smiling and/or dancing?

The universe is patiently waiting for our senses to get sharper.- Eden Philpotts


5 keys to living backwards

If you have ever moved anywhere or completed any project, you intuitively know the key is to work backwards frm a point, that is, to imagine the future you looking observing what is necessary for the evolving you to catch up.  Consider these 5 keys to living backwards:

1. Detail the end vision (where are you?, what are you doing? For whom? Why?)

2. Ponder what fully accepting the vision involves (multisensual exercise- flow of energy/ events)

3.  Work backwards creating milestones (how to get from here to there-mind to heartfelt)

4. Notice how you feel where you stand (what is missing?)

5. Focus on passion of being alive, here, now in this moment (presence)


5 hints you are on the right path

Its common to wonder whether you are getting anywhere.  You may have a vision of where you see yourself, a message you wish to convey, or be working on a project and feel impatient or confused about the results.  Ponder these ten hints everything is unfolding perfectly

1. You are increasingly honest with yourself

The more you express how you feel, right where you are and what you want or not, the more you begin to see the power and vibrational energy of honesty in action. The universe is always listening. It is a soundboard that echoes back your feelings and emotions in different forms.

2. You grow more open and receptive

In modern day, we are bombarded with messages, opportunities, mail and advertising.  Notice how often you say to yourself you keep receiving what you never asked for and do not want.  Step back.  Reflect again.  Whatever you ask for is always given. You have a role in co-creating everything that enters your scope.  You decide what to notice and how to respond.  Imagine how your experience shifts as you choose to notice what is helping or could help you rather than what is lacking, frustrating or confusing you.  

3. You notice more synchronicities

Everything you need (i.e. people and opportunities) are ever-present.  Whomever and whatever shows up in your radar appears for a purpose. What is it about striking up conversations with strangers who have relatives in the place you are moving to or, have familliarity with something you wish to learn about? Just happen to notice an opportunity that resonates with your soul? 

4. You speak as if its already done

When you are confident and visualize details of your vision coming together promptly, this cannot help but present itself to you.  You must believe  in yourself before anyone else will (including the universe that co-creates with you).  Things come together as the result of taking more responsibility for your actions, perception and growing aware of everything you choose not to see. If ever you allow doubt to cloud your vision or imagine any possibility other than a blossoming vision, then you are creating a very different kind of experience.  Being in harmony with yourself is about thoughts, words and deeds being all in harmony. Focus on wellness, optimum functioning and trust heartfelt intuition at every apparent curve in the road. 

5. You make the most of whatever happens

This is about choosing to love rather than to fear, to connect with people rather than detach or disconnect.  It is about making the most of where yo uare, being spontaneous, laughing more, seeing the best possible outcome, even feeling joy at an outdoor event in a rainstorm while drenched.  All events can be felt as stepping stones to a higher vibrational perception of wherever you are.  When you seem to get lemons, watch what happens as you choose to make lemonade!


5 Tips to create your paradise

It is common to assume paradise is a place other than where you are.  What if you have the power to create your own sense paradise from this very moment? Reflect on these five tips;

1. Clarify what paradise means for you

Is paradise represented by a particular place, climate, vegetation, food, objects, state of mind, interacting with certain people, engaging in certain activities, a feeling of being 'home'? Whatever it entails, write it all down, draw images or collage it, to make the vision more real. 

2. Identify your passions

What you are doing when you feel joyful, loving, lose all sense of time, or feel connected to something beyond yourself?  Pinpoint what sorts of things you do already to evoke such feelings. This may include things like; vocations, sexual encounters, giving of yourself or surrendering to inspiration and giving that creative form in ways that enrich the world. 

3. See the external world as a mirror   

How you feel inside is reflected in your external experience. That is, if you are not experiencing your version of paradise in the external world, this is an invitation to do some inner work.  Clarify a new vision.  Every situation offers lessons in love and points to a flip-side.

4. Recognize the power of emotions

Emotions arise to guide us to our own unique feeling of paradise.  They let us know if we feel balanced or unbalanced, close or far away from our unique frequency of inner harmony. You might feel this as respect, light-heartedness (humor), appreciation, acceptance, self-love, self-confidence, calmness, gentleness, humility, or some combination of similar feelings.

5. Feel the way

As well as the metaphors and examples of heaven depicted in books and movies, paradise is a feeling that we create inside ourselves wherever we are.  As we ease into higher levels of self-love and acceptance, the external world mirrors this in different forms. People seem to appreciate us more.  We feel heard and validated. We act in ways that are increasingly intuitive, fearless.  We grow unafraid to be more fully transparent, candid and vulnerable. For example, you can say you are moving into an environment that feels more like paradise in relation to your vision, but this only happens as you love yourself more as you are, where you are .  Come what may, take responsibility for your creative energy.  Recognize you have unlimited power to live in joy.  Now, what do you do when you find paradise? What if its the moment to create ways to share it?


Ease into greater fearlessness

The more you choose to trust and listen to your intuition, the more you are Soul-driven. You see, intuition is the Soul language. The Soul does not not communicate in words as the ego-mind, but rather is felt as vibes, or urges to make certain choices without always understanding why.

Reflect on what its like to tune into feelings.  This practice is often forgotten and over-ridden by the logic of the mind.  Perhaps you contemplate a change in some area of your life.  Whenever doubt arises, or and fear-based thinking, this is distracting you from feeling the way into the best choice now.  As you allow intuition to be your reliable guide, you ease into greater fearlessness. 

Notice how you feel hen you act on your gut and how you feel when you doubt your intuition. What if the more you surrender to intuition, the more the universe gives you reason to trust?